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Get ready for a transformation in your SEO journey! I’m thrilled to launch a new series, #BetterSEOToday, that’s all about sharpening your SEO skills and knowledge.

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Every day of the week will be dedicated to a unique aspect of SEO – from technical insights, SEO myth-busting, industry-specific tips, to the latest news from the SEO world!

Become a better SEO today

What’s in #BetterSEOToday for you?

Here’s a sneak peek of what you might expect:

  • The latest SEO news to kickstart your week!
  • Inspiring interviews with industry leaders!
  • Deep dives into technical SEO!
  • Tips on making the most of ChatGPT for SEO.
  • AI tools to help you become a better and more efficient SEO.
  • Dispelling common SEO myths!
  • The anatomy of a particular SEO element!
  • Mastering SEO audits!
  • Heads-up on SEO pitfalls to avoid!
  • Boosting your On-page SEO tactics!
  • Decoding SEO algorithms!
  • Enhancing your local SEO strategy!
  • SEO strategies across different industries!
  • Demystifying effective keyword strategies!
  • Spotlight on the most impactful SEO tools!
  • Who’s who in the SEO world to follow!

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