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I invite you to subscribe to the SEOSLY SEO YouTube channel where I share my knowledge and experience in the form of videos. My goal with this channel is to let you learn a bit of SEO every day and save a lot of time by not making beginner SEO mistakes.

About the SEO channel by SEOSLY

I have been in the industry for more than 10 years now and I love sharing my knowledge about SEO. That is why I created this YouTube channel. This is an extension of my SEOSLY SEO blog where I talk about all things SEO.

This is a relatively new channel so your likes, comments, and subscriptions are invaluable to me.

What can you find on my SEO channel?

Here are the types of videos you can expect to find on my SEO channel. Note that some of the things listed below are still being created.

  • SEO FAQs where I answer the most often asked questions about SEO in the form of short videos
  • Reviews of SEO tools (more coming soon)
  • SEO basics
  • 5-minute SEO audits of my followers & subscribers (coming soon)
  • Actionable SEO tips on making the most of various SEO tools (coming soon)
  • Daily SEO tips & tricks (coming soon)
  • SEO mistakes to avoid (coming soon)

How often do I publish new content?

🎬 I publish one video every day (most of the time).

In the near future, I am planning on publishing more videos and extending the scope of the topics. Stay tuned!

What are some of the stats of my SEO channel?

My channel is very young but I hope to grow it relatively fast because I have followers in different places like my SEO newsletter, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

  • June 2022 is the official start date of my SEO channel.
  • I have 300+ subscribers so far 😃
youtube seo
Stats as of July 2022

Do you want to sponsor my SEO channel?

I will be more than happy to promote your tool or service on my SEO channel. The only requirement I have is that I need actually enjoy your product or service and be sure that my newsletter subscribers will like it too.

So far I have one sponsor – Ahrefs. You can become my next sponsor! 🙂

Feel free to reach out to me to get more information. You can use the contact form below or contact me via e-mail at

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