Updated: April 7, 2023.

A list of 79 Chrome SEO extensions together with descriptions, screenshots and download links.

SEO Chrome Extensions

Here is probably the longest list of SEO Chrome extensions. It took me more than a week to compile this list and select the best extensions for you. I’ve personally tested each and every SEO extension from the list.

I almost killed my computer while testing these extensions because at one point I had almost 80 active extensions and 100+ tabs open. That’s why, even though all of these extensions are cool, I do not advise installing and actively using all of them.


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1. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an open-source tool that allows you to audit and identify the performance and SEO of a web page. You can improve page speed and even the webpage’s ranking by fixing the poor performance report indicators. It publishes an audit report for any or all five categories (Performance, Progressive Web app, Best practices, Accessibility, and SEO) and for both mobile and desktop.

Google Lighthouse Chrome SEO Extension

Download Lighthouse from Chrome Web Store

2. Free Backlink Checker by LRT

Free Backlink Checker by LRT allows you to verify all the external and internal links on a webpage, check for broken and unverified links, and identify follow vs. no-follow links. It also shows you the power and trust rating for all the links, so you can identify the ones worth keeping. You can export all the link data (as CSV or XLS) or analyze the source code behind a link by hovering over it. 

Free Backlink Checker SEO Chrome Extension

Download Free Backlink Checker from Chrome Web Store

3. Checkbot: SEO, Web Speed & Security Tester 

Checkbot is a powerful website analysis extension that checks for 50+ SEO, speed, and security issues and factors. For SEO, it checks titles, content, page descriptions, URLs, etc. For performance, it checks for common Javascript and CSS issues, page size, inline source maps, etc. Security checks include HTTPS, content sniffing disabling, etc. The checks it runs are recommended by Google and Mozilla. 

Checkbot: SEO, Web Speed & Security Tester

Download Checkbot from Chrome Web Store

4. SEO Info

SEO Info is a live SEO check that allows you to see your web page’s SEO health as you visit it. It includes web vitals score, structured data check, canonical link and AMP pages validation, HrefLang check, and page status codes. You can execute deeper SEO checks manually (full Lighthouse-based analysis). It’s possible to execute different audits for mobile and desktop versions of the webpage using Google Insight API.

SEO Info SEO Chrome Extension

Download SEO Info from Chrome Web Store

5. SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis  

SimilarWeb offers information on key SEO metrics and traffic (including info on the source) on any website. It’s a powerful competitor analysis tool as it gives you insight into your peers’ traffic. Features include website rank, visits, and bounce rates, traffic sources (paid, organic, social media, etc.), and geography of visitor/user base.

Similar Web SEO Chrome Extension
Similar Web SEO Chrome Extension

Download SimilarWeb from Chrome Web Store

6. Hreflang Tag Checker

Hreflang Tag Checker is useful for websites where a different language version is served to different target audiences. It automates the process of assessing a website’s Hreflan tags. You can check whether or not all the language variants are back-referring the same URL for the webpage you are visiting. This allows you to ensure that the language variant is served to the right audience.

Hreflang Tag Checker SEO Chrome Extension

Download Hreflang Tag Checker from Chrome Web Store

7. WebRank SEO

WebRank SEO is an Alexa-focused SEO tool that informs you about Alexa traffic graphs, Indexed pages (both Google and Bing), Backlinks, and runs a website security check. It used to convey Alexa rank as well, but the feature has been removed from the latest edition. You can also compare your website to your competitor’s, making it ideal for thorough (yet easy) competitor analysis. 

WebRank SEO Chrome Extension

Download WebRank SEO from Chrome Web Store

8. SEO Minion 

SEO Minion offers a set of rudimentary SEO tools, including on-page SEO analysis (with alerts), link highlighting (differentiates between internal/external links) and broken link analysis, and Hreflang tag checker, Google search location simulator (for two locations at once), and a few SERP utilities. The extension is available in six languages.  

