Live streaming, webinars, influencer marketing & more with Anton Shulke.

This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features a special guest – Anton Shulke from Duda – who is a livestream production manager. Since 2015, Anton has worked on live events, webinars and podcasts for leading companies in the SEO industry such as Duda, Semrush and Kalicube.

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SEO podcast, interview with Anton Shulke

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Interview with Anton Shulke (video)

I record both the audio and the video version of each episode. Here is the video version for you.

Interview with Anton Shulke (audio)

You can listen to this episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY below.

Interview with Anton Shulke (notes)

Here are detailed podcast notes from my interview with Anton Shulke, influencer marketing and webinar expert:

About Anton Shulke

  • Originally from Ukraine, now relocated to Spain
  • Got into digital marketing in 2015 by accident, learned by doing live webinars
  • Spent 5 years at Semrush focusing on influencer partnerships via webinars
  • Now at web CMS company Duda managing 50+ webinars annually
  • Passionate about supporting animal shelters back in Ukraine amid the war

Influencer Marketing Tips from Anton Shulke

  1. Conduct research to identify relevant niche experts who demonstrate authentic appreciation for your products rather than chasing big names who may lack true interest.
  2. Brainstorm creative ways to offer influencers value that captures their attention and makes them excited to collaborate vs cold requests expecting something for nothing.
  3. Use interactive platforms like webinars to forge authentic connections with potential partners at scale vs attempting countless inefficient 1:1 meetings.
  4. Pay particular attention to rising stars in a space ripe for growth rather than established names; hungry up-and-comers typically prove more engaged.

Webinar Best Practices from Anton Shulke

  1. Thoroughly technically prepare by testing all equipment, connections, logins, screenshares etc ahead of time to avoid embarrassing snafus during live recording.
  2. Carefully inspect backdrops, lighting, camera framing, attire etc. to maintain high production standards; avoid amateur results.
  3. Designate engaged, upbeat hosts adept at improvising to adeptly redirect rambling speakers or surface unanswered audience questions.
  4. Continuously monitor live chat and activity for opportunities to further involve viewers in the discussions.
  5. Set reasonable expectations around raw production quality and potential awkward moments typical of live events to preempt overly harsh judgments.
  6. Plan backup contingency plans for potential issues like internet crashes, equipment failures or speaker no-shows to enable quick pivots.

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