How To Find Organic Traffic In Google Analytics (& Filter Out Spam Bot Traffic)

Last updated on October 26, 2021.

In this super quick beginner SEO tutorial I’m showing you how to find organic traffic in Google Analytics and make sure that spam bot traffic is not skewing your data.

Google Analytics (GA), a free web analytics tool provided by Google, gives you a ton of useful information about your website’s users, such as their demographics, language, behavior, or how they found your site.

The single most important metric for SEO is obviously organic traffic (i.e. the traffic coming from search engines). Fortunately, thanks to GA, you can measure and monitor the organic traffic coming to your site.

What is organic traffic in Google Analytics?

Organic traffic refers to the users that come to a website from organic search results in search engines, such as Google or Bing. Organic traffic is free.

The main purpose of SEO is to bring organic traffic to the website.

The opposite of organic traffic is obviously paid traffic (ads). On the screenshot below you can see the organic search results with the three paid results on top.

Organic traffic in Google
Here are the paid and free (organic) search results in Google.

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How to find organic traffic in Google Analytics in 4 simple steps

Here is all you need to do to analyze the organic traffic of your website.

1. Log in to your Google Analytics account.

2. If your website is not already selected after logging in, select it. Click on All accounts.

How to check organic traffic in Google Analytics

3. Click on your website property and choose the view that shows all website data.

How to find organic traffic in Google Analytics

4. On the left panel click on Acquisition > Overview.

How to check organic search traffic in Google Analytics

5. You will now see the breakdown of traffic under Top Channels. Organic search is marked as blue. You can see the percentage of organic traffic on your website.

Organic search in Google Analytics

6. Scroll down and click on Organic Search to see the details of organic search. You can see some basic organic traffic data like the number of users, new users, sessions, or bounce rate.

Organic search in Google Analytics

7. You can now see the details on organic search coming to your website. Click on the date to select the date range.

Date range in Google Analytics

8. I selected a one-week range.

Organic search traffic in Google Analytics

So here it is. Organic traffic, the most important Google Analytics metric!

Speaking of Google Analytics, check my Google Analytics 4 basic SEO guide to learn more about the new default version of GA.

Beware of spam bots in Google Analytics

UPDATE: There have been many cases of spam bots skewing the organic traffic in GA. Make sure to check what is exactly under Acquisition > Overview > Organic Search.

If under Keyword there are any weird domains with “actual” visits and users, these are most likely spambots trying to make you visit the URL (and buy spam traffic to your site).

Spam bot traffic in Google Analytics
The no. 2 on the list is clearly a spam bot attack and these 319 users are fake.

To make sure that you are only viewing the traffic coming from search engines, choose Source next to Primary Dimension.

Filtering spam bot traffic in Google Analytics
The no. 1 is the actual organic traffic from Google to my site.

If you are interested only in traffic coming from Google, then only look at Source “google”.

Organic traffic and Google Search Console

There is also another free and essential Google tool – Google Search Console (GSC) – which you are hopefully using.

Google Search Console is used for monitoring and troubleshooting indexing and crawling issues. However, you can also use it to analyze organic clicks from Google to your site in the Performance report.

To check the information about organic Google traffic to your website, navigate to Performance. Total clicks are organic visits to your website from Google search results.

Total clicks in Google Search Console
The Performance report in Google Search Console provides a ton of useful data on the organic traffic coming to your site.

In addition to getting the information about the number of visits from Google, you are also getting valuable information on the number of impressions, average CTR, average position, and more.

Check my quick guides on Google Search Console:


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