SEO Audit Tools: 65 Tools For SEO auditing

Last updated on November 14, 2021.

The list of 65 SEO audit tools for both more and less advanced SEOs. 

Here is the almost complete list of SEO audit tools. It took me a lot of time to compile this list but it’s finally here. These are the tools that every SEO site auditor should be aware of.

Of course, it’s not necessary to use all of these tools with each SEO audit you perform because there is a huge overlap between many of them (especially crawlers). However, your awareness of these tools can indeed move your SEO auditing to a new level and let you become even a better SEO than you are right now. 

Any suggestions, comments, and thoughts on these SEO auditing tools are more than welcome. I also invite you to check my ultimate list of SEO tools from different categories.

❗Make sure to check my list of example technical SEO issues if you audit websites and my list of SEO tips.

Google SEO Tools

Google SEO tools are essential tools for practically any SEO audit type. Google offers so many SEO tools that I have compiled a separate list of 50 SEO tools from Google only. The must-have SEO tools from Google include, among others, Google Search Console (GSC), Google Analytics (GA), Google PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse, Chrome DevTools, and more. View my list for more details and links to these tools.

Google Analytics Basic SEO Guide

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: Google SEO Tools 

Chrome SEO Extensions

There are also literally hundreds of great SEO Chrome extensions that can help you a lot in performing an SEO audit. I have also compiled the list of 79 SEO extensions for Chrome and I invite you to check it to find the plugins that will facilitate your SEO auditing process. I am sharing a few Chrome extensions that may be super useful for performing a site audit further in this list. View my full list of Chrome extensions for more. 

SEO Chrome Extensions

Type: FREE
Link: Chrome SEO Extensions

Chrome Web Developer

Chrome Web Developer is a tool for website developers but SEOs can also extract a lot of useful SEO information from it. For example, the tool lets you disable JavaScript on a page to check whether the site is functional without JS. You can also use it to check the structure of headings, view ALT attributes, make images full size, outline images without ALT attributes, validate CSS, validate HTML, view meta tag information, view response headers, and much more. A must-have tool for every SEO! 

seo audit tools chrome developer

Type: FREE & browser extension
Link: Web Developer 

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is probably the most popular SEO auditing tool out there. This site crawler is highly flexible and powerful, capable of crawling both very large and very small websites and allowing real-time result assessment. With Screaming Frog SEO Spider, you can identify broken links, perform metadata and page title analysis, pinpoint duplicate content, review robots directives, render JS, check hreflangs, and much more.

website audit checklist checking content screaming frog

Type: FREE (up to 500 URLs) & desktop-based
Link: Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Sitechecker is an all-in-one SEO tool that is extremely useful in both your daily work as an SEO (whether it be in-house, at the agency, or freelance) and in your SEO auditing processes. My favorite feature of this tool is, of course, a technical SEO audit which allows you to find broken links, audit redirects, check anchor texts of links, test the speed of individual web pages, visualize the structure of your site, analyze your internal linking page rank flow, and more!


Type: PAID & free trial


Although Sitebulb is seen primarily as a website crawler, it can do a lot more. Not only can it perform an audit of your website and offer practical recommendations, but it does all of this while keeping you tranced with enchanting visualizations. In contrast to Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Sitebulb provides explanations to all issues and further reading links, which makes it good for both less and more advanced SEO site auditors.  

Type: PAID & desktop-based
Link: Sitebulb (you can get a 60-day extended trial of Sitebulb as the visitor of SEOSLY)

Semrush Site Audit

Semrush Site Audit is by far one of my favorite web-based crawlers.  Semrush Site Audit analyzes hundreds of technical SEO elements, such as crawlability, HTTPS, international SEO, Core Web Vitals, site performance, internal linking, and more. Similar to Sitebulb, Semrush Site Audit provides explanations of each issue it detects, which makes it a great tool for less advanced SEO auditors. 

sitebulb light mode

Type: PAID (free trial) & web-based
LinkSemrush Site Audit


JetOctopus offers crawling and SaaS log analyzing features for enterprise SEO. The tool can intersect a crawl report data with Google Search Console and log insights. The report generated by JetOctopus presents the most important SEO opportunities, shows insights from the GSC data (keywords), and identifies technical SEO errors (indexation, JS, duplication, etc.).  In my opinion, this is one of the best web-based crawlers. 

