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Here are the best SEO news and SEO tips I have curated for you this week. There is really a lot to talk about!

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Top SEO News & Articles

Here is the most important news from the world of SEO. The rollout could take 2 weeks to complete

❗The September 2022 Google Core Algo Update

On the 12th of September, Google released the September 2022 Core Algorithm Update. Barry Schwartz has summarized the update and what we have been seeing so far.

❗New Search Console Merchant Listings report

Google is pleased to announce expanded eligibility for enhanced product experiences in Google Search through the use of Product structured data. Learn more.

❗The new HTTPS report in Search Console

Use this report to get insights about your HTTPS pages served on Search. The report also lists the issues that prevent pages from being served as HTTPS, along with sample URLs. Learn more.

📌Google Review Guidelines Now Prohibit Incentivizing Removal of Negative Reviews

Google has updated its Google Maps contributor guidelines, specifically disallowing a business to incentivize those who leave negative reviews to remove those reviews. Previously, the guidelines only prohibited incentivizing leaving positive reviews. Learn more.

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💡Olga & Doug Cunnington Talk SEO Progress

This was a super conversation Doug Cunnington, PMP had with me. We talked about my biggest SEO project and the results I have been getting. Tune in for a ton of SEO tips! Make sure to subscribe to Doug’s YouTube channel if you want to learn about SEO.

⚡ Top 100 SEO Mistakes I Identified in My Last 100 SEO Audits

Over the last 2 years, I’ve performed around 100 audits and identified various SEO mistakes. In this list, I am sharing with you the 99+ ugly SEO mistakes I identified in the last 100 SEO audits I have performed.

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SEO Tips 

And here are the SEO tips for you.

☑️ #1: Google Only Checks Your Homepage for The Favicon

Google can show your favicon in the search results next to your search result snippet. Google’s John Mueller said Google finds your favicon based on the favicon presented on your home page only. Learn more.

☑️ #2: Google: We Will Never Penalize You for Not Having H1 Attributes

Google’s John Mueller said something he normally does not say, the word “never.” He said Google would never penalize a site for not having an H1. John said this on Reddit, adding that it is good practice and low effort to have H1s but you won’t be penalized for not having them on your site. Learn more.

Other SEO News

And here is other, less-breaking SEO news.

❗Confusion: Google Search Console’s HTTPS Is Invalid and Might Prevent Indexing

Last week, Google rolled out a new Search Console report for HTTPS, and with that came a lot of confusion around a specific error. The error was “HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed.” By Barry Schwartz.

❗Google URL Inspection Tool Now Displaying A Longer Screenshot of Page

Google Search Console may have improved the URL inspection tools view inspected page screenshot feature to show more of the page. Now it seems with the mobile view, Google is showing a rendering twice as long. Learn more.

❗How to tell if you’ve been hit by an algorithm update

Are the strange traffic patterns you’re seeing connected to an update or something else? Here are tips to help you confirm or rule it out. By Nichola Slott.

❗Google’s helpful content update: A critical recap

The widely covered algorithm update finished rolling out, yet the big bang never happened. Here’s how SEOs can deal with the aftermath. By Olaf Kopp.

❗Google: Timing Of September Core Update After HCU Not Coincidental

Google’s Danny Sullivan explained why the September Core Update closely followed the Helpful Content Update. By Roger Montti.

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☝️ Keyword Gap Analysis: 5 Advanced Tactics in Under 10 Minutes

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☝️ 18 Popular Link Building Tactics You Should Avoid

Some link-building tactics sound like a good idea, but they aren’t. Here’s how to spot 18 of them. By Roger Montti.

☝️ The origins of E-A-T: Page content, hyperlink analysis and usage data

Discover the original sources of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness in search and what they’re actually based on. Learn more.

☝️ 5 Things I Learned About E-A-T by Analyzing 647 Search Results

Every one of my clients — even the small ones thriving in very big industries — has expertise, and authoritativeness, and even trustworthiness. So, how does that help them in search? And how can they possibly prove to Google, amid all the noise and competition and other experts out there, that they deserve a place on Page 1? By Molly Ploe.

☝️ How to think about video and SEO

In this article, I explain how videos can help organic visibility and dispel common myths. By Kevin Indig.

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SEO Videos & Podcasts

Here are the podcasts and videos you definitely don’t want to miss.

How to remove a page #AskGooglebot

Learn how to remove a web page from Google index. Need to get it down as soon as possible? John Mueller shares what tool to use in Search Console.

3 Key Elements of SEO for News by Barry Adams

What makes SEO different for news publishers? And how much organic traffic might you be able to drive as a news publisher?

The SEO Weekly by Garrett Sussman from iPullRank

In this week’s episode, we also cover expanded eligibility for product listings and snippets, a local search algo update, and a nifty GSC and Big Query Google Data Studio template. Check this episode.

Google September Core Update, Helpful Content Update Done & Possible Local Search Ranking Update

A super interesting and essential recap of the SEO news by no one other than Barry Schwartz.

The September 2022 core update is live! How to assess impact in the early days of an update.

Here is early analysis by Marie Haynes. Definitely watch this!

Black Friday SEO – Strategies to Start Next Week Because You’re Already Too Late

In this webinar, Garrett Sussman and Zach Chahalis of iPullRank cover a step-by-step walkthrough of the actions you need to be taking to prepare your business for Black Friday.

SEO Twitter Nuggets

And here are a few Twitter nuggets I think you might like.

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