I am super excited to announce that I am now writing a book about SEO audits. You – the wonderful SEO community – boosted my motivation and self-assurance that I should indeed publish a book about SEO audits.

The planned publication date of the book is September/November ’22. The official name of my book is going to be the SEO Audits by #SEOSLY.

The book will contain way more information than my famous guide on how to do a technical SEO audit. I will also be sharing a lot of practical tips & insights from my work as an SEO auditor.

SEO audit book

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I am now intensively working on the structure of my SEO book, the exact topics I am going to cover, the industry experts I am going to quite, and much more!

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Use the contact form below to provide your ideas for the SEO book or propose becoming one of the experts who I quote in my book. Your feedback is extremely valuable to me. Thank you!

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