SEO Minion  Chrome Extension
SEO Minion

Download SEO Minion from Chrome Web Store

9. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a free keyword research extension powered by Surfer SEO. For any keyword you search with the extension, you get estimated traffic, CPC, word count for all the top-ranking competitors/webpages, and keyword ideas (with a similarity score and volume).  You can also create content directly through the extension.

Keyword Surfer
Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension

Download Keyword Surfer from Chrome Web Store

10. SeoStack Keyword Tool

SeoStack Keyword Tool is a long-tail keyword finder extension. You can get low search volume, long-tail variants for your desired keywords for multiple search engines (including Google, YouTube, and Amazon). You can filter your results by country and language, and it also allows you to export keyword data. By hunting low-difficulty keywords, you can significantly improve your webpage’s chances of ranking higher.

SeoStack Keyword Tool

Download SeoStack from Chrome Web Store

11. TextOptimizer

TextOptimizer allows you to write SEO-friendly content. You can make your content richer and optimize it for better ranking by using the keywords suggested by the extension. It offers suggestions for both Google and Bing and gives you a score from 0 to 100 based on how optimized your content is for a keyword. It can make your writing more potent by giving you insights about the most talked-about themes and questions (surrounding your keyword).

TextOptimizer SEO Extension

Download TextOptimizer from Chrome Web Store

12. SERPTrends SEO Extension

SERPTrends SEO Extension allows you to track your performance on SERPs for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The extension tells you if your webpage has moved up or down the ranks or has remained the same since the last time you ran the check. You can see both organic and AdWords positions.   

SERPTrends SEO Extension configuration
SERPTrends SEO Extension

Download SERPTrends from Chrome Web Store

13. SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch 

SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch allows you to check your website’s (or your competitor’s) ranking for search queries executed from different locations. You can track positions for multiple search engines, including Google. By trying out different location and search engine combinations, you can get a more comprehensive idea about your rankings.

SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch
SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

Download SEO Search Simulator from Chrome Web Store

14. Link Redirect Trace

Link Redirect Trace is an all-in-one redirect path analyzer. You can use it to find on-page SEO problems, run a comprehensive link trace (for full redirect chains), find out trust score for every link, and trace links from hacker or advertisement websites. It also shows the cookie sets for all redirect hops to better understand affiliate links. 

Link Redirect Trace SEO Extension

Download Link Redirect Trace from Chrome Web Store

15. Link Redirect Path

Redirect Path helps you check HTTP headers and redirect paths of your webpages. The extension flags all undesired status codes (301, 302, 404, and 500). It also helps you identify Meta and Javascript redirects. You also get server information (IP address) and information regarding other HTTP headers associated with a webpage.

Redirect Path SEO Extension

Download Link Redirect Path from Chrome Web Store

16. AMP Validator 

AMP Validator helps you analyze and validate whether the page you are on is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) or not. The tool gives you a simple pass/fail indication, and in case of a failure, you will get specific errors/warnings. If an AMP variant of your webpage is available, the validator will direct you to that.

AMP Validator SEO Chrome Extension
 SEO Chrome Extension

Download AMP Validator from Chrome Web Store

17. View Rendered Source

View Rendered Source shows you three things: The source code sent from the server to the browser, the rendered version of the page (after DOM interpretation), and highlights the difference between the two. This lets you understand what modifications Javascript has made while rendering your page,  which is especially helpful for dynamically served pages.

View Rendered Source SEO Chrome Extension

Download View Rendered Source from Chrome Web Store

18. User-Agent Switcher for Chrome 

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome helps you check your websites (or surf the internet) by mimicking different user agents. It’s useful for checking your website’s performance on desktop and mobile user agents. You can create custom user agents and spoof lists (for webpages you always want to render through a different user agent).

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome
User-Agent Switcher for Chrome
User-agent switcher SEO Chrome Extensions

Download User-Agent Switcher from Chrome Web Store

19. GTM/GA Debug

GTM/GA Debug allows you to analyze, manage, and debug your Google Analytics and marketing tags relatively easily. It supports a broad spectrum of data layers and container setups. The tool helps you identify any issues your tags might have, and you can filter them by property and type for priority fixing. You can debug any hits that you get with just one click. 

