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It’s Monday, August is almost here, so it’s time for fresh & hot SEO news.

As almost every week, I’ve curated the best and the most interested pieces for you. I’ve also created a few new resources and am in the process of creating next ones.

☝️ One of the resources I’m creating is the list of 100+ SEOs to follow. I initially wanted to publish my own version, but that wouldn’t be objective enough, so I want to ask you to suggest SEOs to put on my list.

All you need to do is fill in this Google form, and I will add you to the list together with a link to your site and your social media profiles. Thank you!

Okay, so now onto the newsletter and the hot SEO news.

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I’ve audited my own SEOSLY site. Here’s what I found.

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Top SEO news

Here is the most important SEO & AI news from last week.

Google’s update on site names

Google updated its guidance on getting preferred site names to display on search results pages, including encouraging the use of alternateName markup and noting a known issue where site names may not propagate to internal pages.

AI-generated reviews are spam and against policies

Google posted a new policy for its Merchant Center stating that reviews generated by AI are considered spam and should be marked as such. The policy update also clarified several other prohibited practices for reviews, such as containing dangerous content, personal info, copyright violations, etc. Reviews should be honest and unbiased opinions from real customers who purchased the product. Google will use automated systems and human review to enforce these policies and take action against violating accounts.

Google officially rolling out new search settings interface

Ashwarya, Google Search Community Manager, posted that Google Search will soon roll out “a new experience to make access to key items easier on the Search Results Page on the web.” In short, it is a new way to access Google Search Settings on desktop and mobile.

Google to fix link report in Search Console

After numerous reports of Google showing a fraction of the sites links, Google said it will fix an issue with the report.

Cora Pro SEO Software 25% OFF

Cora SEO Software has been an absolute game-changer for me. I can honestly say that this the the ONLY tool you may need if you want to improve rankings and do it in the most efficient and effective way.

Cora SEO Software is capable of measuring thousands of factors and tells you exactly which ones appear to influence rankings and how much you need of each to compete with higher ranking competitors. More and more we are finding that having a broad diversity of ranking signals is the most important ranking factor and no SEO tool on the market handles factor diversity better than Cora.

You don’t need to believe what I’m saying. Just try for yourself! I have a special lifetime deal 25% OFF (and free training) for my newsletter subscribers.

My interview with Ted Kubaitis, the creator of Cora.

Watch my interview with Ted Kubaitis, the creator of Cora, to learn more about how game-changing this tool is.

More AI & SEO news

Here is other SEO news, less breaking but equally important.

OpenAI’s AI Text Classifier no longer available due to ‘low rate of accuracy’

The AI text detector, launched in January, was meant to evaluate whether text was generated using AI. It failed.

Both Google (Alphabet) [PDF] and Bing (Microsoft) [HTML] reported earnings and both showed that their ad revenues grew. Google Ad revenue was up 3.3%, with overall revenue up 7%. Microsoft Advertising revenue was up 8% with overall revenue up 8% as well.

SEO industry benchmark report

This overview of organic SEO traffic and SERP trends across industries includes an analysis of over 82,000 searches.

The best AI video generators for creators and marketers

The AI-based tools that YouTube creators are using now offer a glimpse into the AI video generators content marketers may adopt soon.

Updates to Google Business Profile July 2023

A recap of the most important local SEO news by BrightLocal.

New episode of SEO Cash Flow

In this episode of SEO Cash Flow, the three of us explore what it’s like to be an SEO introvert and believe it or not, the three of us are!

Recent SEO interviews

Don’t miss those interviews with outstanding SEO experts! New amazing interviews are coming soon!

Interview with Ted Kubaitis from SEO Fight Club. Must watch!
My interview with Nitin Manchanda who has had an extremely successful SEO career path.

Top SEO Tips 

And here are the Google SEO tips for you.

#1: There is no such thing as “Google algorithmic penalty”

#2: Just because Google drops your site name from its title doesn’t mean you should

Should you put your site name in your title tag? Google’s John Mueller said it really shouldn’t be an SEO decision. John Mueller seems to be a fan of having a site name in the title, despite this site not doing that for our article pages.

#3: John Mueller: programmatic SEO is often a fancy banner for spam

I love those “to-the-point” comments of John. Who doesn’t?

Videos to watch this week

And here are the videos you don’t want to miss this week.

My top tips on becoming the best SEO you can be!
Essential weekly recap of SEO news by Barry Schwartz
Video from MozCon 2022 where Lily Ray just nails it (as always).
The one and only Aleyda Solis (MozCon 2022) about e-commerce SEO horror stories.
The most recent #AskGoolgebot on adding/removing SEO agencies in Google Search Console.
Two great mind talk SEO. A must-watch!

Other articles & resources to read

And you need to allocate some time to read these articles from other SEOs. They are brilliant.

Don’t Disavow Backlinks (Unless You Read This)

Learn what disavowing links is, when to disavow links, and why you most likely don’t need to do this. I was inspired to write this guide by Glenn Gabe’s case study (see the link below).
By Olga Zarr

Disavowing The Disavow Tool [Case Study]

How a site owner finally removed a disavow file with 15K+ domains, stopped continually disavowing links, and then surged back from the dead.
By Glenn Gabe

Advanced Insights into Googlebot Crawling

Here are some interesting aspects of Googlebot’s crawling of news websites that are useful to know when you want to optimise crawl efficiency.
By Barry Adams

How to audit your YouTube channel for brand success

From understanding key metrics to auditing your channel, here’s how to elevate your brand’s visibility on YouTube.
By Laura James

The Complete SEO Checklist to Follow in 2023

In this blog post, we are going to give you the entire SEO checklist you should be following in 2023.Using this checklist, we have grown our traffic by 141% in 2023 so far.
By Ryan Jones

Foot Locker Image SEO Case Study: 228% Increase for Google Image Thumbnails

Brodie Clark wrote a previous guide on how to improve Google image thumbnails for eCommerce sites, which Foot Locker implemented, increasing image thumbnail traffic 228%. By increasing minimum image dimensions from 67×67 to 200×200 in their server-rendered HTML, Foot Locker went from having thumbnails for 60K visits per month to 195K visits after making the change.

Website accessibility and SEO: How they’re related and why it matters

In this blog post, I’ll show you how website accessibility affects SEO, resources to make your site more accessible, and best practices to ensure that your website is ready for all audiences.
By Rejoice Ojiaku

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