Episode #12: Niche Websites, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube & More W/ Doug Cunnington From Niche Site Project

Episode #12 of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY featuring a special guest -Doug Cunnington From Niche Site Project – has just been published.

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SEO Podcast SEO Interview with Doug Cunnington

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Episode #12

Episode #12 of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features a special guest – Doug Cunnington from Niche Site Project. Not only Doug shares his history and experience, but he also gives a ton of useful tips about affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, YouTube, and more!

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Episode #12 notes & chapters

Here is how you can connect with Doug:

Here are the video chapters:

0:03 Olga greets everyone
0:31 Doug says “hi”
1:24 Doug introduces himself
2:27 Olga asks Doug about his beginnings in SEO & digital marketing
2:42 Doug on his SEO career path from start to finish
6:18 Olga and Doug on building their own (affiliate) websites
7:24 Olga asks Doug about his current work
7:41 Doug on his current focus & how he likes being challenged
10:27 Doug’s thoughts on doing a public case study of an affiliate site
10:58 Olga asks Doug if he can disclose the industries of his affiliate sites and he explains why he cannot do it
11:20 Doug talks about negative experiences he had with people who discovered his sites
13:37 Olga’s take on disclosing the domain names of your affiliate websites
13:55 Doug’s further thoughts on niche authority sites vs Google updates
15:12 Doug about being independent of Google and diversifying your traffic
16:35 Olga asks Doug about his e-mail marketing strategy
17:24 Olga on being a fully independent SEO consultant
17:54 Doug on doing your own thing
18:39 Doug and Olga on earning money just for the sake of earning more and more
20:04 Olga asks Doug about client work
20:12 Doug on the types of work he does at present
21:05 Doug on doing client work and why he stopped doing it
22:15 Olga on working with clients
22:35 Doug on his remote team
24:55 Doug on his YouTube channel and its growth
26:53 Doug on editing videos vs live streaming
27:49 Doug on how often he publishes videos on YouTube
28:23 Doug on publishing tutorial & informational videos
29:56 Olga asks Doug about his process for selecting topics for videos
32:45 Doug on his list of newsletter subscribers
33:35 Olga’s question about the possible causes of a drop in the newsletter open rate and fewer people signing up
35:06 Should you use your own domain to send your newsletter?
35:27 Doug shares a bunch of tips for e-mail marketing
37:15 Doug on choosing a podcast hosting platform and his preferred choice
40:00 Doug on the number of podcast downloads he gets
40:24 Doug on his second podcast and the FI movement
44:22 Doug on his courses
46:10 Scarcity as a selling tool
46:44 Doug on promoting his courses
46:52 Doug on ways of monetizing information (different business models)
49:49 Doug’s tips for beginners
53:19 Olga’s thoughts on results slower than expected
54:16 Doug on consistency & finding your audience
55:20 Doug shares some secrets around affiliate SEO/marketing
59:30 How to connect with Doug

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Olga Zarr is an SEO consultant with 10+ years of experience. She has been doing SEO for both the biggest brands in the world and small businesses. She has done 200+ SEO audits so far. Olga has completed SEO courses and degrees at universities, such as UC Davis, University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins University. She also completed Moz Academy! And, of course, has Google certifications. She keeps learning SEO and loves it. Olga is also a Google Product Expert specializing in areas, such as Google Search and Google Webmasters.