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SEOSLY is an expert SEO blog that provides tons of invaluable free in-depth tutorials, guides, and articles about (technical) SEO. SEOSLY is made for both less and more tech-savvy people, SEO beginners, advanced SEOs, and anyone interested in SEO.

Its author – Olga – is a technical SEO expert and an SEO geek with a mission to share SEO knowledge and help others with their SEO efforts. Olga wants you to become as sly as a fox when it comes to SEO.

Olga - SEO Expert

I’ve been in the SEO industry for 8+ years. I have experience working as an in-house SEO, at the SEO agency, as a freelancer, and as an SEO consultant. I’ve worked both with some of the biggest brands in the world and small personal blogs. I specialize in performing advanced in-depth SEO audits.

My love for SEO very is deep, and my hunger for SEO is knowledge insatiable.

Olga Zarzeczna, owner of SEOSLY

About SEOSLY & Olga

Let’s start with some frequently asked questions so that you know where to go next and what you can expect to find here on SEOSLY.

What is SEOSLY? What is this website?

SEOSLY is an SEO blog that was born out of my passion for SEO. My goal is to share my SEO knowledge with others and maybe - who knows - have some fun in the process. As the name suggests, SEOSLY is here to help you become as sly as a fox when it comes to SEO.

Who is SEOSLY for? Is it for you?

If you are interested in SEO, this website is for you! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced SEO. Or if you want to do SEO for yourself or for your clients.

I create both advanced technical SEO tutorials and step-by-step SEO guides for complete beginners. SEOSLY is for everyone who wants to learn (technical) SEO.

Who is the author of SEOSLY? Who is Olga?

Olga is a senior/technical SEO specialist, an SEO consultant, and an SEO auditor who has started her SEO journey back in 2012. She is a real SEO geek who is very passionate about her job. Olga specializes in technical SEO and loves performing advanced technical in-depth SEO audits which sometimes take her 30-40 hours to complete.  Click here to learn more about Olga or opportunities to hire Olga to help you with SEO.

What is SEOSLY Pro? How does it differ from SEOSLY?

SEOSLY is a completely free website that provides free articles and in-depth guides. SEOSLY Pro is a premium section of SEOSLY aimed at beginner and intermediate SEOs who want to learn technical SEO the smart and the practical way. It costs only $33/month but lets you grow as an SEO and have your own SEO mentor (Olga). Click here to learn more about SEOSLY Pro or join SEOSLY Pro.

Advanced SEO Auditing

SEO audits are my specialty within SEO, so I strongly recommend you check my in-depth guides on doing SEO audits.

Olga Zarzeczna - a featured speaker at the SEO Mastery Summit

If you don’t have time or resources to audit your website, you can hire me to do an in-depth professional SEO audit for you.

The four major types of SEO audits I perform include:

The SEO audits I perform examine 200+ SEO elements and provide as many details and explanations on each element as possible.

You can expect to get the best quality professional SEO audit that will provide the exact guidance on what next steps should be implemented, what their priority is, and what you – as a website owner – exactly should do. I use several different tools for auditing sites and you can rest assured that I am the person conducting the audit of your site.

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Advanced SEO Audits

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