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Here are the best SEO news and SEO tips I have curated for you this week. There is really a lot to talk about!

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Top SEO News & Articles

Here is the most important news from the world of SEO.

❗Google Provides Examples Of How To Improve Your Meta Descriptions

Google has updated its meta descriptions help documentation to provide five examples of how to improve your meta descriptions. This was added yesterday, plus Google did some formatting updates to the page. By Barry Schwartz.

❗Google Isn’t Done Rolling Out The Helpful Content Update

We keep watching to see if this Google helpful content update is making some sort of dent in the rankings but so far, we are not seeing massive, Panda-like, ranking changes due to this update. By Barry Schwartz.

Check these SEO guides & videos!

❗Olga & Dan Shure Talk SEO Mistakes

Make sure to check this conversation I had with Dan Shure. Also don’t forget to subscribe to Dan’s podcast.

⚡ How to do an SEO Audit (188+ Steps)

This is a complete SEO audit checklist that will let you perform an in-depth technical SEO audit of any website. I personally use this checklist every time I do a technical SEO audit. And I invite you to use it as well! 

⚡ Top 100 SEO Mistakes I Identified In My Last 100 SEO Audits

Over the last 2 years, I’ve performed around 100 audits and identified various SEO mistakes. In this list, I am sharing with you the 99+ ugly SEO mistakes I identified in the last 100 SEO audits I have performed.

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SEO Tips 

And here are the SEO tips for you.

☑️ #1 Google’s John Mueller: No Recent Search Algorithms Focused On Links Outside Of Webspam

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that he is not aware of any recent search algorithm update that focused on links, outside of webspam algorithms. He said this when someone asked how relevant links will be in the future to Google’s ranking algorithm. By Barry Schwartz.

☑️ #2 Google Says Cloaking Affiliate Links Does Not Gain You Anything

Google’s John Mueller was asked about the pros and cons of cloaking affiliate links. John responded on Twitter saying, “I don’t think you gain anything by cloaking the affiliate links, it just adds complexity. You can use a DB-driven setup without cloaking too.” Learn more.

☑️ #3 Google: Soft 404s Do Waste Crawl Budget

Google’s Gary Illyes said on the latest Search Off The Record podcast that soft 404s, pages Google thinks are 404s but return a 200 server status code, do waste crawl budget. However, 404s or 410s do not waste crawl budget, Gary added. Learn more.

Other SEO News

And here is other, less-breaking SEO news.

❗How to improve your e-commerce websites presence in Search results (6 tips)

Improve your e-commerce business presence in Search results with our 6 tips. This episode focuses on the relationship between Google Merchant Center and Google Search from what it is to how to get the most out of it.

❗Should I worry about the crawl budget?

Learn when you should and shouldn’t be worried about your crawl budget. This episode covers misconceptions and frequently asked questions concerning crawl budget.

❗Full list of Google Search Operators

The full list of 50+ Google search operators to help you search more effectively and find exactly what you are looking for. By Olga Zarzeczna.

❗Google Tests Quick Read & 5 Minute Read Label In Search Results

Google is testing a new label in the search results to tell searchers what is a quick read or a page that takes less than five minutes to read. I love this, Google is showing a searcher that they can scan through a piece of content quickly. By Barry Schwartz.

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Shoutouts To Brillant SEOs 

Here are the brilliant SEOs you need to follow RIGHT NOW:

  • Lyndon NA (Darth Autocrat) who creates the most interesting SEO threads and always pays attention to the most important things many people neglect.
  • Myriam who is simply an absolutely brilliant SEO and SEO trainer!
  • Anton Shulke who needs your help to be able to help Ukrainian cats & dogs.

SEO Resources You Don’t Want To Miss

Don’t miss these either.

☝️ 10 SEO experts share their favorite interview questions

Hiring for SEO roles? Asking these questions can help you separate the pretenders from the contenders during interviews. By Jackie Chu.

☝️ How To Stand Out In Search & Leadership: Advice From Schema App’s CEO

How can enterprises benefit from using a schema markup? Learn from the co-founder and CEO of Schema App in this Q&A-style interview. By Search Engine Journal.

☝️ 11 Ways to Improve E-commerce Category Pages for SEO

If you’ve been doing SEO for a while, you’ll understand what I mean when I say category pages are a common area SEO and UX experts disagree on. By Sam Underwood (Ahrefs).

☝️ Alt Text: What It Is & How To Write

Make it easier for both search engine bots and people using screen readers to access your content. Here’s how. Check my latest article on Search Engine Journal.

☝️ How to Do Better, Lazier Keyword Research

This post is an expansion on something I discussed in my talk at MozCon this year: my view that a lot of time spent on keyword research is essentially wasted. By Tom Capper.

☝️ Top 10 Free Online SEO Training Courses

Here, we will show you the top 10 best free SEO training courses offered in 2022. By Semrush.

☝️ How to Write a Blog Post (That People Actually Want to Read) in 9 Steps

Anyone can write a blog post. But not everyone can create one that people want to read. In this post, you’ll learn how to write blog posts that actually get readers. Let’s get started. By Si Quan Ong (Ahrefs).

☝️ Should I Use AI-Driven Content Tools After the Helpful Content Update?

Enterprise SEOs often use some type of AI-powered content tool to scale their content creation process. But with Google’s Helpful Content update, is it still possible to leverage these tools and create content in line with the update? By SEO Clarity.

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jet octopus

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SEO Videos & Podcasts

Here are the podcasts and videos you definitely don’t want to miss.

Alan Kent from Google and Marie Haynes discuss tips for eCommerce and product review sites

In this special podcast episode, Marie welcomes Alan Kent from Google. Alan is a developer advocate who currently works on communicating changes in regards to Google’s product reviews updates. The product reviews updates are discussed in detail. Alan also shares some very interesting thoughts on how machine learning is used by Google in this type of algorithm.

Weak Google Helpful Content Update, Links In Search Algorithms, Google Ads Glitch & More

A super interesting and essential recap of the SEO news by no one other than Barry Schwartz.

Underrated SEO Tasks: Optimizing your About Page

Rankable Ep. 80 – In-house SEO: The Glue Of Your Marketing Team ft Areej AbuAli

In episode 80, Areej AbuAli of Papier stops by to chat about the strategies, wins, and challenges that an in-house SEO team can experience.

SEO Twitter Nuggets

And here are a few Twitter nuggets I think you might like.

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