Headless CMS and more with Lidia Infante.

This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features Lidia Infante, an SEO consultant with over a decade of experience in marketing and a strong focus on content strategy and SEO. With a BSc in Psychology and a Master’s in Digital Business, she has made significant contributions to companies such as SurveyMonkey, Sanity and BigCommerce..

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Interview with Lidia Infante

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Interview With Lidia Infante (video)

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Interview With Lidia Infante (audio)

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Interview With Lidia Infante (notes)

Here is a more in-depth set of notes from the interview with Lidia Infante:

Info about Lidia

Lidia Infante is currently the Head of International SEO at SurveyMonkey. She has extensive experience in SEO, having started in the industry about 8-9 years ago. Originally from Spain, Lidia is now based in Manchester in the UK after getting married and moving there recently. Her background is actually in psychology and marketing – she studied psychology in university and specialized in the psychology of marketing. She first got into SEO by creating a feminist magazine in Spanish and needing to optimize it to drive more traffic and readership. Lidia is very passionate about giving back to the SEO community, especially by highlighting and promoting women’s success in the industry. Every week on Twitter, she shares threads about inspirational women in SEO.

Tips on Headless CMS from Lidia

Sanity, the platform Lidia works on, is what’s called a “composable content cloud” built on microservices. This allows content to be very reusable, standardized, and structured. The content can then power different touchpoints like apps, websites, and even digital signage all from one central content repository. Some key advantages Lidia highlighted of a headless CMS like Sanity are increased personalization and speed through custom front-end rendering, as well as better Core Web Vital metrics since you fully control the front-end. However, she did note that headless CMSs require more technical knowledge compared to traditional monolithic CMSs like WordPress. For smaller blogs and stores, those traditional CMSs may still be a better fit.

Tips on Competitor Analysis

When analyzing competitors, Lidia recommends dividing the analysis into 3 buckets – technical factors, content factors, and links/domains factors. From a technical SEO perspective, benchmark the overall domain performance on things like page speed, Core Web Vitals metrics, site architecture, etc. Assess both the overall domain-level metrics as well as individual URL-level numbers. On the content side, look at volume of content produced, performance of content in terms of traffic and rankings, and also fit with searcher intent. For links and domains, evaluate which branded versus non-branded terms they rank for, the associated search volume for the brand-related keywords, referring domains, etc.

Tips on Content Strategy

Lidia emphasized first understanding how the business makes money and what the revenue streams are prior to developing a content strategy. The strategy and content then need to tie directly to supporting the core business model and goals – whether that is driving direct ecommerce revenue, reducing costs like customer support calls, increasing brand awareness, etc. She then recommends mapping out what the user journeys typically look like, including the various pain points users have. Funnel stages go from being completely unaware to having a problem they know they need to solve, to being aware of the types of solutions available, and finally to knowing specific solution providers/brands. Creating tailored content for each stage can help progress users through that sequence effectively.

General Advice from Lidia Infante

Finally, Lidia advised not just blindly fixing issues called out by SEO tools without understanding the reasoning behind the recommendations and how they tie to overarching business goals. She referenced principles from a leadership book she read that summarized key lessons. One was to move forward confidently when about 70% confident in something rather than waiting endlessly; if confidence is below 70%, consult with others before executing changes. This helps prevent over-analysis and promotes continuously moving search initiatives forward.

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