Download GTM/GA Debug from Chrome Web Store

20. Google Analytics Debugger

Google Analytics Debugger is an extension offered by the Google Analytics team and allows you to load the debug version of every webpage you visit. It pulls relevant information and places prints it in the Javascript console, including error messages and warnings. It also offers details about GA tracking beacons.

Download Google Analytics Debugger from Chrome Web Store

21. ObservePoint Tag Debugger

ObservePoint Tag Debugger is a helpful tag management extension that allows you to observe and manage your analytics and marketing tags. You can get comprehensive information on all the tags available on a webpage and their details. It simplifies tag management by taking making the tag information easy to understand. 

Download ObserverPoint Tag Debugger from Chrome Web Store

22. Linkclump 

Linkclump helps you deal with multiple links (in a SERP) at once. You can select multiple links by creating a selection box and choose to open them in separate tabs, windows, or simply bookmark them. It’s helpful for SEOs who want to research the top-ranking pages for a keyword. You can filter, choose only certain links, or even set a delay between opening new links. 

Linkclump SEO Chrome Extension

Download Linkclump from Chrome Web Store

23. NoFollow Simple

NoFollow Simple highlights and outlines all the no-follow links on a webpage. The links are highlighted using a dotted red box and can give you a quick visual of how many NoFollow links are on a webpage, making them easier to prune (if that’s what you want to do).

NoFollow Simple SEO Chrome Extension

Download NoFollow Simple from Chrome Web Store

24. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar 

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar helps you run a basic SEO check and get an On-Page SEO report on a webpage without accessing any proprietary Ahrefs metrics. The report includes indexability, crawlability, title and description analysis, canonical URL, headers/sub-headers, and social tags. You can also observe and export data on broken links. 

Afrefs SEO Toolbar
Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Download Ahrefs SEO Toolbar from Chrome Web Store

25. MozBar

MozBar is an all-in-one SEO toolbar extension that makes it easy for you to analyze your web pages’ SEO while simply scrolling through them. You can customize your search by region, and you get data like page/domain authority and link profile (with status). You can also compare link metrics. There is a pro version of the MozBar as well.


Download MozBar from Chrome Web Store

26. Open SEO Stats

Open SEO Stats gives you quick statistical and metric data on four things: Traffic (Alexa), caches of the webpage, indexed pages (multiple search engines), and the number of backlinks. You also get GEO location, site security, and page speed information from the extension. Page info includes meta details, headings, and bold/strong words.

Open SEO Stats

Download Open SEO Stats from Chrome Web Store

27. Quick SEO – PageRank, Backlinks & Alexa Tool

Quick SEO is a lightweight SEO extension that informs you about domain rank, total and unique backlinks, Alexa Rank, traffic estimate (data pulled from Google ad planner), Whois data, and the archived version of the webpage. You can also see the whole comprehensive backlink profile of a webpage, including anchor text and PR.

Quick SEO Chrome Extension

Download Quick SEO from Chrome Web Store

28. Serpstat Website SEO Checker

Serpstat Website SEO Checker allows you to check an extensive list of SEO metrics for any webpage (yours or your competitors). On-page SEO perimeters and metrics (page source, Meta tags, etc.) are free, while page and domain analysis are freemium. It offers information on a decent range of SEO metrics and paints a comprehensive picture of your ranking.

Serpstat SEO Chrome Extension
Serpstat SEO Chrome Extension

Download Serpstat Website SEO Checker from Chrome Web Store

29. SEO Pro Extension

SEO Pro Extension offers basic SEO information on any webpage you are on. You get field data on Core Web Vitals, data on headings, schema, links, images, and structured data. The extension can help with both technical and content SEO audits and allow you to optimize your website for better performance and speed. 

