Updated: February 24, 2023.

In this quick SEO FAQ video, I provide insights on whether (and how) you can use Google Search Console for keyword research.

Can I use GSC to do keyword research?

Can you use Google Search Console to do keyword research? Is this the right tool to analyze keywords?

Even though Google Search Console is not strictly a keyword research tool, you can use it for that purpose in such cases.

Read my notes and watch the SEO FAQ video I have recorded for you to learn all about it.

Can I use Google Search Console for keyword research? [Video]

Key points using Google Search Console to do keyword research

  • The main purpose of Google Search Console is not to do keyword research. It’s to help you understand SEO aspects of your website like indexability, crawlability, page experience, security issues, and more.
  • If your site has some traffic and is actually visible for some keywords, then you can use Google Search Console to help you with keyword research.
  • In the case of brand-new websites with no traffic, you should use a dedicated keyword research tool like Ahrefs or Semrush to find keywords for which you will want to create content and optimize your site.
  • I don’t recommend using Google Search Console as your main keyword research tool but as a tool that will facilitate and deepen your KR process.
  • The place to check for what keywords your pages are ranking is the Performance Report.
  • I recommend filtering the Performance Report to show you the keywords on 20-30 positions. In most cases, these will be the keywords about which you have some content but which are not the main focus of the article.
  • If you create separate articles around these topics/keywords and link these new articles from articles that are already ranking for those keywords, you stand a higher chance of ranking more quickly and higher.
  • You can use Keywords Everywhere to be able to see keyword metrics like volume directly in GSC.
  • Make sure to watch the Google Search Console training playlist on YouTube to understand every part of GSC.
  • Check my entire article on how to use Google Search Console for keyword research.

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