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Here are the main categories of the SEO blog. Click on the category you are interested in to view its articles. Each category contains in-depth articles about a specific area of SEO. Have a nice read!

SEO Audits & Checklists

Here are my step-by-step guides on different types of SEO audits and SEO checklists.


The section where Olga answers the most often asked questions about SEO and offers her unique perspective, commentary, and tips.

SEO Tools

Reviews of different SEO tools that I use in my daily work as an SEO auditor and consultant.

Technical SEO

More advanced and in-depth articles that touch upon different aspects of technical SEO. A lot of advanced SEO tips.


Here are articles and guides on everything Google SEO and my analysis of Google SEO documentation.

SEO Guides

The articles about SEO with more general SEO tips and advice. A lot of stuff for beginner SEOs with Olga’s insights.

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