SEO Newsletter Issue #26 (11/11/2021)

Last updated on November 14, 2021.

seo newsletter 26

It’s Olga from SEOSLY here. Welcome to episode #26 of the SEO Newsletter.

A lot has been happening in the SEO industry, so – as always – I am bringing you the latest SEO news to help you stay on track. Unfortunately, I am also bringing a very sad piece of news…

The loss of John Carcutt

I am so sad and devastated to write about the loss of John Carcutt, an SEO legend and an SEO Director at Advance Local. I have personally been listening to SEO 101 – where John was a co-host – for many years. Here is the Go Fund Me page for John’s family. Let’s help his family.


What We Fear In SEO 😱

I’ve recently posted an open question on Twitter asking you to share your biggest fears regarding SEO. I want to thank you all for adding your answers and invite everyone to take a look at what other SEO folks are afraid of. You are not alone! 

Google November 2021 Spam Update

Google rolled out the November 2021 Spam Update that mainly targets the websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. It looks like that a lot of overtly spammy websites have been removed from Google’s index.

Google Page Experience Update Coming To Desktop In February

Google will be bringing the page experience update factors/signals to desktop. Google said it will start the rollout in February 2022 and complete that rollout by the end of March 2022. 

More Google Algorithm Updates, Core Algo Updates, & Spam Updates Coming

Danny Sullivan from Google confirms that more Google updates of various kinds are coming. This year has been especially fruitful but it looks like more is coming!

Google PageSpeed Insights Update

Google announces an updated and redesigned version of Google PageSpeed Insights which will be released later this year. The base code of the tool hasn’t been updated in ten years. A lot in doing to change, especially regarding the design.

Google Removes Some Structured Data Fields From Its Documentation

Google has removed some data fields for HowTo, QAPage & SpecialAnnouncement from its Google Search help documentation. Google said these were removed “since they are unused by Google Search and Rich Result Test doesn’t flag warnings for them.”

List of Googlebot IP addresses released

Google has published the full list of IP addresses it uses for crawling and accessing your website under the Googlebot user agents. This will help you better control what bots you want to allow or disallow from crawling your site.


Google My Business Changes Its Name To Google Business Profile

Google has changed the name of its local business management product once again. It is now known as Google Business Profile and no longer will it be called Google My Business.

How to Perform Local SEO Audits for Multi-location Businesses [Free Course]

This step-by-step course will show you how to create an actionable audit for a multi-location business that has two or even 200 locations.

The New Google Business Profile: A Complete Guide for Local SEO

See what’s new and how to manage your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) from Google Search and the Google Maps App.


Sitebulb [Main Sponsor]

The SEOSLY newsletter is kindly sponsored by Sitebulb, an amazing desktop-based SEO crawler. My newsletter subscribers can get an extended 60-day free trial of Sitebulb (no credit card information required). 

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Did you hear about the climate-positive SEO auditing initiative from Sitebulb? 

“Every month we invest in projects to offset the carbon footprint of the Sitebulb team, and the energy used by our users’ computers when running SEO audits. We also plant trees for every person that takes a free Sitebulb trial or subscribes to our newsletter.”

🌳 If you try Sitebulb, the team will plant trees!
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If you are new to Sitebulb, here is the full guide on how to audit your site using Sitebulb in case you want to learn more. 

JetOctopus [Sponsor]

JetOctopus is an SEO auditing tool (a cloud-based crawler as opposed to Sitebulb which is desktop-based) that I have recently added to my SEO toolkit.  

JetOctopus is the fastest and most affordable enterprise SEO platform that has top crawling speed, real-time log analysis, and detailed 3D SEO reports on a site’s health.

Make sure to check my guide on how to perform a technical SEO audit with JetOctopus.

Note that as my subscriber, you can get an extended 30-day trial of JetOctopus


And here are the SEO tips for you.

#1: It’s a good idea to have a separate XML sitemap for pages that change frequently
John Mueller shares a tip on Twitter saying that it’s a good idea to put newer URLs that frequently change into a separate sitemap. 

#2: Google uses different signals to determine whether an article is a guest post
Google does not only look at the anchor text when trying to figure out if a given piece of content is a guest post. Definitely more advanced systems are in place!

#3: Being on the edge of indexing is a quality issue
If your pages are in the “Discovered – currently not indexed” bucket in GSC, it may mean your site has a quality issue


Help job seekers understand your job postings by including a complete description 

Google uncovered an opportunity to improve your job posting pages, and it only takes a few changes to the description field.

Google is testing the IndexNow protocol for sustainability

A Google spokesperson has confirmed that the search company will be testing the new IndexNow protocol first introduced by Microsoft Bing and Yandex a few weeks ago.

Enterprise SEO Site Structure: 14 Essential Optimizations

Learn 14 essential considerations for mapping out an SEO-friendly enterprise-level site structure and implementing an SEO governance plan.

Links and Brand as Ranking Factors: 2021 Correlation Study

This is a very nice article from Tom Capper who presents the results of the correlation study on links and brand as ranking factors.

How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

The keywords you choose can make or break your SEO campaign. In this article, you will learn how to find keywords with search traffic potential, how to make sure that content aligns with search intent and more.

Let’s talk about AMP

Barry Adams shares his super interesting thoughts on AMP and non-AMP websites being shown in Google’s Top Stories carousel.

Why SEOs Need to Invest More in Long-Form Content (and How to Do It)

In this article from Moz, you will take a deeper look at long-form content creation as a method to build links. Have you been building links this way?

What Kind of Content Appears in Google Discover [Case Study]

Mordy Oberstein from Semrush tracked and categorized the content Google showed him in his Discover feed for 6 months. 

SEO for Startups: 8 Steps to Grow on a Budget

In this article from Ahrefs, you will learn why startups should invest in SEO and how startups that are often on a budget can go SEO.


SEO lightning round 2 #AskGooglebot

In this episode of AskGooglebot, John Mueller answers questions, such as whether blocking CSS files in robots.txt can cause issues, and more.

9 Things in SEO that Aren’t Important

In this video, you’ll find out which 5 things in SEO that don’t matter and where you should focus your time and efforts instead.

The Future of SEO

In this episode of the Search off The Record Podcast, John, Martin, and Gary discuss the future of SEO. They talk about the changes they’ve seen in the past decade and anticipate what’s next for SEO. 

Internal Linking Optimization: How to Optimize your Internal Links for SEO

In this edition of Crawling Mondays, you’ll learn why and how to optimize internal links to help you achieve your SEO goals with Natalie Arney and Geoff Kennedy. 

What makes Google Search Console so useful for SEO

I am honored to have been on the SEO Rank show where Mordy Oberstein and I discussed about what makes GSC so special and when you should use a third-party tool.

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🙏 Please note that I am getting hundreds of messages and I am not always able to respond to all of you quickly. Please be patient. I will get back to you. I am doing my best.


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