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About the SEO newsletter by #SEOSLY

Whether you are looking to become a subscriber of my SEO newsletter or you are considering becoming its sponsor, you will find the below information and stats useful.

What do you usually get in a newsletter?

My goal with this newsletter is to overdeliver. If you are looking for a way to improve your SEO, then this newsletter is for you. Here is what you will find in every episode:

  • A quick summary of the most important SEO news
  • The most important news from Google (like algorithm updates, new features, announcements, etc.)
  • New interesting SEO tips and tricks (from people from Google and other SEO authorities)
  • Links to new content on SEOSLY, new episodes of the SEO podcast, or/and new videos on my SEO YouTube channel
  • Recommended further readings on SEO
  • Recommended video materials on SEO
  • SEO Twitter nuggets
  • And more!

How often do I send the newsletter?

I send the newsletter once or twice a week.

I send a standard longer episode with SEO news (on Monday) and a shorter one (on Thursday) where I share either some hot SEO news or a fresh piece of content/episode I’ve just created.

What are some of the stats of my SEO newsletter?

Here are a few interesting statistics about my SEO newsletter:

  • I launched my newsletter in April 2021. Since then I have sent close to 60 SEO newsletter episodes.
  • My first episode was sent to 331 subscribers and had a whooping open rate of 80%.
  • I have more than 4000 subscribers whose number is growing nicely every week.
  • My current open rate is around 35% and the CTR is around 6-8% depending on the episode.
  • My newsletter subscribers are in most cases SEO professionals looking to learn more about SEO and upgrade their skills.
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Do you want to sponsor my SEO newsletter?

I will be more than happy to promote your tool or service in my SEO newsletter. The only requirement I have is that I need actually enjoy your product or service and be sure that my newsletter subscribers will like it too.

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SEO newsletter episodes

Starting from this episode (#61), I no longer send the entire episode through e-mail. Instead, you can read the entire issue on my website through the link I send you via e-mail. I have run some tests and I believe this is the most valuable and the richest format for you.

Here are previous editions of the SEO newsletter.

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