Updated: September 22, 2022.

In this video, I am sharing my thoughts and experience on whether Google sites rank better.

Do Google sites rank better?

Do Google sites rank better than sites not affiliated with Google? Does Google favor its sites or sites hosted on Google servers? Should you even try to rank for terms where Google sites rank highly?

Watch my video below and check my notes to get answers to these questions & more.

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Do Google sites rank better? [Video]

Here is my video where I explain my thoughts on whether Google ranks its sites better.

Key points on Google sites ranking better/being favored

  • Google sites do not rank better than “normal” sites that are not affiliated with Google.
  • Websites hosted on Google servers or domains registered with Google domains do not get any ranking boost.
  • Both Google sites and all other sites are subject to the same algorithmic evaluation.
  • There is no manual element when it comes to ranking sites, i.e. Google employees cannot manually change or improve rankings of particular sites (i.e. Google sites).
  • It is possible to outrank Google sites if your content answers the questions of users better than the content provided by Google.
  • You will rank higher if you satisfy your user’s needs and answer their questions.

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