SEO Audit benefits

44 Benefits of an SEO Audit (Explained)

Contemplating whether to hire an SEO expert to audit your website? Discover 24 compelling benefits of an SEO audit that you should consider. With over a decade of experience as
How to audit an XML sitemap

How To Audit An XML Sitemap

Learn how to audit an XML sitemap in 5 easy steps. In this article, I'm going to show you how to audit an XML sitemap as part of doing an
How to audit headings

How To Audit Page Headings

Learn how to audit headings on a page and the entire website like a real SEO auditing pro. The structure of headings on a website is one of the most
How much does an SEO audit cost?

How Much Does an SEO Audit Cost?

How much does an SEO audit cost? Let's take a look. As an SEO auditor, I know firsthand the importance of an SEO audit for any website. An SEO audit
What is an SEO audit?

What Is An SEO Audit?

What An SEO Audit Is & Why Your Site Needs One NOW In this article, we'll take a closer look at what an SEO audit is, why it's important, and
SEO mistakes

99+ SEO Audit Mistakes

Looking to acquire some practical SEO knowledge? Here is a list of top 100 SEO mistakes I identified in the last 100 SEO audits I conducted. I am a technical
SEO audit

How To Do An SEO Audit (190+ Steps)

The guide on how to perform an in-depth SEO audit that only experienced SEO experts can do. This is a complete SEO audit checklist that will let you perform an
Website Redesign SEO Checklist

Website Redesign SEO Checklist

A website redesign SEO checklist that will help you preserve your rankings when doing site redesign.  Doing website redesign (properly) is a very difficult task most of the time. Recreating
SEO audit tools

65+ SEO Audit Tools

The list of 65+ SEO audit tools for both more and less advanced SEOs.  Here is the almost complete list of SEO audit tools. It took me a lot of