SEO Newsletter Issue #16 (8/11/2021)

Last updated on September 14, 2021.

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It’s Olga from SEOSLY here. Welcome to episode #16 of the SEO Newsletter. I hope you are having an awesome week. 

As always, I am bringing you the latest SEO news, SEO tips, and SEO recommendations as well as inviting you to join SEOSLY Pro, my SEO project whose purpose is to teach you technical SEO and SEO auditing.

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Google Search Console Insights behind the curtains

Google publishes a blog post on the Google Search Central Blog where they discuss how data is handled for the purposes of Google Search Console Insights, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. 

Google Structured Data Testing Tool finally goes away

Google announced many months ago that they were planning to sunset their Structured Data Testing Tool and it finally happened. Now you can either use the Rich Results Test or the Schema Markup Validator.

Google adds a recommended author URL property to identify authors of articles

Google now allows you to specify the URL that identifies the author of an article using the Article Structured Data. The sameAs property can also be used for this purpose. These will allow Google to understand authors better.

The Google Search Console Page Experience report gets updated

Google has simplified the GSC Page Experience report which was launched earlier this year. The simplified report does not have the Safe Browsing and the Ad Experience widgets and introduces fixes on how missing data is handled. Google also clarifies that Safe Browsing isn’t a ranking factor and so won’t be featured in the Page Experience report.

Google Page Experience is more than a tie-breaker

Google’s John Mueller has confirmed Page Experience is a ranking factor and that it’s much more than just a tie-breaker. It can actually affect rankings in different situations and may have a higher or lower weight in specific situations.

Google provides recommendations on Google News sitemaps

Google’s News Publisher Center Help provides a bunch of tips and best practices for Google News sitemaps:

  • Sitemaps should be updated as soon as new articles are published.
  • The sitemap should have up to 1000 URLs.
  • The URLs in sitemaps should include articles published over the last 2 days. 

Rich Results removed from the Google Search Console Performance report

Google is removing the generic Rich Results type from the Google Search Console performance report and the API. Instead, we can now analyze only specific rich result types, such as Breadcrumbs, FAQ, Products, Review snippets, etc. 


How your online store can exploit local SEO

This article presents some of the top tips on local SEO that can be applied to e-commerce websites. These include, among others, setting up and optimizing GMB, building local citations, doing on-page optimizations for local searches, getting online reviews, and more. 

Google requires some businesses to add a physical address for some GMB listings

Barry Schwartz reports that Google is now forcing some businesses to add a physical address instead of being a service area business in GMB. Google says that this is a new feature that helps to prevent spamming on business profiles



The SEOSLY newsletter is sponsored by Sitebulb, an awesome desktop site crawler I use every day. My newsletter subscribers can get an extended 60-day free trial of Sitebulb (no credit card information required). 

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Did you know that Sitebulb has 4 built-in tools that let you check the most important SEO elements of a specific page without leaving Sitebulb? They include:

  • Fetch and Render
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Mobile-Friendly Test
  • Structured Data Checker

Here is the full guide on how to audit your site using Sitebulb in case you want to learn more. 

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the most powerful caching plugin in the world that requires no technical knowledge to set it up. Thanks to WP Rocket, I have 100% of GOOD URLs in Google Search Console (my URLs pass Core Web Vitals).


And here are the pro SEO tips for you.

#1: Having a lot of affiliate links is OK if the content is high-quality and brings value
John Mueller talks about hosting a website on shared hosting vs a dedicated server. It’s not a big deal if your site is hosted on the same IP as other even low-quality sites (as is the case with shared hosting). When selecting hosting, you should focus on its speed. 

#2: Having a lot of affiliate links is OK if the content is high-quality and brings value
John Mueller answers a question during the Google SEO office hours and explains that there is no limit or a recommended number of affiliate links to be placed per page. It’s a matter of whether the content is useful and provides value for users rather than being created only to contain affiliate links. 


 Here are the articles you don’t want to miss this week:

A list of 65 SEO tools for SEO auditing 

I have created a very exhaustive list of tools for SEO auditing. As I am an SEO auditor myself, I know and use lots of various SEO tools every day. Here is the compilation of tools that will help you perform an SEO audit. Note that there is some overlap between these tools, so you don’t need to use all of them to run an SEO audit.

How to audit a site using Google Search Console

I specialize in in-depth technical SEO audits and Google Search Console happens to be my favorite SEO tool–I like creative approaches to SEO audits so I created a 49-step guide where I am showing you how to perform a technical audit using GSC only.

How to choose pillar page topics

In this guide from Moz, you will learn what pillar pages and cluster pages are and how to use them correctly for the biggest SEO benefits. You will also learn that it is important to organize content by topic (not keywords) and how to do that. 

Google on how to get a great Page Experience

In this video, Google shares tips on how to check & optimize Google’s Page Experience. They also suggest that you should treat the Page Experience as being made up of two parts 1) Core Web Vitals and 2) the remaining signals (HTTPS, mobile-friendliness, no intrusive interstitials).

Official Google crawling exam

If you want to test your knowledge about crawling and see if you understand the topic, then Google has prepared a short exam for you. You’ll need to decide whether specific statements are facts or myths.

Google Discover: 10 characteristics of top-performing content

Lily Ray has compiled 10 characteristics of content that have been found to perform best on Google Discover. For instance, emotional headlines or questions in the form of headlines have a tendency to resonate with the reader.


Please note that I am getting hundreds of messages and I am not always able to respond to all of you quickly. Please be patient. I am doing my best.

See you next week!


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