SEO Podcast #40: How To Become SEO Confident & Gain SEO Confidence

Episode #40 of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features Adrijana Vujadin.

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Interview with Adrijana Vujadin

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Episode #40

Episode #40 of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features Adrijana Vujadin, an SEO specialist and host of the SEO Confident podcast.

I record both the audio and the video version of each episode. Here is the video version for you.

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Episode #40 notes

Introduction of Adrijana Vujadin 00:27

Adrijana Vujadin is a digital marketing professional based in Dublin, originally from Bosnia. She has over five years of experience in digital marketing and has been focusing on SEO since 2019.

Adrijana’s Journey into SEO and Digital Marketing 01:19

Adrijana’s interest in marketing began in 2015 when she had her first marketing subject at college. She later completed internships and worked at agencies to improve her digital marketing skills. Her passion for SEO emerged three years ago, and she now sees it as her life’s work.

Transition from SEO Specialist to SEO Manager 05:48

The speaker shares their journey of being an SEO specialist for around three years before being promoted to the position of an SEO manager.

Boosting SEO Confidence by Improving Soft Skills 09:09

The speaker discusses the importance of working on soft skills, such as communication and presentation, to boost SEO confidence and optimize one’s career in the field, rather than solely focusing on technical aspects of SEO.

Realizing the need for change 10:19

The speaker recognizes that they need to change something in their life, as continuing on their current path will lead to burnout and possibly quitting their job.

Boosting confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome 10:52

The speaker starts learning about soft skills, handling imposter syndrome, and dealing with daily anxiety. They eventually start a podcast called ‘As Your Confident’ to share their knowledge and experience with others.

Imposter syndrome and its effects 16:07

The speaker discusses how imposter syndrome can lead to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, potentially resulting in burnout. This is a common issue faced by many professionals, and it can affect various aspects of their work life, including their knowledge, relationships with teammates, and confidence in front of clients.

Soft skills for SEO confidence 17:52

The speaker emphasizes the importance of soft skills for career advancement, especially for SEO professionals. These skills include dealing with imposter syndrome, presentational skills, client engagement, and building trust. Developing these soft skills can have a significant impact on a professional’s success, even more so than acquiring additional technical knowledge in some cases.

Recognizing the Importance of Client Communication 22:32

The speaker realized the importance of client communication and conflict resolution after starting their own website and receiving leads. They recognized that these skills were lacking due to only working on technical tasks for the past few years.

Improving Audit Presentation for Better Client Understanding 22:59

The speaker discusses various methods to present SEO audits to clients for better understanding, such as creating a video to explain the audit. The focus should be on using simple language, showcasing the real value of SEO, and providing clear next steps for the client to follow.

Technical SEO and On-page Expertise 27:30

The speaker’s area of expertise within SEO is technical and on- page SEO. They started with that and see themselves in the technical SEO field.

Creating an SEO Strategy Process 28:21

The process of creating an SEO strategy involves conducting an initial SEO audit, performing a comprehensive competitor analysis, focusing on on-page optimization, backlink efforts, and content creation. Understanding the target audience is essential to create an effective strategy.

Key Steps in Conducting SEO Audits 33:02

An SEO audit typically covers technical aspects, on-page optimization, keyword research, content mapping, content strategy, and backlinks. The audit serves as a starting point for creating an implementation roadmap for clients, with timelines and resources considered.

Top SEO advice for beginners 37:18

Optimize your career by working with a company that encourages growth and learning. Start learning technical on-page SEO, content, and soft skills for a well-rounded skillset that will boost your career.

Availability of the Podcast on Platforms 42:09

Initially, the podcast was only available on YouTube, but plans were in place to expand its reach to other platforms like Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

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