JetOctopus SEO audit tool

Type: PAID (7-day free trial) & web-based
Link: JetOctopus 

Serpstat Site Audit

With Serpstat Site Audit, you can perform a website SEO audit that is complete and comprehensive. The problems are divided into three categories on the basis of priority (low, medium, and high). You can also use Serpstat’s SDO score to determine your site optimization level. Furthermore, you can benefit from practical recommendations and explanations provided for each SEO element analyzed. 

Serpstat Site SEO Audit

Type: PAID (free trial) & web-based
Link: Serpstat

Bing Site Scan

Bing may not be the best search engine in the world but it has an array of awesome technical SEO tools. One of these tools is Bing Site Scan that can crawl your website and assess it for some of the most frequent technical SEO problems. The Site Scan tool looks a bit similar to other well-known website crawlers like Screaming Frog SEO Spider or Sitebulb. You can scan the entire site, just its sitemap, or a list of URLs. There are also advanced settings, such as scan depth, crawling speed, or the possibility to ignore robots.txt. 

Bing Site Scan

Type: FREE
Link: Bing Site Scan


Considered by many to be the leading platform related to technical SEO, DeepCrawl is a web-based crawler that offers in-depth technical SEO insights and analytics. DeepCrawl can segment data for priority identification and boasts a flexible API that allows you to use data as and when required. DeepCrawl is a huge player in enterprise SEO. 

Type: PAID
Link: DeepCrawl

OnCrawl SEO Crawler

OnCrawl SEO Crawler is a cloud-based SEO crawler that allows you to analyze over 300 million URLs per crawl. The tool contains more than 500 charts and 1200 data points that will let you dive really deep into the site’s technical SEO health. One thing I especially like about OnCrawl is that it offers complete crawl customization, such as JS crawling, virtual robots.txt, DNS override, staging websites, and more. 

SEO Audit tools: OnCrawl

Type: PAID (14-day free trial) & web-based
Link: OnCrawl

WooRank Site Crawl

WooRank Site Crawl is a web-based site crawler that has been designed specifically for identifying crawl issues that might be tripping up search engines, such as status codes and on-page SEO.  It also offers practical ways to tackle these issues and shows you quick SEO wins.

WooRank Site Crawl

Type: PAID (14-day free trial)
LinkWooRank Site Crawl


Greenflare is an open-source, free, and lightweight SEO web crawler designed specifically for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Alongside being cross-platform, Greenflare requires low hardware and is highly scalable (having been tested against websites having over 4M URLs). You can access reports on elements related to on-page SEO, sort and filter crawl data, identify any damaged internal links, and perform a host of other functions. 

Greenflare SEO audit tool

Type: FREE
Link: Greenflare


SiteGuru is an SEO audit tool crawls your site and finds all issues relevant to on-page SEO (meta descriptions, page titles, canonicals, sitemaps, pagespeed, links, hreflangs, and more). It gives you a prioritized SEO todo list so you know where to start. You can also connect Google Search Console and Google Analytics, so you can track the effects of your SEO activities and spot any ranking changes. I REALLY like this tool!


Type: Freemium (14 day free trial) & web-based
Link: SiteGuru

Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is a desktop-based crawler for SEO auditing. With Netpeak Spider, you can perform regular assessments of the on-page SEO of your website. The tool checks and analyzes more than 100 potential SEO issues, such as broken links, duplicate content, H1, and more. There is also the option of site scraping, web data extractions, and advanced data segmentation. 

