Hello and welcome! My name is Olga and I’m so happy to see you here. Let me tell you more about me and my website.

The goal of SEOSLY is to provide you with tons of free in-depth guides, materials, and articles about every aspect of (technical) SEO. This website is called SEOSLY because I want you to become as sly as a fox when it comes to SEO.

I absolutely love sharing my SEO knowledge and experience with others. This is also a great way for me to learn new stuff and stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of SEO. I share my knowledge on the SEO blog, in my SEO newsletter, and within SEOSLY Pro.

About Olga

I am a technical SEO specialist working with both huge brands and small to medium-sized websites. I specialize in doing advanced technical SEO audits that often take me 20-40 hours to complete.


I love sharing my SEO processes and sharing my own SEO resources so that others can learn from them.

I have been a technology and computer geek since I got my first computer in 1995. However, it wasn’t until 2012 that I stumbled upon SEO. When I did, I immediately knew this is the area I want to master and specialize in.

Check the below questions to learn more about me and my experience.

What experience do I have?

Since 2012 I’ve been in a constant SEO loop: learn, study, experiment, build, test, grow, analyze, repeat. I love it! The only step missing in this loop was to share my SEO knowledge. That’s why I created SEOSLY.

I have experience working as an in-house SEO, a junior/mid/senior SEO specialist in an agency, and – of course – as a website owner.

I built tens of websites for purely educational purposes and various SEO experiments. I own several blogs that earn me an income. I’ve been through Panda and Penguin. I’ve seen a lot in the SEO arena and I’m hungry for more.

What qualifications and skills do I have?

Most of my qualifications come from tons of experience I have but I also have a lot of theoretical SEO knowledge.

Here are some of my qualifications and competencies in the area of SEO and computer science:

  • I have completed all the SEO courses at the University of California, Davis. These include: Search Engine Optimization, Introduction to Search Engine Optimization, Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies, Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals, Optimizing a Website for Search, and Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO.
  • I’ve completed stationary certified Google Ads and Google Analytics training in Warsaw (Poland).
  • I’ve completed the Computer Science 101 course at Stanford School of Engineering.
  • I have a Master’s Degree in English.
  • I have a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology.
  • I have been to three huge conferences so far.
  • I have been a speaker at two SEO conferences: SEO Mastery Summit and SMX Advanced.
  • I am a so-far Bronze Google Product Expert.
How do I work now?

In 2019 I finally made my dream come true and switched to 100% remote work which I absolutely love. I have my own small SEO consulting business and I cooperate with a big SEO agency for which I mostly do advanced technical SEO audits. I am where I always wanted to be and doing what I always wanted to do. This is amazing!

What do I exactly do in the SEO industry?

Here is what I specialize in regarding SEO and my day-to-day work:

  • I do SEO both for huge international brands and medium-size businesses.
  • I specialize in doing different types of in-depth SEO audits. I love technical audits the most.
  • I do website reviews and audits regarding compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines and Guidelines For Quality Raters.
  • I do SEO consulting.
  • I conduct SEO experiments and analyses.
  • I keep learning and expanding my knowledge about SEO in tons of different ways.
  • I constantly listen to SEO podcasts to which I am addicted.
  • I work with tens of more and less known SEO tools in my everyday job (e.g. Screaming Frog, Sitebulb. Ahrefs, Semrush, and so on).

In July 2020 I realized it’s high time to start my own website about SEO to share what I’ve seen and have been doing in the SEO industry for the past 8 years.

Featured SEO speaker at SEO Mastery Summit

I had the pleasure to be the featured speaker at the SEO Mastery Summit where I talked about my process for conducting a technical SEO audit. I invite you to check my SEO audit guides to learn more about how I approach auditing.

Olga Zarzeczna SEO Matery Summit Speaker

SEO speaker at SMX Advanced

I am honored to have been able to speak at the SMX Advanced, one of the biggest SEO conferences in the world among the best SEO minds out there. I was talking about the Google Search Console advanced reporting.

SMX Advanced

Member of the Women in Tech SEO community

I am honored and proud to be part of the Women in Tech SEO global community. You can see the WTS interview with me here.


Search Engine Journal (SEJ) technical SEO expert column contributor

Search Engine Journal (SEJ), the biggest and the most popular SEO blog in the world, has invited me to contribute to their technical SEO expert column. Here are the expert articles I have written on Search Engine Journal so far:

Search Engine Journal Olga Zarzeczna

More similar articles of mine are coming to SEJ soon!

Featured guest in popular SEO shows & podcasts

I had the pleasure of being invited to multiple popular SEO shows & podcasts where I sharing my SEO knowledge and was geeking out with the hosts. Below are some of these shows!

65 Top SEO Audit Tools from Olga Zarzeczna [EDGE of the Web]

In these episodes of the Edge of the Web show, I had the pleasure to geek out with Erin Sparks about all things technical SEO tools.

Technical SEO Audit Update and Next steps [Doug Cunnington]

Here I am advising Doug Cunnington on what he may do with this website to move the SEO needle.

Technical SEO Audit for Niche Site Project [Doug Cunnington]

Here I am analyzing the Niche Site Project website and discover my technical SEO audit findings.

Special guest at the SEO Rant

I joined the SEO Rant to discuss the central role that Search Console takes in doing SEO audits.


Pitch for 25 CWV tips for your site [United Search]

I was selected to be the mentee of the United Search initiative and here is my pitch talk.

How you can connect with me

  • Want to contact me? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail.
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You can reach me at olga@seosly.com

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