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Has your website become stuck in terms of SEO? Does it have an issue no one knows how to solve? Are you doubting the skills and honesty of your current SEO provider? You’ve come to the right place.

The world of SEO is like a jigsaw puzzle—when all the pieces come together perfectly, the picture is crystal clear, but if even one piece is missing or misplaced, the overall image becomes fuzzy.

And when it comes to complex SEO challenges, the trained eye of an experienced SEO consultant like Olga can be a game-changer. Olga loves SEO challenges and is here to help you.

Why SEO consultations with Olga?

Olga isn’t just any SEO consultant; she has over 12 years of experience in the field. To her, SEO isn’t just a profession; it’s a passion. When you combine a decade of professional experience with the dedication of a true enthusiast, you get an expert who can spot the minutest details that others might miss.

Now, you might think: “A 90-minute consultation for $500 seems pricey!” But consider this: what if within those 90 minutes, Olga identifies an overlooked SEO issue or spots an untapped opportunity?

Resolving that issue or leveraging that opportunity could save, or even earn you a significant amount of money – potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Suddenly, that $500 consultation starts looking like an invaluable investment.

If you’re struggling with an SEO issue, don’t waste time and resources hoping it will improve. Sometimes, you need a fresh pair of eyes, especially when those eyes belong to an experienced SEO specialist like Olga Zarr.

SEO Consultation

Two types of SEO consultations offered by Olga Zarr

With various client needs and SEO challenges, Olga offers two distinct consultation types. Whether you need a rapid solution or an in-depth analysis, Olga has covered you.

One-Time 90-Minute SEO Consultation ($500)

This type of consultation is perfect if you’re grappling with a specific SEO challenge or seeking advice on an SEO strategy.

In a concentrated, high-impact 90-minute session, Olga will dive into your issue or questions, providing expert insight and actionable solutions.

The process is simple: you book the session at a time that suits you and provide as much information as possible about your SEO issue. This enables Olga to come prepared to optimize your 90 minutes together.

  • Perfect for specific, pressing SEO issues or guidance on your SEO strategy.
  • 90 minutes of focused, expert advice for your SEO conundrums.

I love SEO riddles and challenges. Coming from a competitive sports background, I’m super motivated by SEO challenges and problems I can help my clients solve and transform their business.

There is nothing better than a happy client.

Olga Zarr, SEO Consultant & SEO Enthusiast

Full-Day SEO Engagement ($1900/day)

For more intricate SEO issues, a more immersive, deep-dive session might be needed. That’s where Olga’s full-day SEO engagement comes in. For a fixed daily rate, you have Olga’s expertise at your disposal for an entire day.

This in-depth session allows for a more comprehensive analysis and offers the time to address more complex or multiple SEO issues. This consultation type is particularly beneficial if you’re looking for a strategic SEO partner who can help you navigate your ongoing SEO challenges and formulate a long-term plan.

  • Ideal for more complex SEO challenges or when a comprehensive SEO strategy is needed.
  • An entire day’s access to Olga’s expert SEO skills at a fixed rate.
  • Time for a more in-depth analysis and strategy formulation for ongoing SEO issues.

Typically, I’m hired for 3-5 full-day SEO engagements. They may seem to cost a lot but they – on average – save or earn businesses 3-4 times more than they need to pay me.

This sounds like a good deal. Doesn’t it?

Olga Zarr, SEO Consultant & SEO Expert

Not sure which SEO consultation is best for you?

No problem! When it comes to SEO, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Every website and every business has its unique needs and challenges. If you’re unsure which consultation option would best fit you, don’t sweat it.

Feel free to contact Olga directly. She will be more than happy to guide you. Based on your business goals, specific issues, and budget, Olga can help you decide whether a one-time 90-minute consultation or a full-day engagement would be most beneficial for you.

Remember, choosing the right consultation can significantly impact your SEO success. It’s always better to make an informed decision with the guidance of an expert, so don’t hesitate. Contact Olga and find the perfect SEO consultation match for your needs today!

Ready to make that smart decision? Contact Olga, and let’s get the conversation started. There’s an SEO solution waiting for you, and it’s just a message away!

My SEO credentials

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SEO consultation – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the most often-asked questions about the SEO consulting I offer.

What exactly is an SEO consultation?

An SEO consultation is a one-on-one session with an SEO expert like Olga Zarr. During this time, you can ask questions, get advice, and develop strategies for improving your website’s SEO performance. This consultation is an opportunity to gain insight and direction on enhancing your online visibility and rankings.

What can I expect from an SEO consultation with Olga Zarr?

During an SEO consultation with Olga, you can expect personalized advice tailored to your specific SEO challenges. Olga will spend time researching your website in advance and then discuss her findings during your consultation. The goal is to provide you with actionable steps that will help improve your website’s SEO performance.

Why should I choose Olga Zarr for my SEO consulting needs?