Pro SEO Extension
Pro SEO Extension

Download SEO Pro Extension from Chrome Web Store

30. gInfinity 

GInfinity allows you to scroll down in a Google SERP virtually infinitely. You don’t need to switch to the second or later pages; with glnfinity extension active, the next 20 results on your SERP will just keep appearing as you scroll down. The page number is still displayed, so you get accurate information about ranking.  

gInfinity SEO Chrome Extension

Download gInfinity from Chrome Web Store

31. META SEO Inspector

META SEO Inspector combines a few basic SEO tools in one extension and helps you run quick SEO checks on your web pages. You can check for things like Meta Details, social media, structured and microdata, etc. You will find useful tips in front of many of the warnings the extension is displaying. It also has a few free SEO tools integrated (including security). 

META SEO Inspector

Download META SEO Inspector from Chrome Web Store

32. Check My Links 

Check My Links is a simple link highlighting tool ideal for analyzing the link profile of web pages with a lot of links. It highlights broken links in red and functional links in green. It also allows you to add all the broken links on the console log with one click, making the pruning easier. 

Check My Links SEO Chrome Extension

Download Check My Links from Chrome Web Store

33. Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension 

Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension offers you data on your webpage’s speed, pulled from PageSpeed insights offered by Google. It checks for the time taken for FCP, First Meaningful Paint (FMP), LCP, Time To Interactive, and Total Blocking time. The data is split between the times for desktop and mobile versions of the webpage.

Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension

Download Google PSI Api Extension from Chrome Web Store

34. SEOquake 

SEOquake is a simple SEO audit and analysis extension. You can run a useful On-page SEO audit, check the page for key SEO metrics, look into keyword difficulty, and observe a webpage’s full backlink profile. You can also check for mobile compatibility, compare a webpage against your competitor, check for social media stats, and create custom parameters.  


Download SEOquake from Chrome Web Store

35. Keywords Everywhere 

Keywords Everywhere extension comes in both free and paid versions. Using this extension, you can simply execute a search on Google and get related keywords as well as data on “People Also Search For.” You can also see the estimated organic traffic for the keywords for free. For CPC, trends, and search volume, you’d need to use the paid version. 

Keywords Everywhere

Download Keywords Everywhere from Chrome Web Store


FATRANK is a simple keyword rank checker. You can check the position of any keyword in the SERP rankings for the search engine you are using (currently checks for Google and Bing). The tool only goes 100 positions deep, so if the website you are on doesn’t rank in the first hundred positions for the keyword you are searching for, you won’t get a hit. 

FATRANK SEO Chrome Extension

Download FATRANK from Chrome Web Store

37. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Majestic Backlink Analyzer allows you to see the backlink profile of any webpage you are visiting. It also informs you about the links’ Trust Flow and Citation Flow score. You also get data on the complete link profile of a webpage, and if you are a Majestic registered user, you will get significantly more information out of this extension. 

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Download Majestic Backlink Analyzer from Chrome Web Store

38. Detailed SEO Extension

Detailed SEO Extension offers you basic SEO information on any webpage you are visiting. You can check if the title and description are SEO friendly, the URL is correctly formatted, and URLs are adequately canonicalized. You also get content insights, keyword data, check for duplicates, and use the extension’s own selection of other SEO extensions/tools that you can use.

Detailed SEO Extension
Detailed SEO Extension

Download Detailed SEO from Chrome Web Store

39. Mangools SEO Extension 

Mangools SEO Extension compiles data from several free sources and extensions (like Page authority by Moz, Citation flow by Majestic) and gives you an overall view of your website’s authority and popularity. It also offers data on social media followers, referring IPs, Facebook shares, etc. It’s helpful if you want a consolidated picture of all the underlying metrics. 

Mangools SEO Extension
Mantools SEO Extension

Download Mangools SEO Extension from Chrome Web Store


SEO META in 1 CLICK simplifies analyzing and fixing Meta Tags, Meta Details, and a few other things on a webpage that you can work on for better SEO.  It shows a comprehensive summary of your webpage’s SEO analysis and detailed information on headings, images, links, and social media linking. It also offers links to other SEO tools for a more thorough analysis.