Netpeak Spider SEO audit tool

Type: Freemium 
Link: Netpeak Spider 

Ahrefs Site Audit

Ahrefs Site Audit will crawl every page that it spots on your site, and then come up with an overall score of SEO health. In addition, the tool will visualize all the essential data in the charts, flag every possible SEO problem, and offer possible solutions for those. With Ahrefs Site Audit, you can check your website for problems related to performance, HTML tags, social tags, content quality, localization, incoming and outgoing links, resources, and external pages. 

Ahrefs Site Audit

Type: PAID (7-day trial for 7 dollars) & web-based
Link: Ahrefs Site Audit

Moz Site Crawl

The Moz Site Crawl, another web-based crawl, can quickly crawl large sites and track every new and recurring issue that occurs over time. Through interactive charts, you can assess the categories of issues, pinpoint new issues, and know the total number of issues. This way, you will be able to identify trends with ease, grasp new opportunities, and obtain precious information on your website’s general SEO performance. 

Moz Site Crawl SEO audit tool

Type: PAID (30-day trial) & web-based
Link: Moz Site Crawl


A robust tool and website crawler, SEOMATOR has been designed for SEO auditing and website analysis. Designed by SEM/SEO professionals, the tool is primarily aimed at analyzing website structure (internal links, broken links, etc.), structured data, site content, and technical SEO (redirects, canonicals, response codes, etc.).  You can use SEOMATOR for a quick glance at regions that require specific attention during an SEO audit. 

SEOMATOR SEO audit tool

Type: PAID (free trial)

BEAMUsUp SEO Site Crawler

BEAMUsUp is a free desktop-based crawler that has been discontinued but it still works and can be used. BEAMUsUP lets you perform the sorting, segmentation, and filtration of exported data extracted from website crawls and presents the most frequent SEO issues. This crawler has no limits regarding the number of pages it can crawl. I am sharing it mostly for educational purposes as it has been discontinued. 

Type: FREE (discontinued)
Link: BeamUsUp 

SE Ranking

The next tool by SE Ranking for determining how healthy your website is in terms of technical optimization, Website Audit tool, automatically detects website technical issues and shows important parameters in one simple dashboard. In addition, it provides detailed reports for every problem, along with explanations and recommendations for quick solutions. The tool crawls websites and performs an analysis based on over 70 criteria including technical parameters (security, page load time, HTTP status codes, redirects), page indexation status, page breakdown (meta tags, links, etc.), Page resources (images, CSS, JavaScript), and Internal and external links. When you rerun the audit, you will see a comparison to the previous audit that indicates your progress. This way you can determine which issues were fixed and which new ones appeared.

SE Ranking

Type: PAID (14-day free trial)
Link:  SE Ranking

Raven Website Auditor

The Raven Website Auditor will classify every SEO issue into one of the six visibility issues (meta issues, content issues, link issues, semantic issues, and mobile and desktop page speed), making it easy for you to identify the type of errors most prevalent on the website. With Raven, you will not only receive an easy-to-understand problem list but you will also get an actionable checklist of suggestions. 

Raven Site SEO Auditor

Type: PAID (free trial)
Link: Raven Site Auditor 

Alexa Site Audit Tool

Alexa Site Audit Tool is another powerful web-based crawler that is supposed to help you find technical SEO issues. The tool checks for issues, such as on-page SEO (word count, title tags), crawl errors (broken links, resources blocked by robots.txt), speed analysis, and security issues (insecure meta tags and forms). The tool helps you prioritize the issues and offers step-by-step instructions on how to fix the issues detected. 

Alexa SEO audit tool

Type: PAID (free trial) & web-based
Link: Alexa Site Audit Tool

Cognitive Site Audit Tool

The Cognitive Site Audit Tool is another web-based crawler that performs a full technical SEO site analysis and highlights any issues and errors. The tool analyzes different areas of technical SEO, such as indexability, architecture, mobile, and performance. It also provides hints on how to fix the issues detected and helps you prioritize them. 

Type: PAID (free trial)
Link: Cognitive Site Audit Tool

Zadro Web SEO Auditor

Zadro Web SEO Auditor provides a range of features, including domain and page authority for all links, Google PageSpeed Insights scores, a list of ten best keywords as perceived by Semrush, numerous technical aspects (including robots.txt and sitemap.xml files),  image and metadata checking, analysis of the presence of social links on a website, and more.  

