SEO Podcast #41: How It’s Like To Be A Woman SEO Agency Owner

Episode #41 of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features Adriana Stein.

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Interview with Adriana Stein

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Episode #41

Episode #41 of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features Adriana Stein, the CEO and Founder of AS Marketing.

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Episode #41 notes

Introduction to Adriana Stein and AS Marketing 00:52

Adriana Stein is the CEO and founder of AS Marketing, a holistic marketing agency specializing in multi-language services. They provide marketing support in 30 different languages with native speakers, focusing primarily on SEO but also offering PPC and brand strategy.

Adriana’s SEO Journey and Multi-Language Background 01:58

Adriana’s journey into SEO began when she moved to Germany for her master’s degree and had to learn German. She eventually transitioned into content writing, content translations, and SEO as she worked on projects that required German to English translations or a mixture of both languages. This experience led to the founding of AS Marketing.

Freelance to agency transition 04:56

The speaker started as a freelancer working on SEO projects for various local and global clients before transitioning to agency work, focusing on the consulting side.

Agency structure and role distribution 05:56

The agency is structured with the CEO overseeing quality assurance, project managers handling client communication and assigning tasks to team members, and various roles within the team such as SEO strategist, content writer, graphic designer, and developer. The CEO focuses on business growth and internal optimization, while being involved in sales and less on SEO- focused tasks.

Focus on achieving best possible results 09:46

The speaker emphasizes the importance of providing the best possible service to all clients, regardless of size. The goal is to generate the best possible results within the conditions of the client’s business.

Standardized and optimized processes 10:21

The speaker highlights the value of standardized and optimized processes, which have been developed and tested over time. These processes help the team generate more efficient results for clients, and adapting to market challenges has been a priority.

Experimenting with AI in content creation 15:18

The speaker has experimented with the current version of AI for content creation, but found it unsuitable for complex B2B industries like manufacturing and pharma. AI-generated content may be useful for simpler topics like fashion e-commerce, but not for highly technical industries driven by subject matter experts.

Speaking at Brighton SEO conference 18:03

The speaker will be presenting at the Brighton SEO conference on the topic of combating SERP volatility. The presentation will be technical and geared towards advanced SEO practitioners, focusing on the importance of looking at SEO from a broader perspective considering constant changes and updates by Google.

Understanding search result volatility 19:32

The speaker discusses the importance of understanding search result volatility in a data-driven manner to make optimizations based on the information gathered. They emphasize the need to analyze the data and identify the cause of the volatility in keyword rankings.

Trending topics and keyword ranking volatility 21:00

The speaker explains that one of the main reasons for search result volatility is trending topics, such as chat GPT. As new content and updates are published, the search results for these topics will change rapidly, leading to significant fluctuations in keyword rankings. They recommend looking at averages over a period of time and making changes based on data and industry competition.

Understanding volatility in search queries 25:04

It’s important to understand the context and data behind search query volatility in order to make informed decisions about necessary changes.

Utilizing free SEO tools for analysis 25:37

Google Search Console is a powerful free SEO tool for analyzing queries driving clicks, checking index and crawling statuses, and resolving errors. Other free tools, such as ATF’s tool suite and SEO Quake plugin, can be helpful for those on a limited budget.

Importance of individual market keyword research 28:37

To succeed in a new market or language, it’s crucial to conduct individual market keyword research and competitor research, rather than relying on direct translations. This helps in understanding the market’s performance and in developing a separate SEO strategy for it.

Making proposals specific and concrete 34:01

For a successful proposal, it is crucial to make it specific, concrete, and tailored to the individual client. This includes providing a clear scope of work, pricing, and KPI estimations, which makes the proposal more personal and demonstrates dedication to the client’s project.

Using success to fuel growth and improvement 39:05

The speaker emphasizes the importance of not being afraid to celebrate one’s success and use it as a catalyst for growth in their career, by taking on more responsibility, getting promotions, and increasing their compensation.

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