Technical SEO does not need to be overwhelming even if you are an SEO beginner.

SEOSLY Pro is the premium member area of SEOSLY for beginner and intermediate SEOs who want to learn technical SEO the practical & the smart way.
New premium content is added on a weekly basis.

SEOSLY Pro costs only $33/month (first month for $1) but gives you knowledge worth thousands of dollars.

SEOSLY Pro Components

Mini SEO Audits

All quick technical SEO site audits performed by Olga. Real examples of real SEO issues with explanations.

Pro SEO Tips & Tricks

Pro technical SEO tips and tricks from Olga based on her daily experience as an SEO.

Real Examples Of SEO Issues

Real examples of various smaller and bigger SEO issues on different websites.

Tips For Using Popular SEO Tools

Guidance and practical tips on using popular technical SEO and auditing tools.

Recommended Free SEO Tools

Recommendations of awesome and super useful technical SEO tools.

Recommended SEO Resources

A constantly updated list of various SEO resources to read, watch, and listen to selected by Olga for you.

Private Facebook Group

Olga personally answers your questions and provides SEO help in the SEOSLY Pro private Facebook group.

SEO Audit Templates

Members of SEOSLY Pro get access to Olga’s advanced templates for various types of SEO audits.

Video tips and other cool sections are coming soon. Be patient!