#52: Technical SEOs Talk Technical SEO & SEO Audits (W/ Nikki Halliwell)

Episode #52 of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features Nikki Halliwell.

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Interview with Nikki Haliwell

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Episode #52

Episode #52 of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features the brilliant Nikki Halliwell, a technical SEO specialist hailing from Manchester, and currently working at Journey Further.

I record both the audio and the video version of each episode. Here is the video version for you.

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Episode #52 notes

Here are podcast notes summarizing the key points from Olga Zarr’s interview with Nikki Halliwell:


  • Olga Zarr interviews Nikki Halliwell, an SEO consultant and freelancer who also works at an agency.
  • Nikki fell into SEO 7-8 years ago while doing marketing for a music company. She built their website and started learning SEO by experimenting and reading blogs/Twitter.

Nikki’s Experience

  • Has worked at 5-6 agencies and likes the hands-on learning and working with diverse clients.
  • Also built her own site to learn SEO. Creating your own site and “breaking things” is the best way to learn.
  • Does SEO freelancing through her site nikkihalliwell.com. Also launched techseoaudits.com for audit services.
  • Writes a weekly SEO newsletter started from her “Tech SEO Tuesday” tweets.
  • Is active on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram sharing SEO tips.

Audit Process and Tools

  • Starts audits by using the site from a user perspective to understand flows.
  • Keeps all data in a spreadsheet with tabs for summary, checks, issue log, roadmap.
  • Main tools are Screaming Frog, Sitebulb, OnCrawl, Google Analytics.
  • Speed tests with Lighthouse, WebPageTest, GTmetrix. DebugBear to track over time.
  • Most common audit issues: noindex on launch, canonical problems, JavaScript pagination.

Industry Insights

  • Imposter syndrome is common among women in SEO preventing conference speaking.
  • Content quality getting lazy with overreliance on AI. Unique, helpful content still vital.
  • JavaScript must enable crawlable site structure and links. Buttons hide content.
  • SEO will remain important and evolve with AI search. Informational sites more impacted.

Advice for Beginners

  • Create your own site to learn. Break things without consequences.
  • Work at an agency to learn quickly from diverse projects.
  • Follow @areej_abuali and @aleyda for useful, actionable insights.


  • Olga and Nikki reflect on enjoying the constant change and learning in SEO.

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