SEO Newsletter Issue #1 (4/14/2021)

Last updated on September 14, 2021.

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Welcome to episode #1 of the SEO Newsletter from SEOSLY.

I’m so happy to be finally launching the newsletter. I will be improving it with each new issue. I am open to your suggestions!

Let’s dive deep into the fascinating world of SEO. 

⚡ Top SEO News

A bunch of SEO news you absolutely cannot miss.

  • Google has released a product reviews algorithm update. The new quality algorithm is going to promote high-quality product reviews that offer in-depth research and insightful analysis.
  • Google Search Console now supports regular expressions and more data filtering in Performance reports. You can now dig even deeper into the organic traffic data in GSC. 
  • Google updates its Core Web Vitals FAQs. This is probably no surprise but Google is going to still prioritize the pages that provide the best information. I strongly recommend you read the full Core Web Vitals FAQs
  • Google page experience update will not be live. The Google page experience update that is launching next month won’t be happening in real time since there is a 28-day delay in gathering the Core Web Vitals data.
  • A bug in how Google detects soft 404s may cause ranking issues. The issue started around April 9th after Google made some changes to how it detects soft 404s. You can find more detail on that on Twitter.
  • New episode of the Search Off the Record podcast. The best way to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of Google is to listen to the Search Off the Record podcast run by Googlers. This episode is on how serving works and the complexity of internationalization and hreflang.

📚 Longer Reads On SEO

Here are a few longer articles which I strongly recommend reading. 

⚒️ SEO Tools

This issue is kindly sponsored by my new favorite SEO auditing tool. It’s Sitebulb. I will be sharing a small technical SEO tip relating to Sitebulb each week.

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☝️ SEO Tip Of The Week

Website speed and Google PageSpeed Insights scores are more important than ever. Did you know that you can use Sitebulb to check the page speed scores across the entire website?

  • You don’t need API access to PageSpeed Insights. All you need to do is run a Sitebulb audit and you will get a very detailed overview of the speed of all the web pages of the site (not just the one page that you are testing with PSI).
  • You don’t need to be a technical SEO master to understand the Sitebulb site speed report because each issue has clear explanations and even suggested fixes. 

And here is the best part… 

🎁 Gift For My Subscribers

You can try Sitebulb completely for free for 60 days and see for yourself if you like it. I am sure you will. 

👉  Click here to get your extended 60-day trial of Sitebulb  👈

No credit card information is required. No risk and a ton of value.

🙏 Provide Your Feedback

Feel free to reply to this email if you have any SEO news to share, what to be featured in the newsletter, become the sponsor, or anything. 

Thank you!


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