Zadro Web SEO Auditor

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: Zadro Web SEO Auditor 

ContentKing SEO Auditing

ContentKing SEO Auditing is a cloud platform that is enterprise-grade and designed for Real-Time Content Change Monitoring and SEO Auditing. The uniqueness of ContentKing lies in the fact that it lets webmasters fix any issues before they have had the chance to impair SEO rankings. Thanks to its practical insights, it is immensely easy to optimize every area and aspect of your website. 

ContentKing SEO Audit tool

Type: Paid (extended free trial for users of SEOSLY) & web-based
Link: ContentKing SEO Auditing

SEO Workers SEO Analysis

With this SEO analysis and audit tool, you can perform a quick SEO analysis of any page. The tool checks things, such as HTTP Headers, meta tags, keywords relevancy, the SERP snippet of the page, URLs found on the page, headings, keywords in ALT texts, and more. The tool analyzes one single page (it does not perform the full crawl of the site) and extracts easy-to-digest data. 

SEO Workers SEO Audit tool

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: SEO Workers SEO Analysis Tool 


This web app lets you check out any webpage without the distractions that come with styles. In addition, it will highlight any section of a page that might be related to SEO. BROWSEO works by focusing entirely on HTML, much like what a search engine robot will view when it visits a page. It allows you to not only determine the structure of a page but also how relevant it is to particular search terms. 

Type: FREE & web-based

Bing Site Explorer

With Bing Site Explorer, you can take a look at your website through the eyes of Bing. The uniqueness is about the manner of data presentation. Every website page is classified into a folder and sub-folder which portray the structure of a site. Every folder will contain pertinent crawl information derived through recent crawls, along with a count of backlinks, impressions, and clicks.  

Bing Site Explorer

Type: FREE
Link: Bing Site Explorer

SEO Tools By Aleyda Solis

This wide range of tools helps you with SEO learning, obtaining personalized rewrites and redirects, understanding the potential causes behind your website’s loss of traffic, hreflang generation, and the basics of PWAMP and its functioning. The founder, Aleyda Solis, who runs an SEO consultancy called Orainti, is well known for being an expert in international SEO. 

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: SEO Tools by Aleyda Solis 

Merkle Technical SEO Tools

The combo of technical SEO and content that is produced from in-depth audience insights means that Merkle Technical SEO Tools are one of the best free technical SEO tools throughout the industry. These tools include, among others, robots.txt tester, .htaccess tester, sitemap generator, RSS feed parser, fetch & render, pre-rendering tester, hreflang tag tester, and more. 

Merkle Technical SEO and audit tools

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: Merkle Technical SEO Tools 

Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools

The Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools is a comprehensive collection of SEO tools aimed at helping you analyze and improve probably every area of SEO and internet marketing. The tools include, among others, a site crawl tool, image & link analyzer, on-page optimization tool, side-by-site SEO comparison tool, robots.txt generator, and more. 

SEO audit tools

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools

Ryte Free SEO Tools

The SEO toolset from Ryte is considered one of the best when it comes to on-page optimization and it’s free.  Ryte Free SEO Tools include, among others, Structured Data Helper, Ryte Topic Explorer, Website Checker, robots.txt generator, Text Uniqueness Tool, Google Snipper Optimizer, and robots.txt tool. 

Ryte SEO tools

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: Ryte FREE SEO Tools 

SEO Tools for Excel

This very useful tool functions as an Excel add-on and has numerous features that can help users perform deep SEO analysis with data belonging to other sources, without ever having to move away from Excel. The tool uses a “connector” for extracting data from these third-party sources. These features make it a highly useful tool for off-page and on-page SEO analysis.

Type: FREE
Links: SEO Tools for Excel 

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is a free tool from Ahrefs that will monitor your site’s SEO health (and scan your site for 100+ common SEO issues) and provide you with advice on fixing these issues. The tool also gives you data on the backlinks and the keywords that bring the site the majority of traffic. You can use the tool only if you connect it to your Google Search Console data. 

