How Can I Tell If Google Has Indexed My Site?

Updated: August 3, 2022.

In this quick SEO FAQ video, I am showing you the quickest way to check if Google has indexed your site.

How do I know if Google has indexed my sites? How can I know how many pages of my site are in Google’s index?

Watch my video below and read my notes to learn how to check if your site or your competitor’s site is indexed by Google.

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How can I tell if Google has indexed my site? [Video]

Here is my video where I explain and show you how to check Google’s index status of any website.

Key points from the video

  • The quickest way to check if a given website is indexed by Google is to use the site: command. For example, to check the index status of my site, I type
  • If your site is indexed by Google, the command will return the approximate number of pages indexed.
  • Keep in mind that this is not the most reliable method of checking HOW many pages are indexed. The site: is the best way to quickly look up a single URL.
  • To know the most precise and exact number of pages indexed, go to the Index Coverage report in Google Search Console. Anything that is under Valid is a page that is indexed by Google.
  • You can check any website you like with the site: command. To be able to view the Index Coverage report in Google Search Console, you need to be a verified owner/user.
  • You can also use site: command to do internal linking optimizations. For example, to check what pages of your site Google considers the most relevant for a particular query simply type “query” To check my best pages for the phrase “SEO audits”, I type SEO audits
  • There are a lot of super useful Google search operators in addition to the site: operator. Check my entire list of Google search operators to learn more.

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