SEO Newsletter Issue #9 (6/15/2021)

Last updated on September 14, 2021.

seo newsletter 9

Welcome to episode #9 of the SEO Newsletter from SEOSLY

Let’s jump right into the SEO news, SEO tips, and SEO announcements of the week.


 In case you missed my announcement from last week, the presale of SEOSLY Pro will last only until June 21, 2021

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SEOSLY Pro is the premium member area of SEOSLY aimed at beginner and intermediate SEOs who want to learn technical SEO the practical & the smart way. 

With SEOSLY Pro, I am giving you my SEO experience, my expertise, my SEO resources, and my time for as little as $33/month. Why don’t you give it a try?


Unconfirmed Google Algo Update On June 11/12

It looks like there was another unconfirmed Google update over the weekend. As Barry notes, there has been a lot of chatter in the SEO community and SEO tools have been showing a lot of fluctuations. Keep in mind that this year we have had only two confirmed updates: Google Product Reviews Update & June 2021 Core Update.

Google Local Algo Update On June 8

Speaking of updates, last Tuesday (June 8) there was a Google local algorithm update. Local SEO rank tracking tools were showing a lot of fluctuations on this day. You can check the BrightLocal Rank Flux tool to see exactly what industries were impacted the most and when the fluctuations were the heaviest. 

79 Best Chrome Extensions For SEO 

It took me a week to compile the list of 79 best SEO Chrome extensions. I personally tested each and every extension I talk about in this article. I really had a lot of fun playing with these extensions. Many of them can really do great things and can make your SEO life way easier.  

How to perform a technical SEO audit with Google Search Console (only)

In case you missed this article, I am sharing it again. I specialize in doing in-depth technical SEO audits and Google Search Console happens to be my favorite SEO tool. I like creative approaches to SEO audits, so I created a 49-step guide where I am showing you how to perform a technical SEO audit using only Google Search Console.  

Google PageSpeed Insights Now Shows Partial Field Data

So far the Google PageSpeed Insights tool has shown field data for a site only if there was enough data for all metrics for a page or origin. The tool will now show partial field data, which means it can show data for only one or two of the Core Web Vitals metrics. This is going to be especially useful for smaller sites that do not have a lot of traffic yet. 

SMX Advanced Begins Today

SMX Advanced begins today and I invite you to join and see me in action as I present advanced Google Search Console reports and share the best pro tips with you. The SMX Advanced conference contains 50 tactic-rich sessions from digital marketing and SEO experts all over the world. 

🤓 Sitebulb

The SEOSLY newsletter is kindly sponsored by Sitebulb, an awesome desktop site crawler I use every time and do an audit.

One of the things I really like about Sitebulb is that it automatically checks the robots.txt configuration and provides information on whether a site can be crawled by all of the major search engines. 

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My newsletter subscribers can try Sitebulbcompletely for free for 60 days (no credit card information is required). Give it a go and you won’t let Sitebulb go.



This is an amazing tool that lets you check how a site renders on mobile and desktop. You just need to enter the URL and hit render & serialize. The rendered version of your site should ideally look exactly the same as what you see in the browser. 

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin that lets you improve the speed and the performance of your site. Thanks to WP Rocket, my site is in the green area in Google PageSpeed Insights and meets all Core Web Vitals metrics.  


 Here are the articles you don’t want to miss:

Case Study: How publisher Future avoids losing thousands of dollars per day across 200 sites 

 Future is the publisher behind over 200 brands, reaching more than 390 million people across the globe. With 2,000+ employees, the amount of changes across all of their sites is mind-boggling. Any issue or unwanted change has a direct impact on their bottom line. So they built a moat around it with ContentKing.

Simon Glanville, Head of SEO at Future: “If the errors ContentKing alerted us about had gone undetected, we could be looking at losing thousands of dollars. Daily.”

Stop losing money due to SEO issues too



Since I have been diving deep into Google Search Console in my SMX Advanced talk, this week I am sharing only the Google Search Console tips. 

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#1: The HTTPS section of the GSC Page Experience report is not an in-depth check of the HTTPS coverage on your site. This is only a general check if your site uses an SSL certificate. This is not a way to check if your site has mixed content issues. To make sure that all resources load over HTTPS, you should perform a full crawl of your site.  

#2: The Ad Experience section of the GSC Page Experience report is only a reminder. This is not the actual Ad Experience status of your site. You can manually check the Ad Experience status in the old GSC Mobile Experience Report (a URL-prefix). Note that the Ad Experience assessment affects the entire site (not a single page). In addition, many sites are not evaluated for Ad Experience. These sites are considered as passing the Ad Experience test.  

#3: The red “Failing URLs” in the Core Web Vitals section of the Page Experience report in GSC reports on the number of URLs that are either Poor (red) or Need improvements (orange). The Core Web Vitals section will be marked as green only if all URLs are considered Good (green).  


 Feel free to reply to this email if you have any SEO news to share, what to be featured in the newsletter, sponsor the newsletter, or anything. 

P.S. I am getting tons of messages from you and I am not always able to respond to all of you quickly. Please be patient. I am not ignoring you but I have TONS of SEO things to attend to. 


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