SEO Meta in 1 Click

Download SEO META in 1 CLICK from Chrome Web Store

41. BuiltWith Technology Profiler 

BuiltWith Technology Profiler allows you to see which technologies and tools were used to create the website you visit. It can be helpful in deciphering the competitive edge of your peers and competitors. The profiler also gives information about the first and last instance when a particular technology was detected on the website. 

BuiltWith Technology Profiler
BuiltWith Technology Profiler

Download BuiltWith Technology Profiler from Chrome Web Store

42. Core SERP Vitals 

Core SERP Vitals shows you data from Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, CLS) beneath every website in the search engine results. This saves you a lot of time that would have been wasted analyzing every website/webpage separately if all you wanted to find out was the performance data.  

Core SERP Vitals

Download Core SERP Vitals from Chrome Web Store

43. Web Developer

Web Developer is a toolbar button you can add to the Chrome browser that gives you access to a bunch of helpful developer tools. It allows you to make several different changes to the images on the webpage, check out different responsive layouts, disable Javascript/Popups/Plugins/Notifications, and edit CSS. 

Web Developer
Web Developer Chrome Extension

Download Web Developer from Chrome Web Store

44. SEO Indexability Check 

SEO Indexability Check tells you three things about a webpage, whether it will be indexed or not, a page’s pagination status (whether it’s the first page in the set or not), and whether a page is Canonicalised using the relevant tag in the header. A webpage will have one of five different statuses (Indexable, Paginated, Canonicalised, Non-200, or Noindex).  

SEO Indexability Check

Download SEO Indexability Check from Chrome Web Store

45. GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture

GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture allows you to take a comprehensive screenshot of a webpage in its entirety. You don’t have to take screenshots of individual elements on the page and can take in all the elements of even the most complex web pages. The output can be saved as an image or PDF. 

GoFullPage SEO Chrome Extension

Download GoFullPage from Chrome Web Store

46. SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank 

SEO Analysis & Website Review gives you fresh SEO data on any webpage, including a few SEO metrics, structured data, mobile-friendliness of a webpage, usability, backlinks, and traffic. It also gives you data on the technologies used on the website. This extension can be used for optimizing your own website and for getting insights from your competitors. 

WooRank SEO Chrome Extension

Download SEO Analysis & Website Review from Chrome Web Store

47. Web Vitals 

Web Vitals is an extension with a primary goal of informing you about the core web vitals status of a website. The indicator turns red when even a single-core web vital is failing. You can either check the status sporadically or keep the extension running full time (using its HUD overlay function). This is helpful in the development stage.

Web Vitals Chrome Extension

Download Web Vitals from Chrome Web Store

48. Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank is the official Alexa Traffic Rank extension and offers you several key pieces of information about a website’s ranking, including its Alexa traffic rank, country-wise traffic rank, number of linking websites, search analytics, speed, and cached version of the website (data pulled from the Wayback machine).

Alexa Traffic Rank Chrome Extension

Download Alexa Traffic Rank from Chrome Web Store

49. Page Analytics (by Google)

Page Analytics is a pure UI/UX data source and informs you about how your website’s visitors and users experience and interact with your website. You get data on the live traffic, the elements your users interact with and ignore, bounce rate, unique page views, etc.  Google no longer updates this extension. 

Page Analytics SEO Chrome Extension

Download Page Analytics from Chrome Web Store

50. Link Grabber 

Link Grabber pulls all the links from a webpage and lists them in a separate tab. It’s a clean way to extract linking information, and the URL data can be used in your own link-building campaigns, especially if you are obtaining the data from your high-ranking competitors’ websites.

Link Grabber SEO Chrome Extension

Download Link Grabber from Chrome Web Store

51. Page load time 

Page load time tells you the loading time of your webpage (in ms). Slow pages frustrate users, and by optimizing the page load time, you can keep more of your traffic on the website. It breaks down the time spent in DOM, response, request, connect, DNS, and redirect, so you would know which element is responsible for the slow speed.

Page Load Time SEO Chrome Extension

Download Page load time from Chrome Web Store

52. Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar 

Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar informs you about how much “Buzz” and “Impact” you are making with your content. The Buzz is made up of metrics like social media shares and retweets. The impact is comprised of metrics like downloads, comments, views, and LRT Power*Trust. The toolbar consolidates both data sets.

