Enterprise SEO & Edge SEO with Nick Wilsdon from Torque.

This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features a special guest – Nick Wilsdon who is the co-founder and CEO of TorquePartnership, a company that provides digital consultancy and search engine optimization advisory programs to enterprise clients.

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Interview with Nick Wilsdon

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Interview with Nick Wilsdon (video)

I record both the audio and the video version of each episode. Here is the video version for you.

Interview with Nick Wilsdon (audio)

You can listen to this episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY below.

Interview with Nick Wilsdon (notes)

Here are more detailed podcast notes from the interview:

About Nick:

  • Has over 23 years of experience in SEO. Started his first SEO agency in 2000 after working in SEO in Russia for 7-8 years
  • Helped found some early SEO communities/forums like spin and thread watch for SEOs to connect
  • Set up the SEO team for Arena Media under Havas and later ran SEO for the global digital agency iProspect
  • Was headhunted by Vodafone to build an internal global SEO program. Ran their program for 7 years, overseeing SEO across all core and partner markets
  • Most recently was a consultant for the “world’s largest marketplace” and now runs an SEO consultancy called Talk Partnership with 12 employees

Tips on Edge SEO:

  • Content delivery networks like Cloudflare and Fastly now allow compute at the edge, running JavaScript to modify pages
  • Can help quickly implement SEO changes like canonical tags when facing roadblocks on site
  • Enables testing of enhancements like eliminating unused code or customizing page performance
  • Still considered advanced but Cloudflare Workers and Fastly have free developer tiers to start testing
  • Needs coordination between SEO and CDN teams; Nick often plays an intermediary role
  • Important capability for SEOs to understand as it will impact many sites

Enterprise SEO Insights:

  • Requires extensive planning and strategy due to complex requirements, products, systems
  • First enterprise SEO job relies heavily on experience; learn by working in-house
  • Develop diverse skills but specialize deeply in some areas like JavaScript or Schema
  • Politics and relationships across teams crucial to navigate roadblocks
  • Global programs standardize capabilities across brands but need local buy-in
  • Run small-scale pilot proof of concepts first to demonstrate potential value
  • Use leaderboards and gamification to encourage best practices adoption
  • Patience critical – changes like CMS migrations take years – but impact is enormous

Let me know if you want me to elaborate on any part of the notes further!

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