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Technical SEO and SEO auditing can actually be simple with SEOSLY Pro.

SEOSLY Pro is the premium member area of SEOSLY for ambitious SEOs who want to learn technical SEO, master the craft of SEO auditing, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry news, tips & tricks, tools, and more!

SEOSLY Pro costs only $149/month but gives you knowledge worth thousands of dollars.

SEOSLY Pro Components

SEO Audit Video Guide

My detailed SEO auditing process (300+ steps) shown step by step in the form of short videos.
Here I am showing you exactly how to analyze and check 300+ SEO elements that are part of my in-depth SEO audit process that focuses on technical SEO but also contains other elements (on-page, E-A-T, and more). Each video contains a lot of extra insights and tips.
New videos every week

SEO Audits

Olga’s all mini SEO site audits listing the major SEO issues and opportunities.
As a member of SEOSLY Pro, you are eligible to get a free mini SEO audit. In addition, you can view and analyze all other mini SEO audits I performed to learn more about how SEO auditing works and what you should pay attention to.
New mini audits every month

SEO Audit Templates

Members of SEOSLY Pro get access to Olga’s advanced templates for various types of SEO audits.
Since SEO auditing is my thing, I have a lot of various SEO audit templates in my repository and I am constantly working on creating new ones. Members of SEOSLY Pro get a free access to my SEO templates which are worth thousands of dollars.
Updated monthly

Private Facebook Group

Olga personally answers your questions and provides SEO help in the SEOSLY Pro private Facebook group.
Join the SEOSLY Pro Facebook community to learn SEO from other SEOSLY Pro members and from Olga.
Feel free to ask any questions about SEO you have.
Become part of a growing SEO community.