Olga is an experienced and passionate SEO consultant with over 10 years of experience in the industry. She provides personalized, one-on-one consultations and offers actionable advice based on your unique needs and circumstances. Plus, SEO isn’t just her job, it’s her hobby, so she stays abreast of the latest SEO trends and strategies.

What other SEO services does Olga Zarr offer?

Olga Zarr offers various SEO services, including monthly SEO service, SEO auditing service, SEO mentorship, and SEO consultations.

What’s the difference between a 90-minute consultation and a full-day consultation?

A 90-minute consultation is a concentrated, focused session where Olga reviews your website and discusses your SEO challenges and potential solutions. A full-day consultation, on the other hand, is an intensive deep-dive where Olga spends an entire day addressing your SEO needs and creating a detailed, actionable SEO strategy.

How can a seemingly costly consultation save my business money?

While it may seem costly upfront, an SEO consultation with an experienced professional like Olga can save you money in the long run. Olga can help identify and rectify potential SEO issues that could be costing you traffic and sales. Moreover, she can guide you on how to avoid future issues that could result in significant expenses.

What should I prepare for an SEO consultation with Olga?

Prior to your consultation, it would be helpful to gather all relevant information about your website, your SEO efforts to date, and any specific issues or challenges you’re experiencing. The more information Olga has upfront, the more effective your consultation will be.

How do I book an SEO consultation with Olga Zarr?

You can book an SEO consultation with Olga directly through her website. Choose the preferred time and date for your consultation, fill out the necessary information, and she will be in touch to confirm your booking.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the consultation?

Olga’s ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your consultation. If, for any reason, you feel the consultation did not provide value, please reach out to her directly to discuss your concerns.

I’m not sure if I need an SEO consultation. What should I do?

Consider your current situation if you’re unsure whether you need an SEO consultation. Are you struggling with SEO? Are you not seeing the results you want? An SEO consultation could be exactly what you need to address these issues and improve your website’s performance.

Can I have ongoing SEO consultations with Olga?

Yes, you can arrange for ongoing SEO consultations with Olga. She understands that SEO is not a one-and-done deal. It requires ongoing effort and adjustments based on the evolving nature of search engine algorithms.

I have multiple websites. Can I discuss all of them during the consultation?

While it’s possible to discuss multiple websites during your consultation, remember that the time is limited. Focusing on one website allows for a more thorough analysis and actionable recommendations. If you have multiple websites, consider booking separate consultations for each.

Can I include my team in the SEO consultation?

Yes, you’re welcome to include relevant team members in the consultation. The more your team understands SEO, the better they can implement Olga’s recommendations.

How does a full-day SEO consultation work?

A full-day SEO consultation is a comprehensive deep dive into your website’s SEO performance. Olga will spend the day focusing on your website, addressing specific issues, answering your questions, and providing actionable strategies for SEO improvement.

What if I need help implementing the SEO strategies discussed in the consultation?

While Olga provides advice and strategies during the consultation, the implementation is up to you. However, you can discuss additional services with Olga if you require further assistance.

What’s the benefit of having an SEO consultation rather than just reading about SEO online?

While a wealth of SEO information is available online, an SEO consultation provides personalized advice tailored to your specific circumstances. Olga can address your unique SEO challenges and provide recommendations based on her extensive experience in the industry.

Do I get a report or summary after the SEO consultation?

After the consultation, Olga may summarize the main points discussed, including any recommended strategies or steps for improving your SEO.

How much does an SEO consultation with Olga cost?

A 90-minute SEO consultation with Olga costs $500, and a full-day consultation costs $1900.

What forms of payment does Olga accept?

Olga accepts various forms of payment, including credit cards and PayPal. For more details, please reach out to her directly.

What if I need to reschedule my SEO consultation?

Life happens, and sometimes, you may need to reschedule. If so, please contact Olga as soon as possible to reschedule your consultation.

How soon can I expect to see improvements in my SEO after the consultation?

SEO is a long-term strategy, and results are not instantaneous. However, by implementing the strategies and recommendations provided by Olga, you can expect to see improvements over time.

I have a new website. Is it too soon for an SEO consultation?

No, it’s never too early to think about SEO. It’s best to implement SEO strategies from the beginning. An SEO consultation can provide valuable guidance on setting up your new website for SEO success.

What topics are covered during an SEO consultation?

The topics covered during an SEO consultation can vary based on your needs and concerns. However, common topics include website optimization, keyword research, content strategy, backlink analysis, and more.

Can Olga help with international SEO during the consultation?

Yes, Olga has experience with various aspects of SEO, including international SEO. If you operate in multiple countries or languages, she can provide valuable insights and strategies during your consultation.

I’ve received an SEO penalty. Can Olga help during the consultation?

Yes, if you’ve received a Google penalty, Olga can help identify the reasons during your consultation. She can also provide guidance on resolving the issue and strategies for avoiding penalties in the future.

How frequently should I schedule SEO consultations?

The frequency of SEO consultations depends on your specific needs, website state, and SEO goals. You might have a single consultation to address a specific issue or schedule regular consultations to maintain your SEO efforts.

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