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This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features Adrijana Vujadin, who is an SEO Manager and Coach for SEO Professionals.

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Interview With Adrijana Vujadin

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Interview with Adrijana Vujadin (video)

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Interview with Adrijana Vujadin (podcast)

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Interview with Adrijana Vujadin (notes)

Adrijana Voyadin is an accomplished SEO Manager based in Dublin who has rapidly risen to an SEO leadership role in just 3 years. Though she was constantly learning, Adrijana struggled with confidence despite outward success. This led her to realize that cultivating core confidence was critical for her own growth and fulfillment.

Now, having overcome those challenges, Adrijana focuses on helping other SEO professionals build real confidence and manage imposter syndrome through her “SEO Confidence” coaching initiatives like her podcast. By teaching key techniques around strategic learning prioritization, soft skills development for client communication, and securing small wins to drive bigger success, Adrijana enables SEOs to gain the resilience and self-assurance imperative not just for career advancement, but for enjoying the journey.

About Adrijana Vujadin

  • Guest: Adrijana Voyadin, SEO Manager based in Dublin
  • Adrijana has 5-6 years of digital marketing experience, focused on SEO for the past 3 years
  • Started learning SEO from Nedim Shabich’s free YouTube courses
  • Was promoted quickly from Marketing Associate to SEO Manager
  • Started in digital marketing through a marketing course in college
  • Had internships and jobs at agencies to gain more digital marketing skills
  • Fell in love with SEO about 3 years ago, felt it was her passion more than any other area
  • Has optimized her career to focus fully on SEO since then

Adrijana Vujadin on SEO confidence

  • Adrijana struggled with confidence in her SEO skills despite learning more every day
  • Felt she couldn’t implement everything she was learning
  • Constant changes in SEO made her feel insecure and like she didn’t know enough
  • This lack of confidence almost led her to burnout and quit
  • Realized she needed to prioritize gaining SEO confidence to progress in her career
  • Soft skills like communication are key for SEO confidence, not just technical skills

Adrijana Vujadin on how to gain SEO confidence

  • Handle imposter syndrome through various strategies
  • Prioritize SEO learning instead of trying to learn everything
  • Schedule specific SEO learning time instead of constant informal learning
  • Develop soft skills like communication, presentation, client relations
  • Present SEO audits clearly and get client feedback instead of just delivering reports
  • Focus on conveying the value and ROI to clients using simple language
  • Build trust with clients through open communication and early quick wins

Adrijana’s advice for beginners

  • Find a supportive company culture that encourages learning
  • Balance learning soft and technical SEO skills
  • Don’t try to cram in learning every single day

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