SEO Newsletter Issue #11 (6/30/2021)

Last updated on September 14, 2021.

seo newsletter 11
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Welcome to episode #11 of the SEO Newsletter. 

As usual, I am bringing you the most important SEO news, resources, announcements, and tips.

I am super excited to see that more and more people subscribe to the newsletter and SEOSLY Pro. Thank you for your trust. 


Google Spam Update

Google rolled out a two-part spam update on June 23rd and June 28th. The update does not seem to have a huge impact. Neither did it cause any major fluctuations in SERPs. Google did not provide any details on what type of spam this update targeted. Instead, as a reminder, Google linked to its webmaster guidelines.

Google content policies for Google Search

Google put all of its content policies for Google Search on one single page and grouped them by categories like ads, medical content, deceptive practices, and more. This makes things a lot easier for website owners and publishers to learn what’s OK and what’s not OK regarding content.

Rapidly-changing results are now marked in search results

Google introduces a new notice to indicate that the results for a given query are rapidly changing. The new notice is shown when Google systems are not able to detect many reliable sources for a given query.

How HTTP status codes and network and DNS errors affect Google Search

Google published an article that explains in great detail HTTP status codes, how Google interprets them, how network and DNS errors may influence the site’s visibility in search, and more. Check this out!

Redirects and Google Search

Google also updates its extensive documentation on redirects and SEO. The document explains different types of redirects and when it’s best to use a given type of redirect and when it makes no sense. Google also introduces the idea of crypto redirects.  

Google announces that it’s going to delay plans to block cookies & stops FLoC testing

In response to a lot of negative feedback from users, publishers, and advertisers, Google decided to delay plans to block cookies until 2023 and publishes a new timeline for the planned changes. Together with the announcement, Google also stops FLoC testing.

Google Analytics 4 Basic Guide 

In response to your questions and requests, I created a basic guide to Google Analytics 4 to guide less advanced SEOs and website owners through the basic analyses website owners can perform with GA4. A lot of powerful SEO insights about your audience can be unpacked from GA4.

And in case you missed the previous episode of the SEO Newsletter, here are the articles you don’t want to miss. 

Google SEO Tools

I spent a lot of time last weekend compiling the list of Google SEO tools that every SEO should know about and use on a daily basis. Google is very kind to provide us with such awesome SEO support. Not only does Google give us a ton of learning materials but they also equip us with some of the best SEO tools on earth.

Google Search Operators

With the help of Google search operators, special commands that you can type directly into Google, you can perform some super-advanced searches and narrow down the results to find exactly what you are looking for. In my list of 50+ Google search operators, I am showing you how to use search commands to perform specific SEO tasks. 

Chrome Extensions For SEO 

I compiled the list of 79 best SEO Chrome extensions where I personally tested each and every extension. Many of these extensions can really do great things and can make your SEO life way easier. However, keep in mind that I don’t recommend installing all of them at once!😇



The SEOSLY newsletter is sponsored by Sitebulb, an awesome desktop site crawler I use every day.

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Sitebulb has just been upgraded to version 5 which introduces a lot of cool changes:

  • Brand new Performance report that collects Web Vitals metrics with the Chrome Crawler as you crawl, 
  • Running Lighthouse audit on every web page of the site, 
  • Calculation of performance scores based on the Lighthouse Scoring Calculator, 
  • Performance budgets,
  • And more!
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My newsletter subscribers can try Sitebulbcompletely free of charge for 60 days (no credit card information is required). Give it a go and you won’t let Sitebulb go.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin that lets you improve the speed and the performance of your site. Thanks to WP Rocket, I have 100% of GOOD URLs in Google Search Console (my URLs pass Core Web Vitals). A great thing about WP Rocket is that it does not require technical knowledge to set it up. 

To learn more about the plugin, I invite you to check my in-depth review of WP Rocket.


ContentKing, another awesome SEO tool, now lets you monitor your site’s Core Web Vitals with Lighthouse. 

The rollout of Google’s Page Experience update is in full swing, and Core Web Vitals now become a ranking factor. But ranking factors aside, visitors love a great user experience and it’ll likely improve your conversion rate. So naturally, you want to keep a close eye on your site’s performance.

That’s why ContentKing now monitors your Core Web Vitals for all of your pages using Lighthouse. You can see current performance and how performances changed over time across your entire site, certain sections, and individual pages.

And, when your Core Web Vitals drop: of course ContentKing will alert you!

Start monitoring your Core Web Vitals

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Speaking of Core Web Vitals, here are the free guides and tutorials I’ve created on the topic. Check them out if you haven’t already:


And here are the pro SEO tips for you. If you want more, I invite you to join SEOSLY Pro

#1: Google says that you should use both accented and non-accented versions of words in your content. 
This tip comes from the Google SEO office hours during which John Mueller answers the question about whether it makes a difference in terms of SEO to use accented characters in a brand name (e.g. Škoda Auto).

#2: Google wants to and prefers to automatically ignore bad links. 
This is yet another reminder that you don’t really have to obsess over unnatural links pointing to your site unless you are the person who created them to mislead Google.  


 Here are the articles you don’t want to miss:


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