Impactaca SEO Chrome Extension

Download Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar from Chrome Web Store

53. SEO Site Tools, Site Analysis

SEO Site Tools, Site Analysis, gives you data on the number of indexed pages, backlinks, Alexa rank, Server IP location, traffic graph, etc. It also comes with SEO tools like keyword density checker, meta details analyzer, etc. The extension offers a helpful collection of SEO tools and relevant data.  

SEO Site Tools Chrome Extension

Download SEO Site Tools, Site Analysis from Chrome Web Store

54. OnCrawl SEO Page Audit 

OnCrawl SEO Page Audit lets you run comprehensive SEO audits on any webpage and extract information like indexability, content optimization for SEO, authority flow, and content duplication (and near duplication). The color-coded SEO signals are easy to comprehend, and you can find out in a glance what needs to be optimized.

OnCrawl SEO Page Audit
OnCrawl SEO Page Audit

Download OnCrawl SEO Page Audit from Chrome Web Store

55. GrowthBar 

GrowthBar offers a broad selection of powerful SEO tools, and it’s only free to use for the first five days. It informs you about the organic traffic, top paid keywords, CPC, keyword suggestions, and a broad spectrum of other data regarding a webpage, making it ideal for optimizing your website as well as deep-scanning your competitors’. 

Download GrowthBar from Chrome Web Store

56. Link Research SEO Toolbar 

Link Research SEO Toolbar combines a comprehensive set of SEO tools into one extension/toolbar that can help you with your online visibility and ranking. It focuses on the domain and page authority and trust, backlink profile, Buzz and Impact of the content, and helps you discover better linking opportunities. It also tracks the number of backlinks dropped in a fixed duration.

Link Research SEO Toolbar

Download Link Research SEO Toolbar from Chrome Web Store

57. Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant is a tag management tool by Google that allows you to imbed new tags and manage existing tags in a webpage. This can include Google Analytics tags and marketing tags like Adwords. The extension also makes it easy to analyze the tag implementation and gives you suggestions on how you can improve it.

Tag Assistant SEO Chrome Extension
Tag Assistant

Download Tag Assistant from Chrome Web Store

58. Spark Content Optimizer

Spark Content Optimizer is more than just about optimizing the content for SEO. It allows you to run a thorough technical SEO audit (counting for over 40 metrics), research keywords and track your keyword ranking, and understand a webpage’s backlink profile and authority (data is pulled from Majestic). The extension is free to use. 

Spark Content Optimizer

Download Spark Content Optimizer from Chrome Web Store

59. SEO Checker Tool

SEO Checker Tool is a free extension that gives you an overview of the SEO health of any webpage. The SEO checks it runs are divided into four major categories: Base (ideal for scooping out your competition), content checks (with suggestions on how to improve it), Speed (desktop/mobile), and social media associations. 

Download SEO Checker Tool from Chrome Web Store

60. DNS Checker – SEO and Domain Analysis

DNS Checker is a simple SEO and domain analysis tool. It includes features like IP and Geo-location data, redirection analysis, page performance, traffic details and rank, link profile of the website, status indicators, etc. The tool is comprehensive enough for technical SEO analysis but not really ideal for content optimization.

DNS Checker Chrome Extension

Download DNS Checker from Chrome Web Store

61. Essential SEO Toolkit

Essential SEO Toolkit offers a wide range of SEO tools, divided (by default) into seven categories, though you can customize and create your own. These tools cover almost everything from technical SEO, backlink profiling of a website to user experience, and social signals. This extension is comprehensive enough to replace a full-suite SEO toolkit.

Download Essential SEO Toolkit from Chrome Web Store

62. Robots Exclusion Checker

Robots Exclusion Checker informs you, using simple colored indicators: Blocked, Warning, or Allowed, if a robot exception is preventing your webpage from being crawled or index on the web. It looks at robots.txt, x-robots-tag, and Meta robots to draw out the relevant details. If a page is blocked, the reason for the blockage is highlighted. 

