Updated: August 19, 2022.

The last few days have been really crazy and stressful…

I got immense support from practically everyone in the SEO community, both from people I have been following and looking up to and from people I hadn’t met before.

I made a lot of new friends and met new brilliant SEOs.

It was really unbelievable how much support and kind words I got from you all. I had a moment or two when my motivation to continue was very low or almost gone.

However you – the wonderful SEO community – restored my motivation or even made it higher than ever.

Some of you supported me in private messages or during video calls while others stood up for me publicly.

I won’t be able to name everyone here but I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you.

I have removed any negative content because it is not my purpose to keep spreading negative vibes. I just wanted to share my story because I felt hopeless. I learned my lesson and I will be protecting my IP.

I received an apology and I want to move forward and focus on what’s to come. I want to focus on the positives, on creating new videos and articles about SEO for you, sharing more content & videos with you, and learning more about SEO myself.

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Olga Zarr is an SEO consultant with 10+ years of experience. She has been doing SEO for both the biggest brands in the world and small businesses. She has done 200+ SEO audits so far. Olga has completed SEO courses and degrees at universities, such as UC Davis, University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins University. She also completed Moz Academy! And, of course, has Google certifications. She keeps learning SEO and loves it. Olga is also a Google Product Expert specializing in areas, such as Google Search and Google Webmasters.