How to build a successful career in SEO consulting (with Aleyda Solis)

This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features Aleyda Solis who is probably the best-known female SEO in the industry.

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Interview with Aleyda Solis

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Notes on the interview with Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis is an international SEO consultant and founder of Orainti, where she provides tailored, strategic SEO advice and support to a diverse range of clients, from startups to multinationals.

Recognized as the European Search Personality of the Year in 2018 and featured in various prestigious lists and publications, Aleyda is celebrated for her influence and expertise in online marketing.

She authors the popular #SEOFOMO newsletter and the MarketingFOMO newsletter. Additionally, Aleyda is a prolific speaker, having presented at over 100 conferences worldwide, and contributes to leading industry publications.

Aleyda’s Background and Journey in SEO

  • Aleyda Solis originally from Nicaragua, moved to Spain in 2006.
  • Started as a web designer/front-end developer, moved into SEO realizing the need to drive traffic to websites.
  • Worked at a digital marketing agency in Salamanca, learning SEO from scratch.
  • Focused on international SEO due to her work with multilingual clients.

Key Takeaways and Advice from Aleyda Solis

  1. Broad Skillset Importance: Aleyda emphasizes the importance of a broad skillset in SEO, beyond just technical knowledge. Skills in project management, client communication, and business development are crucial.
  2. Continuous Learning and Adaptation: She advocates for continuous learning and adaptation in the SEO field, recommending courses focused on soft skills, business development, and leadership for SEO professionals.
  3. Building a Personal Brand: Aleyda highlights the importance of building a personal brand and visibility in the industry, even for those not planning to work independently. This enhances job opportunities and client trust.
  4. SEO Consulting Approach: She advises focusing on impactful consulting – execution with a real impact on revenue and client goals.
  5. Starting Independent Consultancy: Aleyda shares her journey of starting her independent consultancy in 2014, after seven years in SEO. She underscores the value of patience and gradual growth in building a successful independent practice.
  6. Importance of Networking: She stresses the significance of networking and sharing knowledge within the industry. This can lead to referrals and organic opportunities for work.

#SEOFOMO Newsletter and Other Projects

  • Aleyda discusses her newsletter, SEO FOMO, started in 2022, and its rapid growth. She shares insights on content curation, community engagement, and future plans for the newsletter.
  • Talks about her various projects, including Learning SEO, a free resource to help people learn SEO, and her remote job board,

Personal Insights from Aleyda Solis

  • Aleyda shares her work ethic and how she manages her time between clients and personal projects. She emphasizes enjoying her work and having fun, which makes her workload manageable.
  • She also talks about her approach to work-life balance and the flexibility of being self-employed.

Concluding Thoughts

  • Aleyda’s journey and insights provide valuable lessons in SEO, business development, and personal branding.
  • Her emphasis on continuous learning, broad skillset development, and personal branding are key takeaways for anyone in the SEO field.
  • Her success with SEO FOMO and other projects highlights the potential of content curation and community building in the digital marketing space.

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