Let’s talk about SEO for casino and gabling sites, which is a totally different type of SEO.

This episode features a special guest – John Wright – who has tons of experience and success with affiliate marketing and SEO for casino and gambling sites.

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SEO For Casino & Gambling Sites

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SEO for casino & gambling sites (video)

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SEO for casino & gambling sites (audio)

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SEO for casino & gambling sites (notes)

Here more detailed notes from the interview.

About John Wright

  • Studied mechanical engineering and robotics/AI
  • Got into professional gambling and online casinos early on
  • Worked on setting up online casinos and running affiliate departments, saw how much money affiliates were making
  • Started building own affiliate sites in 2010 and learning SEO
  • Considers himself a “lazy SEO” focused on easy wins
  • Has sold most affiliate sites, now focuses on B2B affiliate sites reviewing affiliate programs
  • Also building SaaS products for affiliates

SEO for Casinos & Gambling Sites

And here are the tips and tricks about SEO for casinos and gambling sites.

Niche Knowledge

  • Common belief is need deep industry knowledge to rank in this niche
  • Reality is can get up to speed quickly via training writers on casino reviews
  • Focus writers on key details like licenses, game providers, promos, etc.

Site Structure

  • Typical structure is blog content, core pages, casino reviews/comparisons
  • Also mix in videos and aim for unique takes like B2B affiliate content
  • Create templates for consistency but make each review unique

Content Tips

  • Niche down as much as possible, avoid direct “online casinos” keywords
  • Treat it like a professional editor job at a top publisher
  • Consistency over years, not weeks, is key to seeing results
  • Add images, formatting, links to improve content quality and engagement

Link Building for Casinos and Gambling Sites

  • Some top affiliates do zero paid links, focus just on content
  • But for most, paid links can drive big gains (much more lucrative than other niches)
  • Be careful about over-optimizing anchors and placing too many sitewide

Staying Ahead in the Casino and Gambling Industry

  • Watch for Google updates like product reviews and helpful content to avoid penalties
  • Have multiple sites as backup against penalties or algorithm flux
  • Video emerging as harder format for AI to replicate at quality
  • Future may see AI optimizing ads and monetization automatically

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