Type: FREE (but requires assess to the GSC data)
Link: Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Semrush Log File Analyzer

The Log File Analyzer from Semrush is an SEO tool that can analyze access logs and then produce a report detailing the way Googlebot performs crawling on a website. With this information, SEOs can keep track of technical issues and implement crawl budget optimization. 

The biggest advantage that you get with this tool is the quickness of access log reading. Within a brief span of time, you can understand Google’s interaction with your or your clients’ sites. There is no need to torment yourself by doing it in Excel. 

semrush review log file analyzer details

Type: PAID (free trial) & web-based
Link: Semrush 

SEO Log File Analyzer

Much like the Semrush tool discussed above, the SEO Log File Analyzer from Screaming Frog helps you understand the precise manner in which crawlers like Googlebot interact with a website. All you need to do is upload log files, and the tool will let you verify search engine bots, identify crawled URLs, and analyze search bot behavior and data. 

Type: FREE and PAID & desktop-based
Link: SEO Log File Analyzer 

OnCrawl Log Analyzer

OnCrawl Log Analyzer walks an extra mile during your SEO audits and helps you map your URLs into calculated segments and groups. Through groups of multiple pages, you can understand the way in which you are spending your crawl budget. With this analyzer, you get unlimited processing of data, fresh rank, live monitoring of logs, powerful segmentation, and much more.

Type: PAID (14-day free trial)
Link: OnCrawl SEO Log Analyzer 

JetOctopus Log Analyzer 

JetOctopus Log Analyzer claims to be the most affordable log analyzer on the market. The tool is very easy to use, contains a lot of pre-set issue reports, live logs stream, 2-click integration, and more. There is also no limit on the number of log lines. JetOctopus Log Analyzer allows you to identify crawl budget waste, group pages by the number of visits by bots, identify fake bots, and much more

JetOctopus Log Analyzer

Type: PAID (free trial)
Link: JetOctopus Log Analyzer  


SEOLYZER an SEO tool that is useful and intuitive at any level of experience. You can perform the analysis of the collection of log files either through an upload or in real-time. Not only is the crawler quick, but the reports it produces are easy-to-understand and extensive (you can use the columns tab to access additional information). 

Type: FREE (with limits) & web-based

JavaScript Rendering Check

JavaScript Rendering Check lets you assess URLs for any differences between the rendered HTML and the original code. The tool checks only one single URL. It does not perform a full crawl and comparison. To do that, you can use Screaming Frog or Sitebulb crawl with JS rendering. 

technical seo audit rendering

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: JavaScript Rendering Check

Chrome Dev Tools

Chrome Dev Tools is a bunch of web development tools that have been integrated directly into the Chrome browser. With these tools, users can not only view the DOM but also manipulate or change it. In addition, you can alter the style of a page through the preview environment option, use JavaScript to view messages, debug, and process the code within the console. The tool also lets you analyze the site’s performance and lab values of web vitals. 

To open Chrome DevTools, simply right-click anywhere on the page in Chrome and select “Inspect”. 

Chrome DevTools SEO audit tool

Type: FREE & built into Chrome
Link: Chrome Dev Tools 

Detailed SEO Extension

With Detailed SEO Extension, all you need to do is press a button to receive the basic SEO insights about the website that you are currently browsing. The tool has been primarily designed for day-to-day analysis and allows you to pull back the meta description, title tag, meta robots tag, headings, and a lot more information for any website that you need.

Detailed SEO tool for SEO auditing

Type: FREE & Chrome extension
Link: Detailed SEO Extension

SEO Indexability Check

The SEO Indexability Check Chrome extension has been designed by DeepCrawl, and allows you to view the indexability status for any page that you want, through intuitive color codes. Moreover, when you open the extension, you will be able to see the complete details of the robot directives and the response codes which produced the status. 

