SEO Newsletter Issue #23 (10/15/2021)

Last updated on October 20, 2021.

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It’s Olga from SEOSLY here. Welcome to episode #23 of the SEO Newsletter.

As always, I am bringing you a pack of SEO news blended with pro SEO tips, and more! 


It’s been almost four months since I launched SEOSLY Pro, my SEO project all about technical SEO and SEO auditing. 

There are already 50 videos in the SEO audit video guide and more are coming soon! 


I want to invite you to give SEOSLY Pro a try.

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7 SEO crawling tool warnings & errors you can safely ignore 

SEO crawlers are indispensable tools but they need an SEO pro’s insight and experience to determine which warnings to heed or ignore. In this article, I am sharing my insight and experience with you.

Google rolls out continuous scrolling on mobile search results

Google announced yesterday that it is rolling out what they are calling “continuous scrolling” on the mobile search results. Google is not calling it infinite scroll, because the scroll does not infinitely scroll, it should stop after page four or so.

Google aligns Search Console testing tools and the URL Inspection tool

GSC provides three public standalone tools to website owners and SEOs, specifically for AMPMobile Friendly, and Rich Results. Google now introduces changes in their designs and improving features to be fully aligned with the URL Inspection tool.

Google rolls out new knowledge panel design

Google is now rolling out the new design for the knowledge panels where the buttons are at the top of the search results. We’ve seen this design on mobile for some time, but now it is also fully on desktop. This is also being rolled out with the new full width design.

Possible data anomalies in the GSC Performance reports

Due to a logging change, you may see an increase in the number of clicks and impressions for Good Page Experience search appearance for the “News” search type filter. This change does not reflect a change in user behavior or search results, only a change in Search Console logging.

Google explains that the recent Coverage report anomalies are just a delay

This is because the Index Coverage report data is refreshed at a different (and slower) rate than the URL Inspection. The results shown in URL Inspection are more recent, and should be taken as authoritative when they conflict with the Index Coverage report.

New articles in Google documentation regarding titles and snippets in Search

Google publishes two documents detailing the best practices regarding the <title> tags and controlling how your web page’s snippet looks in Search.


 I invite you to check my extensive guides on different areas of SEO:

15 ways to check why your site’s traffic may be down

Is your site experiencing a traffic loss? Are you wondering if it’s because of the Google algorithm update? If your answer is YES, then this is the guide just for you. 

180+ SEO best practices from Google

Here are 180+ best practices for SEO based on the Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide. If you don’t have time to go through the entire SEO Starter Guide from Google or you need a refresher, this is the article for you. 

Example technical SEO issues and how to fix them

15 examples of technical SEO issues together with tips on how to fix them and further explanations. Your knowledge of these technical SEO issues will not only make you a better SEO but may be a game-changer for the site that you are auditing. 


The GMB mobile app gets new messaging features

Google My Business seems to have added to messaging features to the mobile app. The first is the ability to edit your welcome message and the second is that the app can show you your response time to messages with your customers.


JetOctopus [Main sponsor]

This issue of the newsletter is kindly sponsored by JetOctopus, an SEO auditing tool that I have recently added to my SEO toolkit.  

JetOctopus is the fastest and most affordable enterprise SEO platform that has top crawling speed, real-time log analysis, and detailed 3D SEO reports on a site’s health.

I am currently writing an in-depth guide on how to audit a site using JetOctopus and will be sharing it with you soon.

JetOctopus Log Analyzer

I strongly recommend you give JetOctopus a try. As my subscriber, you can get an extended 30-day trial of JetOctopus. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the tool before diving deep into my audit guide.

ContentKing [Sponsor]

Product Pages: 17 eCommerce SEO Best Practices

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is fast approaching — and in the lead up to the big day, most eCommerce sites generally focus their attention on the homepage and category pages. 

But if your product pages don’t play a central role in your SEO strategy, you’re missing out. Product pages often get a ton of organic traffic from visitors who already have their credit card handy. 

Learn how to leverage your product pages to boost your SEO performance and your revenue.

Learn how to optimize your product pages

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And here are the SEO tips for you.

#1: Links from reporting tools do not influence rankings
John Mueller answers the question on Twitter about whether sites like similar site checkers can impact the rankings of a site. They cannot!

#2: Improve content to recover from a Google Core Algorithm Update
Google’s John Mueller says work on improving your website’s content, rather than implementing technical fixes, when recovering from a broad core algorithm update.


How to find & optimize your most valuable pages [SEJ]

Your most valuable pages can bring the greatest business impact. In this article, you will learn how to find out what MVPs are and how to optimize them.

The A in E-A-T: What does authoritativeness mean and how can you demonstrate yours? [Yoast]

In this article, you will learn what showing authority on a topic means and how you can demonstrate it in your content.

10 uniquely enterprise SEO keyword research tips [SEJ]

Traditional SEO tactics don’t always work for enterprise sites. Here are 10 keyword research tips for your enterprise-level SEO strategy.

Automated content generation for SEO: GPT-2 possibilities & pitfalls [SEJ]

Language models have a lot of potential for marketing. See how GPT-3 can help with automated content generation for SEO.

Indented Results Roll Out at 40% of SERPs [Moz]

Recently, after months of testing, Google pushed a full roll-out of indented results. So, why should we care about indented results? To begin with, they seem to be appearing at a surprisingly high rate on page one. 

Google explains rendering and impact on SEO [SEJ]

Google’s Martin Splitt participated in a Duda Webinar about web page rendering and how it impacts SEO. Rendering is what happens when a browser requests a web page, it’s a key part of Core Web Vitals scores. Understanding this helps take some of the mystery out of Core Web Vitals.


Tired of reading? Here are a few awesome videos about SEO to watch.

Google Search Algo Updates, Title Link Doc, Continuous Scroll, Knowledge Panel Updates & More

Here is the recap of the week by no one other than Barry Schwartz.

The video review of SEOcrawl

I invite you to check my review of SEOcrawl. You can still join the SEOcrawl contest and win €2000.

SEO expert tells me what I’m doing wrong

I invite you to check the chat I had with my friend Doug about his site and how it is doing in terms of (technical) SEO and what my advice for him is. That was a lot of fun!


 I am doing my best to find the absolute best SEO articles and resources to share with you in my SEO newsletter every week. 

Even though I spend hours checking the SEO news, listening to SEO podcasts, and watching SEO on YT, I may still miss some great resources.

Feel free to send me the articles or other SEO resources you want me to mention in my SEO newsletter. Thanks!

🙏 Please note that I am getting hundreds of messages and I am not always able to respond to all of you quickly. Please be patient. I will get back to you. I am doing my best.

See you next week!


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