SEO Newsletter Issue #10 (6/22/2021)

Last updated on September 14, 2021.

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Welcome to episode #10 of the SEO Newsletter from SEOSLY. I hope you are well and you are having an awesome week. Mine has been super productive so far. And it’s only Tuesday!

As usual, I am bringing you a bunch of hot SEO news and announcements.

First of all, I want to thank you for being my subscriber. I have just reached another milestone thanks to you. 


SEOSLY Pro officially launched yesterday. I am so happy that so many of you decided to become SEOSLY Pro members. It means the world to me. 

In case you don’t knowSEOSLY Pro is the premium member area of SEOSLY aimed at beginner and intermediate SEOs who want to learn SEO the practical & the smart way. 
 I’ve added the first batch of premium content to SEOSLY Pro and got a lot of positive feedback from you. New super useful content will be added to SEOSLY Pro a few times a week.

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 Since you are my subscriber, I invite you to use the discount code (firstmonthONEbuck) to get the first month of SEOSLY Pro for $1 instead of $33 and see for yourself if you like it or not. 


Okay, now onto the news. 


Google Page Experience Update Started Rolling Out

SEOs all around the world have been waiting for this moment. The Google Page Experience Update – which also makes Core Web Vitals – a small ranking factor has finally started rolling out. The update will be fully rolled out by end of August. This is a gradual and slow rollout, so we are not expecting earth-shattering effects of this update. 

Search Console Insights Finally Available For Everyone

After over a year of testing, Google has finally launched Google Search Console Insights and made it available to everyone. Search Console Insights combines data from Google Search Console with data from Google Analytics to provide website owners with insights that will help them better understand how their content is performing in Google. Search Console Insights will, for example, indicate the best-performing pieces of content. And a lot more.

FAQ Rich Results Limited To Two Per One Snippet

We used to see five and sometimes even more FAQs questions under specific snippets in Google search results. However, that is no longer the case. The number of FAQs per one snippet has been limited to only two. Google has officially confirmed that change. Is it good or bad? Hard to say but this is definitely a move towards more diversity in SERPs as sometimes these multi-FAQ snippets were taking a lot of space.  

A List Of 49 Google SEO Tools

I spent a lot of time last weekend compiling the list of Google SEO tools that every SEO should know about and use on a daily basis. Google is very kind to provide us with such awesome SEO support. Not only does Google give us a ton of learning materials but they also equip us with some of the best SEO tools on earth.

50+ Google Search Operators

With the help of Google search operators – special commands that you can type directly into Google – you can perform some super-advanced searches and narrow down the results to find exactly what you are looking for. In my list of 50+ Google search operators, I am showing you how to use search commands to perform specific tasks. 

79 Best Chrome Extensions For SEO 

It took me a week to compile the list of 79 best SEO Chrome extensions so I am sharing it again in case you missed it last week. I personally tested each and every extension I talk about in this article. Many of them can really do great things and can make your SEO life way easier. However, keep in mind that I don’t recommend installing all of them at once!πŸ˜‡ 

How To Audit A Site Using Google Search Console 

In case you missed this article, I am sharing it again. I specialize in doing in-depth technical SEO audits and in this guide, I am showing you how to perform a technical SEO audit using only Google Search Console.  Yes, you can really learn a ton about your site from Google Search Console only.

40+ Amazing SEOs to Follow on Twitter

Here is the list created by Jonas Sickler. If you are looking for new SEOs to follow and learn from, then you definitely need to take a look at this list. Yup, I have also been listed here. 

What Is HTTP/2? Everything You Need to Know for SEO

The HTTP/2 protocol is becoming a standard. Googlebot has been crawling over HTTP/2 since November 2020. HTTP/2 has a lot of advantages over HTTP/1, the biggest one being the improved speed and performance of the site. With HTTP/2 the resources can be loaded simultaneously instead of being loaded one after another. 

Shopify Sites Can Now Edit Their Robots.txt File

Shopify stores can finally edit robots.txt, which gives them way more control over how Google and other search engines crawl them. The lack of the possibility to edit robots.txt was one of the huge disadvantages of Shopify. Fortunately, it does not exist anymore. 


WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin that lets you improve the speed and the performance of your site. Thanks to WP Rocket, I have 100% of GOOD URLs in Google Search Console. A great thing about WP Rocket is that it does not require technical knowledge to set it up. 

To learn more about the plugin, I invite you to check my in-depth review of WP Rocket.


 Here are the articles you don’t want to miss:


And here are the pro SEO tips for you. If you want more, I invite you to join SEOSLY Pro

#1: How to quickly check how many web pages of a site are indexed by Google.
There are two ways to do that. You can either to go Google Search Console and navigate to Index Coverage and look for the number of Valid pages or you can simply type site:yourdomain into Google and see how many results are returned. The number of Valid pages should more or less correlate with the number of results returned with the site: command.

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#2: How to check if there are duplicates of your content somewhere else. All you need to do is simply copy a longer fragment of text of your unique article and paste it into Google in quotation marks. Ideally, the results should only surface your website. 

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#3: How to check if you have traffic from Google Discover or Google News. If your site has a significant amount of traffic coming through Google Discover and/or Google News, then you will have two separate Performance reports in Google Search Console. To check that, log in to Google Search Console and navigate to Performance. You should see something like this below.

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Feel free to reply to this email if you have any SEO news to share, what to be featured in the newsletter, sponsor the newsletter, or anything. 

Please note that I am getting hundreds of messages and I am not always able to respond to all of you quickly. Please be patient. I am not ignoring you but I have TONS of SEO things to attend to. REALLY. 


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