Robots Exclusion Checker Chrome Extension

Download Robots Exclusion Checker from Chrome Web Store

63. Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool helps you test a webpage for structured data. The tool indicates both warnings and errors with the structured data layout, and you can rectify them. The data can also be exported directly in Google’s own structured data testing tool. It can be used to test schema, JSON-LD, and microdata.

Structured Data Testing SEO Chrome Extension

Download Structured Data Testing Tool from Chrome Web Store

64. ContentKing: Real-time SEO auditing

ContentKing: Real-time SEO auditing allows you to check your SEO data in real-time. It pulls data from Google Analytics and traffic data from Google Search Console. The tool also checks the indexability of the page and whether the content (with its Meta details and headings) is optimized for SEO or not. It’s free for 14 days.

ContentKind Chrome SEO Extension

Download ContentKing: Real-time SEO auditing from Chrome Web Store

65. The 15-Minute SEO Audit 

The 15-Minute SEO Audit looks for 10 SEO issues in a webpage, including canonicalization, pagination, rich text issues, Meta details issues, etc. If there are no issues in a category, the tab would be green, but if there are, there would be a red-colored cross on the particular SEO check, along with the issue count.

Download The 15-Minute SEO Audit from Chrome Web Store

66. GMBSpy 

GMBSpy is a powerful Google My Business (GMB) research tool that is quite useful for local SEOs. You can find out which GMB categories a local business (or a local branch of a national brand) is ranking for. This data is freely available, but the extension makes it more easily/readily available for non-tech-savvy business owners. 

GMBSpy Chrome Extension

Download GMBSpy from Chrome Web Store

67. Scraper

Scraper or Instant Data Scraper extension by Webrobots allows you to pull important and relevant data from a webpage’s HTML and export it as an XLS or CSV file. The data can be used for SEO research, and the extension itself can work in conjunction with SEO tools. The tool is flexible and AI-driven about the data it extracts from a webpage, and you can modify its parameters to gather data most useful to you. 

Instant Data Scraper Chrome Extension

Download Instant Data Scraper from Chrome Web Store

68. Yet another flags

Yet another flags extension shows the flag and more in-depth location data (city, region, and IP address) of the website you are visiting. If the tool cannot extract the relevant geo-location data about a domain, it simply shows you a globe.

Yet Another Flags

Download Yet another flags from Chrome Web Store

69. Greenlane SEO Sitemap Tools

Greenlane SEO Sitemap Tools offers a small set of SEO tools used to test and validate the sitemap for your (or your competitor’s) website. An un-optimized sitemap can cause SEO problems and prevent your websites from being fully crawled and indexed.  You can check to ensure that all status codes are 200 and find redirect chains and broken links. You can modify the sitemap and test the changes live. 

Greenlange SEO Sitemap Tools

Download Greenlane SEO Sitemap Tools from Chrome Web Store

70. Ayima Page Insights

Ayima Page Insights enlighten you about SEO problems (errors), warnings (SEO bad practices), and information (tips on how to improve your SEO) of any webpage you visit. It also issues notices, and by rectifying all the problems this extension indicates, you can potentially improve the ranking of your website. The extension can be connected to Google Search Console for more insights, and you can also gauge how making your website more SEO-friendly improve your traffic. 

Ayima Page Insights

Download Ayima Page Insights from Chrome Web Store

71. Inspect Canonical

Inspect Canonical lets you check the canonical tag of a webpage. The extension gives a red “value” by testing for five conditions, including missing canonical tag, multiple canonical tags, or missing Href attribute. If the canonical tag points to a different URL, the extension gives an amber-colored signal. If the canonical tag is on-point, you get a green status. 

Download Inspect Canonical from Chrome Web Store

72. Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals offers data on LCP, FID, and CLS. What makes this extension different is that it doesn’t just show the time; it also highlights the largest content piece on the page as well as elements that suffered from or instigated the cumulative layout shift. This gives developers a visual idea of what they need to fix in order to improve their Core Web Vitals signals.