SEO Indexability Check

Type: FREE & Chrome extension
Link: SEO Indexability Check


SEOquake, a free browser plugin from Semrush, can deliver organic search information within a click. The tool is compatible with major browsers, such as Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. It provides on-page SEO information in a flash, examines internal and external links, compares domains and URLs in real-time, and allows you to export data.

SEOquake SEO audit tool

Type: FREE & browser extension
Link: SEOquake


Another free Chrome extension, MozBar enables you to obtain link metrics for both domains and pages during your search and lets you view Page Authority, Domain Authority, and the backlink number for the website as you continue to search. 

Type: FREE & browser extension
Link: MozBar


Majestic SEO is an invaluable tool for analyzing backlinks which often are an important part of an SEO audit. It measures and presents backlink metrics, such as Trust Flow and Citation Flow. It also shows the number of external backlinks, referring domains, referring IPS, and more. 

MozBar SEO tool

Type: FREE and PAID & web-based
Link: Majestic

Check My Links

As the name suggests, Check My Links is a link checker – it crawls all over your webpage and tries to identify any broken links. The tool then highlights every link that is working fine and every link that is impaired in some way – all of these bad links can then be copied to the clipboard. 

Tool for SEO auditing

Type: FREE & Chrome extension
Link: Check My Links

Alt Text Tester

With Alt Text Tester, you can check the Alternate Text of any image on the site by simply hovering over it. Moreover, when you double-click on the image, the tool will also copy the text for you. 

Type: FREE & Chrome extension
Link: Alt Text Tester

BuiltWith Technology Profiler

You can use this tool to find out the technology that has been used to build any website. All you need to do to receive this information is click on the Builtwith icon. Knowing the technology, plugins, or frameworks which are used on the site is extremely useful when providing SEO recommendations.

BuiltWith Technology Profile SEO audit tool

Type: FREE & Chrome extension
Link: BuiltWith Technology Profiler

Link Redirect Trace

With Link Redirect Trace, you can analyze any redirect and learn whether it is friendly in terms of SEO. The tool will also let you identify redirect chains and JS redirects. This is an indispensable tool for SEO auditors who want to trace redirects on a per-page basis.   

link redirect trace seo chrome

Type: FREE & Chrome extension
Link: Link Redirect Trace

View Rendered Source

The View Rendered Source Chrome Extension is incredibly lightweight and lets you see how the browser has rendered the original HTML of a page into a functional DOM, alongside any JavaScript modifications. The tool highlights all the differences between the rendered and raw versions and shows the way in which JavaScript performed page modification during the time of render.

View Rendered Source SEO audit tool

Type: FREE & Chrome extension
Link: View Rendered Source

Link Miner

Thanks to Link Miner, you can elevate the process of analyzing (broken) links. The tool provides you with social and link data for any page link, allows you to export every link from any page, and even place the link data side-by-side with the page link itself. In addition, Link Miner be used for knowing the number of external or total links that are present on the page you are currently viewing. 

Type: FREE & Chrome extension
Link: Link Miner

Google Location Changer

It comes as little surprise that Google uses its users’ locations to produce results that are most relevant. However, if you are unwilling to let Google use your present location, you can use Google Location Changer to continue your Google Search – only this time, it will seem as if you are performing the search from a location different from your actual one. 

Type: PAID (14-day free trial)
Link: Google Location Changer 

XML Sitemap Validator

As the name suggests, this tool is designed to check if the XML sitemap formation is accurate. In addition, this tool will sometimes ping Google in order to let it know about the location of your sitemap. You will be instantly informed if there are any problems with the sitemap, thereby enabling you to make any required changes before the sitemap is submitted to Google. 

XML Sitemap Validator SEO audit tool

Type: FREE
Link: XML Sitemap Validator  

W3C Markup Validator

This free service lets you ensure that web documents are valid. This validator is capable of processing documents produced in almost every markup language, such as HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, and SVG. It can also validate a document written using XML DTD or SGML, as long as the right kind of document type declaration has been used. 

