SEO Newsletter Issue #5 (5/14/2021)

Last updated on September 14, 2021.

newsletter 5

Welcome to episode #5 of the SEO Newsletter from SEOSLY

The weekend is almost here and I am bringing you a bunch of interesting SEO news, tips, and announcements.

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📰 SEO News Of The Week Markup Validator is live

The Google Structured Data Testing Tool – which is going to be deprecated soon – finally has its replacement: Markup Validator. The tool lets you do, among others, advanced schema analysis and shows you the relationships between the entities on a page. Super useful. 

Recent Google algorithm updates (May 7-9 and 13) are not the Broad Core Algorithm Update

There have been many fluctuations in rankings and chatter in SEO forums recently. Many SEO tools and SEO experts indicate dates like May 7-8 and May 13 as possible algorithm updates. For some sites, the effects were really huge. Google, however, confirms that this is NOT a Google Core Update. Here is a very useful full list of possible and confirmed Google algorithm changes by Marie Haynes.

An increase in the number of People Also Ask (PAA boxes) in search results

Brodie Clark and other notable SEOs noticed that there has been an increase in the number of the People Also Ask boxes displayed on the desktop. There is speculation that this may have contributed to recent ranking fluctuations.

A bug in the Google Search Console Page Experience report

Some sites have been experiencing a bug in the new Google Search Console Page Experience report which displayed the error “Insufficient HTTPS coverage on your site“. Google confirms it is a bug and they are fixing it. Don’t worry if you are experiencing this issue. 

John Mueller relaunched his old blog

If you want to learn more about what’s in John Mueller’s head, you cannot miss the old blog that he has recently relaunched. There is a lot of interesting stuff there. Read his last post to get more context. 

🎞️ Interesting Videos On SEO  

Google I/O 2021: Sessions for SEOs

This year there will be three sessions exclusively for SEOs as part of the Google I/O Conference. You can set a reminder on YouTube to be notified when the sessions begin (5/18/21).  

Don’t miss these.

English Google SEO office hours from May 7, 2021

There were many interesting questions during the last Google SEO office hours. This is also the first time I asked a question during this live session. I asked about affiliate links. If you are interested in my question and the answer John Mueller gave me, make sure to check this episode (my question starts at 13:54).

Technical SEO Audit for Niche Site Project (with Olga Zarzeczna of SEOSLY)

I’ve recently had the pleasure to audit the Niche Site Project site by Doug Cunnington and we had a chat about what I managed to find during my audit analysis. Check this video to learn more about how to audit sites and how I do SEO audits. People liked this video very much so I am sharing it once again in case you missed it. 

Two Google Algorithm Updates, Machine Learning at Google, Google My Business Updates & More

In this video, Barry Schwartz talks about the recent Google algorithm and Google My Business updates. Make sure to watch this!

🤓 Interesting Articles From The SEO Industry 

⚒️ SEO Tool Of The Week  


Semrush is an all-in-one SEO platform that lets you perform all of the less and more advanced SEO tasks. 

What I especially like about Semrush is its Site Audit tool that gives you very clear and actionable tips on what you can improve and fix on your site. I am crazy about site auditing tools and my SEO tool arsenal (especially for technical SEO audits) wouldn’t be complete without Semrush.

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Semrush offers a 14-day free trial and you definitely want to give it a try.

Try Semrush for free

☝️ SEO Tips Of The Week  

#1: Adding images to your web pages will not directly influence rankings. This is the answer John Mueller gave on Twitter. Images make your pages more interesting and appealing but they do not have any automatic effect on SEO. 

#2: If you want your images to be indexed by Google, make sure to put them in <img> or <picture> HTML elements. Images added with the use of CSS (as background, for example) won’t be indexed and visible in Google Image Search. 

#3: Want to check if Google Image brings you meaningful traffic? Log in to Google Search Console, go to the Performance report (search results), click on Search type and choose COMPARE (Web vs. Image).  

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🕵️ Don’t Miss My Free SEO Audit Guides 

If you want to learn more about the SEO auditing process, make sure to read my in-depth guides on four different types of SEO audits I perform (if you haven’t already). 

Feel free to use these audit processes to audit your site or your client’s sites. Since you are my subscriber, you also have access to the templates for all of these audits.

⭐ New Module On SEOSLY (Coming Soon) 

I am currently working very hard on a new module for my site: SEOSLY Pro. With SEOSLY Pro, you will be able to use my SEO knowledge and experience to become an SEO pro. 

The SEOSLY Pro members will get a free mini SEO audit from me, free e-mail consultation, and more. I am sure you will like it. SEOSLY Pro will be launched in June. I will keep you posted!

📢 Other News & Announcements 

SMX Advanced is getting closer.

On June 15th, 2021 I will be speaking about the advanced Google Search Console Performance and Experience reports. The overtime Live Q&A with me will be moderated by Barry Schwartz. Check the full SMX Advanced agenda and register for the event if you haven’t already. 

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P.S. I am getting tons of messages from you and I am not always able to respond to all of you quickly. Please be patient. 


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