Learn all things podcast SEO, things to do, things to avoid, common mistakes, and more with both the SEO and podcast expert David Bain.

In today’s episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY, I’m thrilled to have podcasting and SEO expert David Bain from Casting Cred. As someone with nearly 20 years in digital marketing and over 200 podcast episodes produced across various top shows, David has hard-won insights on optimizing SEO for podcasts.

I asked David to distill his top tips for implementing SEO best practices when launching a new podcast. From choosing compelling titling and metadata to driving early traffic through smart promotions, David shared actionable advice indie podcasters need to actually rank and get found.

I loved picking David’s brain for tactical SEO strategies even seasoned podcast pros may overlook when focused solely on production. Whether just starting out or looking to breathe new life into your established show, you’re sure to take away SERP-boosting ideas from our conversation.

This insider expertise can give your show the visibility it deserves!

SEO for podcasts

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SEO for Podcasts Tips & Tricks

Launching a podcast can be an exciting endeavor, but climbing the charts and growing an audience organically is challenging with over 2 million shows now competing. Implementing SEO best practices can give your show a fighting chance to stand out.

I spoke with podcasting expert David Bain, founder of the podcast production agency Casting Cred, to get his insider tips on optimizing podcast SEO. With almost 20 years in digital marketing and producing over 200 episodes across multiple top shows, David shared hard-won advice for podcast SEO success.

Podcast SEO Tip 1: Choose a Clear, Keyword-Rich Show Name

Your show name signals to platforms and listeners what you’re about. David suggests incorporating your focus keyword, even if it sounds repetitive, as in “The SEOSLY SEO Podcast.” This helps matched searches find you.

Podcast SEO Tip 2: Focus on Quality from the Start

As David emphasized, today’s listeners expect quality on par with Spotify and Netflix. Deliver subpar audio, and people will quickly tune out.

Invest in a decent microphone like the Samsung Q2U dynamic microphone. Position it just 3-4 inches from your mouth at a 45 degree angle to avoid bursts of air and ambient sounds. Also set up listeners with headphones so they can monitor audio quality during recording.

Podcast SEO Tip 3: Choose a Podcast Host that Owns the RSS Feed

Your podcast host should fully control the RSS feed you submit to directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and be willing to redirect it if you switch platforms later on.

As David advises, “If they can’t commit to do that, then I wouldn’t particularly recommend that platform.”

Podcast SEO Tip 4: Match Metadata to Listeners’ Searches

Brainstorm keywords and questions people search for around your niche and podcast concept.

Strategically incorporate these exact and long-tail phrases throughout metadata – in your podcast title, descriptions, episode titles and shownotes – as well as in episode questions and dialogues. Tools like Also Asked can uncover more listener search queries.

Podcast SEO Tip 5: Cross-Promote New Episodes – with Ads

While David notes big platforms like Apple can drive listeners organically over time, he advises buying ads to accelerate growth.

Create short, captivating social videos highlighting episode clips, and promote each new episode with $10 Facebook ads targeting iPhone users. Funnel them to subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

Podcast SEO Tip 6: Put in the Reps

Rather than endlessly tweaking, David suggests committing to your podcast setup for at least 20 episodes.

Consistency breeds organic search visibility as you build content and reviews. Likewise, don’t judge success too quickly; expect six months before seeing significant traction.

Podcast SEO Tip 7: Get to the Point Fast

Listeners expect tight editing today. If episodes are under 10 minutes, get right into the content without lengthy intros. Avoid inside jokes and rambling dialogues losing sight of your guest.

Podcast SEO Tip 8: Entice New Listeners with a Show Trailer

Create a captivating 3-minute trailer prominently featuring engaging audio clips. Use this trailer as mid-roll and follow-up ads on platforms like Facebook to persuade listeners to hit subscribe.

Podcast SEO Tip 9: Sprinkle in Mid-Roll Ads – If It Fits Your Goals

While ads risk turning off listeners, David notes a natural mid-roll ad read could work if, for example, your goal is driving business leads. Place them strategically while ensuring your calls-to-action align with your core aims.

Podcast SEO Tip 10: Review and Upgrade Your Gear Over Time

Rather than invest heavily upfront, David suggests reasonable starter equipment like the dynamic Samsung Q2U microphone. As your show matures, reassess gear upgrades that could enhance production quality and listener experience.

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