Download Core Web Vitals from Chrome Web Store

73. Ryte structured data helper

Ryte structured data helper allows you to test and validate your webpage’s schema markup and fix any issues you might find in it without leaving the webpage. This is likely to increase your chances of becoming eligible for rich text results, which makes your position in the SERP look more attractive, and you have a higher chance of getting a click. The data is split between parent and nested items for easier visualization.

Ryte Structured Data Helper

Download Ryte structured data helper from Chrome Web Store

74. IP Address and Domain Information

IP Address and Domain Information is an online investigation tool that offers you useful data on the IP and domain of a website. You get information on whether the address is IPv4 or IPv6. You also get important information about the ISP (name, country, number of IPs originated, active prefixes, etc.). You can also run a spam database check and see whether the site is listed there. You can also run a blocklist lookup. 


Download IP Address and Domain Information from Chrome Web Store

75. SerpWorx

SerpWorx allows you to check for over 30 SEO metrics without leaving your search result page. It’s free for three days, and after that, you have to $29.95 per month. It pulls proprietary metrics from Majestic (Trust/Citation Flow), Moz (Moz Trust, Spam score, etc.), aHrefs, and Semrush metrics. Apart from them, there are a bunch of on-site SEO metrics, including page speed, indexed pages, broken link checks, etc. 

Download SerpWorx from Chrome Web Store

76. LRT Power*Trust – PageRank Replacement

LRT Power*Trust – PageRank Replacement is one of the most widely-used SEO extension which tells you about the trustworthiness of a webpage/website. The overall score is a multiple of power and trust score. It’s considered a great alternative to Google’s discontinued tool (PageRank). It helps you see the power and trust of a page, find great pages to link out to (or seek backlinks from), audit your backlinks, and identify links worthy of disavowing. 

LRT Power Trust SEO Chrome Extension

Download LRT Power*Trust from Chrome Web Store

77. Google SERP Counter

Google SERP Counter simply puts a number beside a website link, helping you identify its exact position in the SERP rankings. This is useful when you are doing deep manual research and going beyond the first or second page to look at the web pages that are ranking for a keyword. 

Google SERP Counter

Download Google SERP Counter from Chrome Web Store

78. SEO SERP 2

SEO SERP 2 allows you to analyze a SERP page and extract useful information out of different Google top-level domains. You can use it not just for keywords but images and videos as well. You get information about total results, how many are above the fold (useful for image data), what percentage of the results are using a secure protocol, the average length of the titles, etc.


Download SEO SERP 2 from Chrome Web Store

79. SERP Preview Tool

SERP Preview Tool is a simple extension that allows you to see how your title, URL, and description will appear in the SERPs. This can be an important step in content creation and write the right length titles and descriptions, increasing your chances of a click-through. 

SEO SERP Preview

Download SERP Preview Tool from Chrome Web Store

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  1. abduttayyab dohadwala

    Amazing article! There are a lot helpful plugins to ease the work of SEO’s. Thanks!

    • Hi Carlos! Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂 I will take a look at this plugin 🙂

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    I found it very interesting. Good list Olga! Thanks for sharing and greetings from Lima.

    • Hello Pedro! Thanks for the comment. I am very happy that you like my list 🙂

  3. Amazing list 🙂 🙂

    I´d like to add GS Location Changer, an extension to change our location.

    Very useful in local SEO.

  4. Ankit Prajapati

    This is one of the great list for the extensions!
    Here is the list of extensions which I am using
    1). Detailed SEO Extension
    2). SEO Pro Extension
    3). Conductor SEO Extension
    4). Meta SEO Inspector
    5). Text Optimizer and
    6). Keyword Surfer.

    • Hello! Thanks for sharing. Fortunately most of them are already here 🙂

  5. Charlie Laubin

    Wow, thank you very much for sharing!

  6. Shamsher Khan

    This blog is loaded with great knowledge tools that one should must try. I tried the link checker and love it. Links report generated by this extension is easy to understand and this tools give the facility to analyze more than one website at the same time.

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