SEO Newsletter Issue #6 (5/20/2021)

Last updated on September 14, 2021.

seo newsletter 6

Welcome to episode #6 of the SEO Newsletter from SEOSLY

Google has been very generous this week in terms of how many great SEO tips and SEO resources they shared with us. Let’s dive in!

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Another unconfirmed Google algorithm update (May 19/20)

It looks like starting yesterday algorithm tracking tools have been showing a lot of fluctuations and volatility. These smaller and more frequent changes and updates have been happening practically since January. I strongly recommend you check the list of the Google algorithm changes by Marie Haynes who has been reporting on each and every confirmed and unconfirmed algo change since… forever. 

Google is crawling half of all URLs over HTTP/2

In his talk during I/O, John Mueller said that Google is now crawling more than 50% of all URLs over HTTP/2. The biggest advantage that HTTP/2 has over HTTP is the crawl budget because with HTTP/2 enabled the crawling is more efficient (more URLs can be crawled with the same load on the server). Check the article on SER for more detail or watch John’s session (linked below). 

Google announces MUM (Multitask Unified Model)

MUM (Multitask Unified Model) is a new technology from Google (not live yet) that is supposed to help Google better understand queries and complex questions to make helpful and relevant responses. MUM is 1000 times more powerful than BERT. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Google Page Experience Update will be coming to desktop as well

So far we have all been focusing on Core Web Vitals in the context of mobile users and mobile devices. Google, however, announced during one of the Google I/O sessions that Page Experience update will also come to desktop. Google, after all, cares about the experience of all users (both desktop and mobile).

Google I/O Adventure Game (& JohnMu in it)

The Google I/O Adventure is a virtual sandbox for registered attendees and visitors of Google I/O to let them get hands-on experience with new products and features from Google. Check this out!

For Google, PBNs are pretty obvious

This comes from the question that John Mueller was asked on Twitter. This seems a bit obvious but it’s a nice reminder for those who may still rely a lot on PBNs or for new SEOs who are thinking about using PBNs. Google treats them as link schemes and in most cases penalises them (automatically) algorithmically.


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Google I/O 2021: Sessions for SEOs

There is a ton to be learned from the Google I/O 2021 sessions. I strongly recommend you watch these sessions:

If you want to watch it all, here is the full playlist of Google Search Central + Web at Google I/O 2021. 

English Google SEO office hours from May 14, 2021
This is the latest SEO “hangout” with John Mueller. In this episode, John discusses, among others, grouping URLs for Core Web Vitals scores. Make sure to watch it. I still haven’t watched this episode but this is my plan for the evening. Why don’t you join me? 

Technical SEO Audit for Niche Site Project (with Olga Zarzeczna of SEOSLY)
I’ve had the pleasure to audit the Niche Site Project site by Doug Cunnington. Check this video to learn more about how to do technical SEO audits and how I do them. People liked this video very much so I am sharing it once again in case you missed it. 


Meta Robots Tag Guide for SEOs

Meta robots tags are an essential tool for SEOs to improve search engine’s crawling and indexing behavior, and to take control of your snippets in the SERP. 

But they are tricky — support differs per search engine, and it gets really interesting when you accidentally send conflicting signals.

Brush up your Meta Robots tag knowledge

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Other SEO articles you don’t want to miss

Here are some articles you don’t want to miss. 



Semrush is an all-in-one SEO platform that lets you perform all kinds of SEO tasks and analyses.

What I really like about Semrush is its Backlink Audit Tool that lets you run a quick backlink audit of your site. You don’t need to be a backlink expert to get at least some basic overview of the linking profile of your site. Whenever I do a technical SEO audit, I always use this tool to make sure that I analyze the site from all angles. 

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Semrush offers a 14-day free trial and you definitely want to give it a try.

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#1: In Google Search Console, there is an option to share the report to show (your developer, for example) the list of URLs with specific issues. For example, go to the Core Web Vitals report > Mobile and select a specific issue (let’s say CLS issue). Once you are in the report, there will be the option to share the report with a person who does not have access to your GSC account. Click on Share to get a shareable link.

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#2: You can use regex expression in Google Search Console to identify hidden keyword opportunities. 

All you need to do is go to the Performance report and click on the NEW button. Then choose Query and Filter by custom (regex). Type what|why|how|when and you will see the data for only the keywords that talk contain these modifiers. These are the queries for which your site already shows up. Is there a query you can expand on or create new content about? 

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If you want to learn more about the SEO auditing process, make sure to check my in-depth guides to the four different types of SEO audits I perform: 

Feel free to use these audit processes to audit your site or your client’s sites. Since you are my subscriber, you also have access to the templates for all of these audits.


A new module – SEOSLY Pro – is coming to my site. Thanks to SEOSLY Pro, you will be able to use my SEO knowledge and experience to become an SEO pro. 

The SEOSLY Pro members will get a free mini SEO audit from me, free e-mail consultation, and… a lot more. SEOSLY Pro will be launched in June. I will keep you posted!


SMX Advanced is getting closer. On June 15th, 2021 I will be speaking about the advanced Google Search Console Performance and Experience reports.

I am recording my session tomorrow in my new home studio! Keep your fingers crossed. Check the full SMX Advanced agenda and register for the event if you haven’t already. 


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