Updated: August 24, 2022.

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Here are the best SEO news and SEO tips I have curated for you this week. There is really a lot to talk about!

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Top SEO News & Articles

Here is the most important news from the world of SEO.

❗Google Helpful Content Update to roll out this week

Google has announced a new big search ranking algorithm update named the helpful content update – yes, Google named it that. This update will start to roll out this week and will target content that is, um, not helpful to humans and people. Learn more.

❗The International Targeting Report has been deprecated

The International Targeting report has been deprecated and will be removed from Search Console soon. We continue to support hreflang and our recommendations for managing multilingual and multiregional sites still stand.

❗Update to the Core Web Vitals Report in Google Search Console

From today we’ll start surfacing URL-level data in the example URLs, and we’ve made some textual changes to the report to make it clearer.

❗Olga & Dan Shure Talk SEO Mistakes

Make sure to check my today’s video. Also don’t forget to subscribe to Dan’s podcast.

Check these SEO guides!

Here are some of my latest SEO guides.

⚡ How to identify quick SEO wins in 3 easy steps

In this guide, I am showing you how to look for quick SEO wins for your website in three steps (using SE Ranking).

Quick SEO wins

⚡ How to do an SEO Audit (188+ Steps)

This is a complete SEO audit checklist that will let you perform an in-depth technical SEO audit of any website. I personally use this checklist every time I do a technical SEO audit. And I invite you to use it as well! 

⚡ Top 100 SEO Mistakes I Identified In My Last 100 SEO Audits

Over the last 2 years, I’ve performed around 100 audits and identified various SEO mistakes. In this list, I am sharing with you the 99+ ugly SEO mistakes I identified in the last 100 SEO audits I have performed.

Check a new episode of the Experts on the Wire podcast where I had a pleasure to talk about SEO mistakes with Dan Shure:

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calendar report

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 📹 And here are a few videos where I show you how I use Ahrefs in my daily job as an SEO: 

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SEO Tips 

And here are the SEO tips for you.

☑️ #1 Google Search Cannot Interpret Your Poem

Do you write poems, creative texts, abstract thoughts, and the like and are wondering how Google Search can and will rank that type of content? Well, John Mueller of Google was asked about that and he said “Search engines don’t interpret your poem.” From Barry Schwartz.

☑️ #2 Google: Just Because You Didn’t Write It, Doesn’t Mean Google Won’t Count It Against You

Google’s John Mueller explained that Google doesn’t really care who wrote the content on your site and saying someone else wrote it and you did not write it won’t save you from ranking issues related to the quality of that third-party content. From Barry Schwartz.

☑️ #3 Google: Tons Of SEOs & Sites Produce Terrible Content Not Worth Indexing

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that “lots of SEOs & sites produce terrible content that’s not worth indexing,” when someone was complaining his content was not indexed. “Just because it exists doesn’t mean it’s useful to users,” he added. From Barry Schwartz.

Other SEO News

And here are other, less-breaking SEO news.

❗Google Fixes Search Console Bug Labeling Pages As Indexed When Not Indexed

Google just announced that it fixed a bug with Google Search Console that labeled pages as being indexed when they were not indexed. Google said this bug “affected many properties”. From Barry Schwartz.

❗A poll run by Aleyda on whether SEOs are concerned with the upcoming Helpful Content Update

It looks like, at least based on that poll, most of you won’t be deleting your content because of this update.

❗Full list of Google Search Operators

The full list of 50+ Google search operators to help you search more effectively and find exactly what you are looking for. By Olga Zarzeczna.

❗Google: No Rush To Switch Away From Dynamic Rendering

Google’s John Mueller says there’s no SEO ranking bonus for switch from dynamic rendering to server-side rendering. By Matt Southern (SEJ).

My Latest Videos With SEO Audits

✋ If you are looking for someone to audit your website, make sure to check my SEO auditing offer

🔍 SEO Audit Of A Fitness Site (+ SEO Tips & Insights Included)

In this video, I am conducting an SEO audit of an example fitness site.

🔍 SEO Audit Of A Gaming Site (+ SEO Tips & Insights Included)

In this video, I am conducting an SEO audit of a gaming community website.

