Updated: June 9, 2023.

In this quick SEO FAQ video, you will get to know Olga’s insights and commentary on whether you can rank for multiple keywords.

Wondering if your article or a page can rank for multiple keywords?

If you are new to SEO, you probably have a lot of questions about keywords, how they work in SEO, how to use them correctly, etc. But don’t worry. I got you covered.

Watch the video below and read my notes to learn about ranking for multiple keywords.

Can you rank for multiple keywords? [Video]

The short answer is YES. You can and even should rank for multiple keywords.

Key points about ranking for multiple keywords

  • Yes, you can rank for multiple keywords and you should strive for that.
  • Any successful page or website will rank for multiple keywords (hundreds, thousands, or even more).
  • These keywords will – in most cases – be related to the main topic of the page or will be a subtopic of the main topic of the page (where you devote a paragraph to it).
  • One keyword is unlikely to bring you a lot of traffic.
  • A single page or article can get a lot of traffic because it ranks for multiple related keywords. The more keywords it ranks for, the more traffic it usually gets.
  • When optimizing your pages, make sure to optimize them for one main topic/keyword.
  • Multiple keywords you will be ranking for will be related keywords to the main topic of your page.
  • Avoid trying to rank for two or more completely separate topics like local SEO and technical SEO. Stick to the rule of one main topic per page (always).
  • When in doubt about whether a specific keyword should be a separate topic for a separate page, do a Google search for it and check what’s ranking.

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