Type: FREE
Link: W3C Markup Validator 

Online Broken Link Checker

This tool checks either your website as a whole, or specific pages and, within minutes, produces a report about any broken links that it might have identified. You do not need to install or run any extra program files in order to generate these reports.

Online Broken Link Checker

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: Online Broken Link Checker


HEADMasterSEO is a desktop-based tool that lets you check URLs in bulk to analyze status codes, redirects, response time, response headers, HTTP header fields (X-Robots-Tag, etc.). The tool lets you analyze, filter, and sort results. There is also the option to export to CSV. 

HEADMaster SEO audit tool

Type: FREE (up to 500 URLs) & desktop-based
Link: HEADMasterSEO 

URL Profiler

URL Profiler is a desktop-based tool that lets you audit links, content, and social data. The tool can perform, among others, a domain analysis (and retrieve data like social shares, Whois information, Wayback Machine, Ahrefs DA, etc.), URL analysis (HTTP statuses, robots access, etc.), and content analysis (readability, content uniqueness, etc.). 

Type: PAID (14-day free trial)
Link: URL Profiler 


Siteliner is a free-of-cost tool that lets you check the site for things like duplicate content, average page size, average page load time, word count, internal links per page, total links per page, inbound links per page, and external links per page. The tool also shows you how your site compares to other sites scanned by it. 

Siteliner SEO auditing tool

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: Siteliner 


SEOptimer is a tool designed for website auditing and reporting and can perform a comprehensive review of any website in less than 30 seconds. The tool checks and reports on things like on-page SEO elements, top keyword rankings (top 10 keywords in a specific location), usability performance, social media, and the technologies used on the site. 

SEoptimer SEO tool for auditing

Type: FREE with PAID options & web-based
Link: SEOptimer 

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup can perform a brisk website audit that will show you the list of issues to be fixed together with their priority and explanations. Some of the things that the tool checks include the size of HTML, the use of CDN, JS errors, and more. 

Type: PAID (14-day free trial) & web-based
Link: SEO Site Checkup

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Everyone who has been in the SEO industry for 8-10 years probably knows this tool very well. Xenu’s Link Sleuth is a desktop-based tool that lets you analyze websites and identify any broken links. It analyzes every URL, image, background, frame, and local image map, style sheet, script, and java applet. I am sharing this tool mostly for educational purposes for SEO geeks out there!

Type: FREE & desktop-based
Link: Xenu’s Link Sleuth 

Panguin Tool

Panguin is a free-of-cost SEO tool designed to see if Google algorithm updates have impacted your website in any way. You can select your preferred updates from a complete list, and you can then go through the complete timeline of those specific updates. 

SEO Panguin Tool

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: Panguin Tool 

Website Penalty Indicator

The Website Penalty Indicator can help you determine whether a site might have been penalized by Google. All you need to do is enter the domain and the tool will show you the timeline of Google updates overlaid the visibility of the site (the data from Semrush). 

Website Penalty Indicator SEO audit tool

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: Website Penalty Indicator 


To put it simply, Algoroo is a tracking tool for Google algorithms and can be used for the tracking of any kind of Google algorithm update. The tool also shows you weekly winners and losers. There is a customizable timeline on which specific updates are marked together with SERP fluctuations recorded on specific days. 


Type: FREE & web-based
Link: Algoroo 

Semrush Sensor

Like Algoroo, Semrush Sensor has been designed to track and monitor Google SERP volatility on the basis of daily ranking changes, and identify any indications of Google algorithm updates. The tool lets you analyze SERP volatility in different categories, including in desktop/mobile. You can also view winners and losers and analyze SERP features occurrence (e.g. featured snippets, local pack, etc.). 

Semrush Sensor

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: Semrush Sensor 


Mozcast is another tool designed with the objective of tracking “weather” patterns and trends in the Google algorithm over the previous day and the 90-day history. The tool also reports on the Google SERP features, such as HTTP results, knowledge graph, local packs, related questions, etc. 

Mozcast SEO audit tool

Type: FREE & web-based
Link: Mozcast

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