🔍 SEO Audit Of An Affiliate Site (+ SEO Tips & Insights Included)

In this video, I am conducting an SEO audit of an example affiliate site and show you my entire process of how I do it.

🔍 Live SEO Audit Of A Resort Site (Lots Of Practical Tips)

In this video, I am doing a live SEO audit of a resort website.

🔍 SEO Audit Of SEO Agency Site (Lot Of Good Practices)

In this video, I am doing a live audit of an SEO agency site. This site actually has a lot of good SEO practices.

🔍 SEO Audit Of A Hotel Website (Lots Of Cool SEO Tips & Tricks)

Here I am doing a quick (maybe not that quick after all) SEO audit of an example hotel website. You will learn more about how to do an SEO audit that changes the SEO game and what things to look for when auditing a site. 

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SEO Resources You Don’t Want To Miss

Don’t miss these either.

☝️ Targeting For 3K Visitors Per Day – SEOSLY Case Study with Olga Zarzeczna 

In this episode of the Doug Show, Doug and I talk about a case study we are working on together. Make sure to tune in for a lot of knowledge bombs. Doug also happens to be my friend and I STRONGLY recommend you check him out to subscribe to his YouTube channel and his podcast. An update is coming soon!

☝️ Alt Text: What It Is & How To Write

Make it easier for both search engine bots and people using screen readers to access your content. Here’s how. Check my latest article on Search Engine Journal.

☝️ Google’s ‘Helpful Content Update’ to Devalue ‘Search-Engine First’ Content and Elevate Authentic, Expert Voices in Search

On August 18, 2022, Google announced a significant update to its algorithms, named the “helpful content update.” This update will allow Google to distinguish content primarily written for search engines from content that is actually helpful and authentic for users. By Lily Ray.

☝️ The Most Common SEO Issues for News Publishers

Over the years I’ve audited over 50 publishing websites. These are the most common problems and challenges that I find. By Barry Adams.

☝️ How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money in 2022 (5 Steps)

In this article, I’m going to teach you how to start affiliate marketing with (almost) no money. I’ll share how I did it and what you can do to get started today. By Bill Widmer (Ahrefs).

☝️ Black Friday SEO and the Recession (And what you should have started yesterday)

For eCommerce brands, Black Friday will be different in 2022. What are the SEO implications and what product work can you do now to rank? By Andrew McDermott.

☝️ Perfectionism in SEO: A route to self-destruction

Is perfectionism holding you back as an SEO professional? Here are some ways you can overcome unhealthy perfectionistic tendencies. By Maria White.

☝️ Agency to Agency: How to Find and Land Local SEO Clients

So, if you’re looking to leverage this hot digital trend and make your name in the industry, read on as we go through the things you need to consider to find local SEO clients. By Katarina Petrovic (Semrush).

☝️ The WORST SEO advice I heard this year (and what you should do instead)

SEO is like ice cream; there are lots of flavors, but some (like Grey Poupon) should be avoided. It’s the same with select SEO advice. By Casey Markee.

☝️ Screaming Frog SEO Spider Update – Version 17.0

We’re pleased to announce Screaming Frog SEO Spider version 17.0, codenamed internally as ‘Lionesses’. By Screaming Frog.

☝️ 6 fundamental truths about SEO

Is your SEO not going the way you wanted or expected? Here are some realities about SEO that you may not have heard before. By Danny Goodwin.

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SEO Videos & Podcasts

Here are the podcasts and videos you definitely don’t want to miss.

Google’s About This Result gives us clues on improving E-A-T!

Google added more information to the “About this Result” information in the search results. Their wording on what they’ve added to this feature is very similar to some that is in the Quality Rater Guidelines. In this episode of Search News You Can Use, Marie discusses how we can possibly use this info to improve E-A-T.

Decoded Headless CMS & SEO

Lidia Infante, Senior SEO Manager at Sanity.io, joins Loren Baker on the SEJ Show to explain how headless CMS works and how it can be particularly beneficial for ecommerce businesses.

What you should know about Google’s helpful content update

SEO Twitter Nuggests

And here a few Twitter nuggets I think you might like.

See you next week!

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