SEOSLY Pro is Back!

Learn what SEOSLY Pro is and how you can become a better SEO with me every day.

I’m Olga Zarr, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to my latest passion project – SEOSLY Pro!

As much as I love sharing my 12+ years of SEO experience with all of you, there are only so many hours in a day. Between client work, research, and creating content, I’ve found myself unable to keep up with the hundreds of messages, questions, and comments I receive daily. 😓

That’s why I’ve created SEOSLY Pro – it’s my way of continuing to share my knowledge with a bigger audience, while still being able to pay the bills and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

At SEOSLY Pro, you’ll have access to exclusive content, resources, and a supportive community of SEO enthusiasts. I’ve designed this platform to be your go-to source for all things SEO.

Read on to learn the details about SEOSLY Pro.

What is SEOSLY Pro?

SEOSLY Pro is the ultimate SEO community, designed to help you take your skills to the next level. With SEOSLY Pro – you’ll gain valuable insights, resources, and support directly from me, Olga Zarr, and a passionate community of SEO professionals.

By joining SEOSLY Pro, you’ll:

  • Accelerate your career growth with exclusive content and advice
  • Become an independent SEO consultant faster with tailored guidance
  • Learn my comprehensive approach to SEO, which clients pay top dollar for
  • Master in-depth SEO auditing and create audits worth thousands
  • Convert one-time clients into loyal, paying customers
  • Get early access and significant discounts on my courses
  • Engage with a supportive community of like-minded professionals
  • Note that SEOSLY Pro is Cora-heavy. Buy this tool to get the most of SEOSLY Pro.

You can now purchase SEOSLY Pro Premium Yearly (with two months OFF), or SEOSLY Pro Premium Monthly.

SEOSLY Pro costs less than $1.25/day

… but gives you access to SEO knowledge worth thousands of dollars. SEOSLY Pro offers two pricing options to suit your needs and budget.

SEOSLY Pro Premium unlocks the full potential of the community, which includes 30+ premium features, including:

  • Access to all exclusive channels, challenges, and meetups
  • Chance to win a 60-minute coaching session with Olga Zarr every month
  • Direct communication with Olga Zarr and other SEO professionals
  • Previews and discounts on Olga’s upcoming courses and resources
  • Quarterly coaching sessions with Olga Zarr

SEOSLY Pro costs less than a cup of coffee a day

  • Regular price: $88/month or $888/year (two months free)
  • Limited 50% OFF discount for both plans until July 4th, 2024
  • A 30-day trial for only $1. No risk.
  • You can cancel at any time.

Why SEOSLY Pro? How will you benefit from it?

SEOSLY Pro offers a wealth of features designed to help you grow your SEO skills and advance your career. Here’s a detailed overview of what you can expect from SEOSLY Pro.

  1. 30-minute onboarding with Olga Zarr: New yearly Premium members get a 30-minute onboarding session with Olga to kickstart their SEOSLY Pro journey.
  2. Premium Chat: Engage in exclusive discussions with other Premium members and exchange ideas.
  3. Monthly Challenges: Participate in monthly SEO challenges to earn points and win prizes (starting July/August).
  4. Quarterly Meetups: Attend quarterly meetups and SEO coaching sessions with Olga, exclusive to Premium members (starting July/August).
  5. 60-Minute Coaching: The most active Premium member each month wins a 60-minute SEO coaching session with Olga (starting July/August).
  6. SEO Templates and Checklists: Access to all Olga’s premium SEO templates and checklists.

