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This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features Ted Kubaitis, who is the founder of SEO Tools Lab (the Cora SEO tool), an SEO speaker and host of the weekly SEO show, SEO Fight Club.

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Interview with Ted Kubaitis

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Interview with Ted Kubaitis from SEO Fight Club (video)

Get ready to dive deep into the world of SEO with this episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY hosted by Olga Zarr.

This time, we welcome an extraordinary guest, Ted Kubaitis, a heavyweight in the SEO industry. You may know Ted from the enlightening SEO Fight Club, or as the brilliant mind behind the remarkable SEO tool, Cora.

Interview with Ted Kubaitis from SEO Fight Club (audio)

You can listen to this episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY below.

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Interview with Ted Kubaitis (notes)

Here are detailed video/podcast notes from my interview with Ted Kubaitis of SEO Fight Club:

About Ted Kubaitis

  • Educational foundation in physics and computer science informs analytical approach
  • Veteran of Microsoft’s heyday and other tech startups before pursuing digital marketing
  • Served as an in-house SEO for 17 years at a major ecommerce retailer with 15 niche stores
  • Held roles like Director of Business Intelligence before frustrations led him to branch out

Cora SEO Tool Methodology

  • Cora identifies precise measurements for over 89,000 unique ranking signals/factors in Google’s algorithm
  • Phases analysis to address quick wins before beating overall content quality and scope
  • Provides explicit “unsticking” remediations for maximizing diversity to avoid trigger webspam confines
  • Quantifies the sizable authority spike from having any amount of a signal vs none with a zero
  • Advanced capabilities demand hands-on training for leveraging immense data stream effectively
  • Surfaces the vital few optimization targets statistically most likely to impact rankings

Cool SEO tips from Ted Kubaitis

  1. Separate SEO and human-focused CRO efforts to enable independent optimization of both areas. Main text aims to engage readers while supplemental elements specifically target search engines without needing to detract from conversions.
  2. Competing aggressively on Referring Domains when building links allows you to go wide and gain diversity in backlink profile before selectively pursuing deeper relationships with just select high-authority sites.
  3. Indexing issues for key pages often arise from triggering the MC4 webspam algorithm by only using a small subset of techniques excessively. “Unsticking” requires increasing overall diversity of optimization factors leveraged.
  4. To sustain rankings long-term, fix easy-to-implement “zero to one” diversity signals – take as many factors as possible used by ranking pages from a count of 0 instances to at least 1 instance.
  5. Utilize a press release with target keywords, relevant topic and exact-match anchor text to secure ~500 referring domains cost-effectively if lacking backlinks.
  6. Audit site taxonomy for category names not aligned to realistic search queries – update them to terms users would intuitively seek out for higher chance of discovery.
  7. For initial training, intentionally create a test site or separate subdomain to freely experiment on without risk before eventually promoting winning pages to the live production URL once refined.
  8. Over-optimize sparingly in strategically small doses before carefully incorporating some additional diversity signals and monitoring impact to avoid triggering webspam safeguards.

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