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This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features a special guest – Myriam Jessier – who is an SEO trainer, experts and owner of Pragm.

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Interview with Myriam Jessier

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Interview with Myriam Jessier (video)

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Interview with Myriam Jessier (audio)

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Interview with Myriam Jessier (notes)

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About Myriam Jessier

  • Hailing from France originally, Myriam’s first foray into SEO began in the late 1990s as a child when she started building enthusiast websites and struggling to find them ranked; she quickly realized search engine optimization was a genuine career path
  • Landing her first professional client with a Virgin Megastore location in the early 2000s, Myriam had to advocate for maintaining the carefully-selected keywords in her crafted content that were seen as clutter at the time
  • After getting started in content development and promotion-focused efforts, she organically transitioned over to highly complex technical problems within SEO as they aligned better with her interest in analytics and data
  • Myriam boasts extensive experience across agencies of varying sizes and types, serving within in-house SEO teams at companies in heavily regulated sectors, and running her own SEO training consultancy called Pragma now for several years successfully
  • Her focus on elevating competency of search teams through pragmatic customized training responds to the industry reality that SEOs tend to churn quickly, leaving agencies constantly needing junior resources acclimated

Myriam’s Advice for Navigating SEO Career Effectively

  • Fake confidence externally even when doubting internal skill level to counter imposter syndrome, as gaps tend to be primarily perception vs reality from external standpoint
  • Since employers often won’t invest in continuous skills development, take the initiative to better yourself through dedicated self-study hours weekly
  • Identify and closely interact with a small tribe of professionals you work well with vs getting distracted by all trending personalities
  • Avoid blind implementation of tips without researching why the recommendation works to ensure applicability
  • Remain fixated on priorities using lists and opportunity cost calculations without overextending bandwidth
  • Continually trial new tools outside of your comfort zone to avoid dangerous over-reliance on any single solution

Myriam’s SEO Audit Strategy Outline

  • Kicks off extremely open-ended without rigid expectations, poking around obscure pages seeking anomalies
  • Leverages past checklist structure ensuring all basics covered, balanced with intuitive exploration chasing curiosities
  • Tailored around client level of existing expertise within search space and exact goals hoped to be achieved via audit
  • Myriam describes it as a highly fluid process, unique each time, dictated by site complexity and overall maturity of the team involved
  • Extra effort taken to future-proof main findings for accessibility to empower internal learning sharing for years

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