E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) With Lily Ray

This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features a special guest – Lily Ray from Amsive Digital. Lily Ray is the Sr. Director, SEO & Head of Organic Research at Amsive, where she provides strategic leadership for the agency’s SEO client programs.

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Interview with Lily Ray

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Interview with Lily Ray (video)

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Interview with Lily Ray (audio)

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Interview with Lily Ray (notes)

This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features the one and only Lily Ray. But who is she?

  • Started doing SEO professionally since she was 19-20 years old, when she was finishing up college
  • First SEO job was from a Craigslist ad during the recession, learned about meta keywords, Google Analytics, link building
  • Has been working in SEO ever since, for almost her entire adult life (15+ years)
  • Currently Senior SEO Director and Head of Organic Research at AMSA Digital agency in NYC, leads a team of 35+ SEOs
  • Helps with SEO strategy, audits, research, writing articles, speaking/conferences
  • Also works as a DJ in NYC, has always had a “double life” with creative pursuits like music
  • Fitness enthusiast, does group classes like spinning, cycling, Barry’s Bootcamp

E-E-A-T tips from Lily Ray

Here are expanded tips on optimizing E-E-A-T in bulleted format:

  • Align content with Google’s extensive Search Quality Guidelines that human raters use for evaluation. Study the full 160 pages outlining criteria Google looks for related to expertise, trustworthiness and depth of knowledge on display.
  • Build comprehensive topical authority by creating very detailed, thorough content focusing on topics you have demonstrated expertise around. Become known as an authority site in a specific niche before attempting to expand into other areas.
  • Publish in-depth, helpful information searchers are seeking rather than thin content just to target keywords. Include ample background details, cited research studies, varied perspectives, data and analysis.
  • Cultivate personal brands for contributors on social media to validate their expertise. Prove identities of writers through profiles, external news links and mentions verifying their credentials.
  • Share informed analysis and opinions rather than simply compiling existing information. Unique insights and commentaries indicate true subject matter authorities readers appreciate.
  • Use precise terminology in writing that displays command of granular details in a niche, coming across as an expert on the topic’s intricacies. Select words reflect depth of knowledge.
  • Carefully optimize trust factors for medical, health and safety related categories given potential for harm. Reputed citations, certified experts and transparency around operations is critical.
  • The future focus of search is evolving to be personal branding combined with expertise. Who you are as the author and what you know provides authority signals that impact rankings.

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