Updated: July 28, 2023.

A very simple guide and a quick video that will help you make more sense from Google Discover with JetOctopus.

Google Discover is a feed that surfaces relevant content to users based on their interests and past searches. It provides a customized stream of articles, videos, and other media. Discover traffic is very valuable, but can be difficult to analyze in Google Search Console.

JetOctopus is a powerful website crawler and SEO platform. It integrates directly with Search Console data to provide intuitive, visual reports. This makes parsing Discover traffic and performance far easier.

In this post, I’ll explain what Google Discover is, how JetOctopus enhances Discover analytics, and key takeaways for optimizing your Discover reach. I’ve created a quick video walkthrough demonstrating how to leverage JetOctopus for Discover analysis.

Analyze Google Discover with JetOctopus

Get More from Google Discover Analytics with JetOctopus

Google Discover is a valuable source of traffic, but the data in Google Search Console can be difficult to parse. JetOctopus integrates directly with Search Console to provide an intuitive Google Discover report that visualizes performance.

Instead of seeing a standard Google Search Console report for Google Discover, you will see a wealth of data that you can filter and display in a variety of ways.

Here is the standard Google Search Console report from Google Discover:

And here is the Google Discover report in JetOctopus:

Analyze Google Discover Traffic with JetOctopus

Here is the video where I show you exactly how you can make way more from Google Discover thanks to JetOctopus.

The Discover report in JetOctopus gives a clean overview of important metrics like pages, clicks, and impressions. You can filter and compare data for any date range to analyze trends over time. The pages table shows all pages that appeared in Discover along with full analytics – study top performers to replicate success.

One useful report is “Pages Per Day” which displays your daily Discover results and lets you easily see best and worst days of the week. You can also click any page in the data table to run screencasts, view cache, get page insights and more without leaving JetOctopus.

Overall, JetOctopus centralizes Discover data into visual reports that make analysis much faster and easier. You can instantly identify top Discover pages to optimize similar content and leverage the performance reports to directly inform your content strategy.

The platform puts all the tools you need for Discover analytics right at your fingertips. JetOctopus transforms raw Search Console data into actionable insights for improving your Google Discover reach and traffic.

🐙 If you haven’t already, make sure to give JetOctopus a try. This is the faster crawler on earth!

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