#54: This Interview Will Change Your SEO Game Forever

Episode #54 of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features Ted Kubaitis From SEO Fight Club.

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Ted Kubaitis from SEO Fight Club

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Episode #54

Get ready to dive deep into the world of SEO with episode #54 of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY hosted by Olga Zarr. This time, we welcome an extraordinary guest, Ted Kubaitis, a heavyweight in the SEO industry. You may know Ted from the enlightening SEO Fight Club, or as the brilliant mind behind the remarkable SEO tool, Cora.

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Episode #54 notes

Here are detailed video/podcast notes from my interview with Ted Kubaitis of SEO Fight Club:


  • Olga interviews Ted Kubaitis, founder of SEO software company Cora and creator of SEO Fight Club.
  • Olga says Ted is known as a genius in SEO for his rational, scientific approach.
  • Ted is modest, saying he just saw an opportunity with so many charlatans in SEO. He applied scientific method.

Ted’s Background

  • Studied physics and computer science. Worked at pioneering tech companies early in his career.
  • Did in-house SEO for an online retailer for 17 years in total secrecy and isolation.
  • Helped grow the company from $5 million to $65 million in revenue over that time.

Ted’s SEO Insights

  • Did early experiments proving power of keyword density when controlled properly.
  • Google rewards supplemental content like sidebars and footers – doesn’t all need to be in main content.
  • Cross-linking own properties is OK with proper disclosure of ownership.
  • Press releases still work despite claims. Don’t need to rank, just be in link graph.
  • Keyword stuffing and other “solved” problems still work after decades. Google is lazy.
  • Need a safe space to fail and learn before applying to money sites.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

  • Naming site sections something unsearchable vs something searched. Easy win.
  • Relying on “Google is smart” assumptions rather than testing fundamentals yourself.

Cora SEO Software

  • Created and coded solo over last 6 years, Cora now measuring ~90K ranking factors
  • Focuses on factor diversity – using more different signals. Unsticks pages.
  • Roadmap gives the most important factors to tune. Phases 1-4 are key.
  • Safe for advanced SEOs, not beginners. Training is mandatory and critical.

Advice for SEOs

  • Master HTML, SEO basics first before advanced training like Lee Witcher’s.
  • Test a few core fundamentals yourself so you can identify bad advice.
  • Watch SEO Fight Club episodes to see evidence and learn.


  • Olga and Ted agree SEO is constantly evolving. Need to continually test and learn.

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