On-Page SEO, content, search intent & more with Dan Shure from Evolving SEO.

This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features a special guest – Dan Shure from Evolving SEO that is a two-person, boutique SEO consultancy in Worcester, Ma serving clients across the globe.

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Interview with Dan Shure

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Interview with Dan Shure (video)

I record both the audio and the video version of each episode. Here is the video version for you.

Interview with Dan Shure (audio)

You can listen to this episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY below.

Interview with Dan Shure (notes)

Here are more detailed notes from the interview.

About Dan Shure

  • Started with SEO by optimizing his own music teaching website to get more students
  • Discovered SEO podcasts and decided to transition from music into being an SEO consultant
  • Now runs a holistic SEO consulting firm helping companies with content strategy, technical SEO, audits etc.
  • Also hosts the SEO podcast “Experts in the Wire” which has over 700,000 downloads

SEO tips from Dan Shure

Dan shared lots of cool SEO tips and knowledge bombs. Here are some of them.

Outlining Effective Content Structure

  • Carefully plan outline for custom guides vs simpler list-based posts
  • Guide outlines should have clear intro/context, methods/steps, examples, summaries etc
  • List posts outline easier starting with draft headline and noun-based subtopics
  • Align sections with stages of informational or transactional searcher intent

Conducting Targeted Keyword Research

  • Identify relevant topics with sufficient search volume/traffic potential
  • Supplement with low/no volume terms representing wider conceptual areas
  • Manually review rankings to confirm keyword-result topical fitness
  • Aim to rank for semantics indicative of user intent and search behavior

Creating Topically Complete Drafts

  • Use tools like ContentAce to extract semantic gaps vs top competitors
  • Carefully select missing concepts that constitute real completeness gaps
  • Avoid simply stuffing in all extracted phrases mechanically
  • Outline provides framework to weave in missing elements smoothly

Optimizing Sentiment and Readability

  • Test full draft or section-by-section sentiment with Google NLP API
  • Compare searcher emotion expectations (positive for engagement ring content)
  • Improve clarity with Hemingway App to increase comprehension
  • Break down hard-to-read complex sentences with multiple verbs
  • Check tool categorization of statements to avoid topic confusion

Enhancing On-Page Elements

  • Title/Header – Include primary keyword; Positive/Neutral sentiment
  • Images – Match page semantics per Reverse Image Search data
  • File Names/Alt Text – Keyword where possible for reinforcement
  • Page Speed – Optimize CSS/JS delivery to maximize HTML content indexing

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