SEO Newsletter Issue #12 (7/7/2021)

Last updated on September 14, 2021.

seo newsletter 12

Welcome to episode #12 of the SEO Newsletter from SEOSLY. 

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I am happy to see that more and more people are joining SEOSLY Pro every day. Thank you for your trust.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to join SEOSLY Pro to take your technical SEO and SEO auditing skills to a new level. get a free mini SEO audit, and always stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the SEO industry.   

The first tutorial videos have already been uploaded to SEOSLY Pro. New sections have been added, among which, there is the SEO audit video guide where I document every step I take when I perform an SEO audit

Remember you can get the first month for $1 and there there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.


And now onto the usual stuff which is SEO news. 


July 2021 Google Core Update

So here it is. The second part of the June 2011 Google Core Update came way earlier than many of us thought. I was expecting it to begin rolling out somewhere in mid-July but Google surprised me a little bit and launched the update on July 2, 2021. In contrast to the June 2021 Core Update, this update hit hard and fast

June 2021 Google Webmaster Report

June was really crazy when it comes to the number of confirmed Google updates. I don’t think it has ever happened before. Google is really working on improving and updating its algorithms and technology. Thank God we have Barry Schwartz who manages to keep up with everything that is happening in the industry and created a detailed report of what has been happening with Google over the last month.

Google uses MUM for the first time

During Google I/O, MUM was announced as a new technology that was going to be used in the future (in the months or years to come). We did not need to wait long for it to start being used. Thanks to its ability to transfer knowledge across languages, MUM improved Google Searches for vaccine information. That’s its first official use.

Google Page Experience does not have a whitelist

In the case of some updates or changes that Google introduces, there is a whitelist of websites or pages that are not subject to the change. However, that is not the case with the recent Google Page Experience update. In other words, all web pages are subject to the Google Page Experience assessment. Without an exception.  

Google shares more insight into how it fights spam and how it ranks pages

In this episode of the Search Off the Record podcast, John, Martin, Gary, and a special guest Duy Nguyen from the Search Quality team talk about dealing with web spam, responding to manual actions, ranking, preventing hacks, and more. That’s a good one!

Google recommends highlighting your customer support methods 

From the new article on the Google Search Central, you can learn the best practices that can help you make sure that Google is showing the most accurate information for your business or services. Among the practices, there is having a contact/support page, listing all possible support methods, or offering a phone number with recorded support information. 


And in case you missed some of the previous episodes of the SEO Newsletter, or are new to SEOSLY, here are the articles you don’t want to miss.

In-Depth Technical SEO Audit (200+ steps)

Since we are talking about SEO auditing a lot in this episode, I want to invite you to check my in-depth technical SEO audit guide that kind of went viral. It’s so nice to hear that people all over the world who learned a lot from my process are implementing it in their work as SEOs. The SEO audit video guide that is available as part of SEOSLY Pro is the video documentation of each step from this list (actually there are going to be even more steps in the video guide). 

How To Audit A Site Using Google Search Console 

I specialize in doing in-depth technical SEO audits and Google Search Console happens to be my favorite SEO tool. I like creative approaches to SEO audits, so I created a 49-step guide where I am showing you how to perform a technical SEO audit using only Google Search Console. You can really uncover a lot from GSC only.

Google Page Experience Audit 

The Google Page Experience Update started rolling out in mid-June and is going to roll out fully by end of August. If you haven’t already done this, it is time to take care of the Google Page Experience signals on your site. In my Google Page Experience audit guide, I showed you exactly how to check if your site is ready for the recent update.

Core Web Vitals Audit

Core Web Vitals are one of the Google Page Experience factors and they have just become an official ranking signal. This is not a very strong signal but more of a tie-breaker. However, that does not mean that you should not take care of the Core Web Vitals of your site. That’s why I created the Core Web Vitals audit

How To Audit A Site With Sitebulb

I really love Sitebulb. This is an awesome desktop crawler that I use every time I do a technical SEO audit. Here is my guide on how to audit a site using Sitebulb. If you don’t have Sitebulb, don’t worry. As my subscriber, you can use the extended 60-day free trial of Sitebulb.


Full Situational Awareness for SEOs

As an SEO, it’s your goal – and responsibility – to ensure that search engines can assess your site as smoothly as possible, and to stay up-to-date with your website’s content. When any issues crop up, you need to know about it immediately.

Experience what full situational awareness feels like. The first 45 days are on Olga. 

Get Started Now

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Semrush is an all-in-one SEO platform that lets you perform all of the less and more advanced SEO tasks. 

What I especially like about Semrush is its Site Audit tool that gives you very clear and actionable tips on what you can improve and fix on your site. I am crazy about site auditing tools and my SEO tool arsenal (especially for technical SEO audits) wouldn’t be complete without Semrush.

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And here are the pro SEO tips for you. If you want more, I invite you to join SEOSLY Pro

#1: Google says you don’t need to worry about spammy links to your site even if they are viral. 
This tip comes from Twitter where John Mueller answers a question on whether a site owner should worry if a lot of spammy links appear as a result of a newspaper article going viral. John says you should not worry. 

#2: Crawled – Currently Not Indexed in GSC may be a sight of low quality. 
This tip also comes from Twitter. John Mueller hints that this may be more of a site-wide issue rather than an issue with that specific web page. The takeaway stays the same. Create a good site structure and serve your users with the best quality content. 


SEO Salary Report 2021: How Much SEO Pros Get Paid (SEJ)

In case you are wondering how much SEOs get paid, this is the report you should check. 

How Long Does SEO Take For New Pages? (#AskGooglebot)

John Mueller explains how much time new pages need to get indexed and how to speed up the process. He also makes an important exclaimer that search engines are not obliged to index all content.


I really love recording videos for SEOSLY Pro and kind of spontaneously sharing my knowledge there. I like it so much that I want to do more of it.

Next month, I will be launching my YouTube channel where I will be sharing with you my SEO thoughts and ramblings. Stay tuned!  


 Feel free to reply to this email if you have any SEO news to share, what to be featured in the newsletter, sponsor the newsletter, or anything. 

And note that I am getting hundreds of messages and I am not always able to respond to all of you quickly. Please be patient. 


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