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SEO Newsletter #82

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Top SEO & AI news

Here is the most important SEO & AI news from last week.

Google Search Generative Experience Gets Quality Updates & Major Speed Boost

Google has released its first set of quality updates to the new Google Search Generative Experience that began to roll out a few weeks ago. The most noticeable update is that it is much faster, in fact, twice as fast, in responding with an AI-generated snapshot/answer.

BigQuery efficiency tips for Search Console bulk data exports

Google’s Search Console bulk data export offers a way to enhance storage, analysis, and reporting of search performance data in BigQuery, with users urged to make informed decisions about data processing and storage costs, optimize data storage, create billing alerts, pre-aggregate data, and utilize optimized SQL queries, all to manage costs effectively and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Bing Chat gains voice search on desktop interface

Bing Chat now supports voice chat from the desktop version of the interface. That means you can click on the microphone icon in the input box and speak your question to Bing Chat.

Google’s Perspectives search menu filter is now live on mobile in the US

Exactly one month after being announced, Google has now launched the Perspectives filter to their mobile search results in the US.

Google, Microsoft generative AI experiments concern advertisers

Google and Microsoft Bing are experimenting with ad placements in AI search results, prompting some advertisers to withdraw their ad spending.

SE Ranking Special Deal

SE Ranking is an awesome SEO tool that allows you to track rankings across multiple search engines, which is something we may all soon get interested in.

I have a special deal for you. One-month free access to SE Ranking. You will love it.

Recap of SEO news from last week

If you missed my last week’s episode, here is the video recap of the most important news I recorded last week.

Recent SEO interviews

My most recent interview is with Raf Chomsky, Daniel K Cheung and Dave Schneider. Check them out!

Boost Your SEO Confidence Big Time With This Coaching Session W/ Adriana Vujadin

Lessons from a Million-Dollar Nomad: An Interview with David Schneider

Semantic SEO & Schema W/ Daniel K Cheung, SEO Manager at Adobe

Top SEO Tips 

And here are the Google SEO tips for you.

#1: Multiple Navigation Menus Has No Impact On Your SEO Performance

According to Google’s Gary Illyes, the presence of multiple navigation menus on a website does not influence its SEO performance, either positively or negatively.

#2: Google Checks To See If XML Sitemaps Change Before Reprocessing

Google verifies if an XML sitemap has undergone any changes before reprocessing it, a strategy designed to optimize computing resources and avoid unnecessary parsing of unchanged files, according to Google’s Gary Illyes.

#3: Video Doesn’t Have To Be First Element But Should Be In Your Face

According to Google’s Gary Illyes, while the video doesn’t necessarily have to be the first element on the page, it should be prominent and immediately visible, following the examples of platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

#4: Consolidating Indented Pages In Google Search May Be Worth Doing

Google’s Gary Illyes suggested during an SEO office hours video that if multiple pages from the same domain (forming a host group) appear in Google search results, it might be beneficial to consolidate these pages to enhance their ranking for a specific query.

#5: Google denies the existence of the so-called “index bloat”

Google’s John Mueller stated that there’s no concept of “index bloat” at Google, as the system does not limit the number of pages indexed per site, however, he emphasized the importance of ensuring that pages provided for indexing are useful, irrespective of the total number of pages on the site.

How to become an SEO

Here is my latest guide where I discuss (step by step) how to become an SEO based on my experience. A corresponding video will be published soon.

How to become an SEO

Website migration checklist

Check my website migration checklist (created based on my experience with SEO migrations) that will guide you through the entire site migration process, from pre-migration planning to post-migration monitoring.

SEO Migration Checklist

How to check if SEO is working

I invite you to check my latest 4500+ word article where I share how to check if your SEO results are working. I share my hands-on experience with no fluff whatsoever.

Is your SEO working?

Videos to watch this week

And here are the videos you don’t want to miss this week.

Google Knowledge Panel & Entity SEO Coaching Session W/ Jason Barnard

English Google SEO office-hours from June 2023

Google Search Ranking Update, Google Ads Trademark Policy Change, SGE 2X Faster & Tons Of SEO Topics

SEO for E-Commerce

Kyle Roof breaks down what “good” content is, how EAT works, and perfecting on-page SEO

Other articles & resources to read

And you need to allocate some time to read these articles from other SEOs. They are brilliant.

Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 before July 1

Get AI-powered insights to help you improve your marketing ROI by upgrading to Google Analytics 4 before July.

8 signs that you need to invest in SEO

Let’s take a look at why SEO is considered to be a must-have and what you need to keep in mind to get the most from your investment in it. By Kyle Place on Wix SEO Hub.

How to optimize content for Google Perspectives

Here’s how to incorporate unique viewpoints into your content and create dynamic, trust-inspiring spaces that customers will value.

SEO in the age of ChatGPT and LLMs

While Google remains a dominant force in the search market, the rise of chatbots and AI-powered conversational platforms does poses some potential threats to this dominance. By Ben Luong.

How to use Google entities and GPT-4 to create article outlines

Learn how to produce an article outline based on the top entities of your chosen page with this guide to automated prompt engineering. By Dave Davis.

I Don’t Know $#!& About AI and You Don’t Have to Either!

What if I told you, it doesn’t matter whether you learn how to turn AI prompts into crypto NFT gold? Or gold into crypto? Or crypto into Google Search Console (GSC) metrics? What if I told you that the best thing you could do in the AI space right now is to stop reading and start doing? From BrightLocal.

Is It OK to Remove 301 Redirects After a Year? We Tested It

A very interesting test by Patric Stox from Ahrefs who shows the results of a test to find if it is OK to remove 301 redirects after a year.

SEO in an AI world: first draft of a strategy

Here’s the first draft of a new strategic approach to SEO in a generative first world prepared by Eli Schwartz.

After I/O: What To Know Following Google’s Big Month [Podcast]

On this episode of the SEJ Show, we dive headfirst into the aftermath of Google’s momentous May, from I/O to Marketing Live.

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