In addition, you can access the premium thematic channels:

  1. Olga’s SEO Insights: Access Olga’s unique insights, thoughts, and observations on the latest SEO trends and strategies.
  2. Q &A and SEO Issue: Ask Olga and the community any SEO questions and get a professional answer.
  3. Cora SEO Tool: Get off-the-record tips, videos, and tutorials for mastering SEO with Cora, including videos with Ted Kubaitis, the creator of Cora.
  4. SEO Audit Mastery [Course Preview]: Learn Olga’s in-depth SEO auditing process and get a preview of her upcoming course. Get a massive discount on the course when it launches as an SEOSLY Pro member. The course is planned for early August 2024.
  5. Traffic Drop Assessment [Course Preview]: Discover Olga’s approach to analyzing and addressing traffic and ranking drops. Get a huge discount on the course when it launches as an SEOSLY Pro member. The course is planned for fall 2024.
  6. On-Page SEO: Learn Olga’s favorite part of SEO with her off-the-record tips and insights.
  7. Google Algo Updates & Google SEO: Receive timely updates and analysis on the latest Google algorithm changes, along with Olga’s expert insights and advice.
  8. SEO & AI (AIO): Stay ahead of the curve with insights on how AI impacts SEO and learn to adapt your strategies accordingly.
  9. SEO Events: Learn about the upcoming SEO events or get insights to the best slides from the conferences Olga attended.
  10. SEO Tips & Tricks: Learn valuable SEO tips and tricks from Olga and other community members.
  11. Technical SEO: With the help of the community and Olga, dive deep into technical SEO topics and study Google documentation.
  12. Google Search Console (GSC): Master Google Search Console, Olga’s favorite SEO tool, with tips, best practices, and feedback from the community.
  13. Local SEO: Get the tips for local SEO. These are the things that people don’t talk about publicly. 😁
  14. Off-Page SEO: Tips & insights regarding off-page SEO. Olga does not do off-page, but she still has some cool tips to share.
  15. Case Studies: Learn from real-world examples and case studies shared by Olga, featuring insights she doesn’t share anywhere else.
  16. SEO Consultant: Get practical tips, insights, and advice on becoming a successful independent SEO consultant.
  17. Client SEO: Benefit from Olga’s experience in managing SEO for clients, which includes tips and best practices.
  18. SEO Cash Flow (Uncensored): Access exclusive, uncensored discussions on the financial aspects of SEO with Olga and Myriam.
  19. Feedback: Provide feedback on the SEOSLY Pro community and request special features or meetings with Olga.

SEOSLY Pro offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with a vibrant community of SEO professionals. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this transformative experience!

Official enrollment for SEOSLY Pro has begun.


Below are the most common questions and answers.

What is SEOSLY Pro?

SEOSLY Pro is an SEO community designed by Olga Zarr to help SEO professionals and enthusiasts improve their skills.

Who is Olga Zarr?

Olga Zarr is an experienced SEO consultant with over 12 years of expertise in the field. She created SEOSLY Pro to share her knowledge with a wider audience while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

How do I join SEOSLY Pro?

The official enrollment for SEOSLY Pro began on June 10th, 2024, and will be available for a limited time. You can now purchase SEOSLY Pro Premium Yearly (with two months OFF) or SEOSLY Pro Premium Monthly.

How much does SEOSLY Pro Premium normally cost?

The regular price for SEOSLY Pro Premium is $88 per month or $888 per year (equivalent to two months free). However, you can get it 50% OFF until July 4th, 2024.

Are there any discounts available for new members?

Yes, new members can enroll for yearly and monthly access at 50% off until July 4th.

SEOSLY Pro members will also receive huge discounts on all of Olga’s future SEO courses.

Can I cancel my SEOSLY Pro membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Simply send me an e-mail (at [email protected]) stating that you want to cancel your account.

How can I become a beta tester for SEOSLY Pro Premium?

To become a beta tester, fill out the application form. If selected, you’ll receive free access to SEOSLY Pro Premium for 30 days, starting from June 1st, 2024.
UPDATE: The enrollment for beta testers has ended.

What is the beta tester program for SEOSLY Pro?

The beta tester program allows selected individuals to access SEOSLY Pro Premium for free for 30 days. Beta testers help shape the platform by providing valuable feedback and have the chance to win a full year of SEOSLY Pro Premium.
UPDATE: The enrollment for beta testers has ended.